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Temple Of Chiharu

The Temple Of Chiharu is a large, ornately decorated temple dedicated to traditional worship of the spirit world, and home of the spiritualist religion. Not much is known about the religion of the spiritualists, other than they revere Ketsurui Chiharu as a goddess. It is located in Kyoto, Yamatai (Planet). Home of Ketsurui Chiharu's memorial, a golden statue of the deceased Taisho sitting on the bridge of the YSS Yui, smiling as she overlooks a beautiful garden of bell-flowers, the traditional symbol of Yamatai. The temple gives spiritual services every evening at sunset.

The structure, including the garden's surrounding it, is 150 meters (500 feet) high, and 300 meters(1000 feet). It is underexposed because of the two palaces location close to the temple, but the structure stands out above most apartment blocks inside the Imperial District. It is not easily seen on the skyline of Kyoto.

There is another Temple of Chiharu on the star fortress Chiharu no Iori. See: Temple.

Notable Interior & Exterior Areas

Citadel of Chiharu

Located in the center of the structure, this adorned, spiral-shaped tower houses the memorial of Ketsurui Chiharu, as well as several shrines dedicated to other fallen heroes. It is 150 meters (500 feet) high, and 30 meters (100 feet) broad, and it contains up to 35 floors. At night, the decoration is lightened and the temple can be seen as a sea of light. The Citadel is guarded by Ketsurui Samurai, who are housed in a barracks on the third floor.

Garden of Internal Peace

Located around the Citadel is a large garden filled with bellflowers, orchids and red roses. Near the entrance, a bed of bell-flowers seen above which the statue of Chiharu is seen. Scattered across the garden are some religious symbols, at which sometimes the spiritualist preach. At sunset, the spiritual ceremonies are located in this place, where the masters of ceremonies walk from the front of the garden towards the Shrine.

Shrine of Chiharu

Shaped in the traditional form of a Shinto Shrine, this structure stands behind the Citadel, and is connected to the Citadel via a walkway system. It is dedicated mostly to worshipping of Chiharu herself, but there are numerous monuments about other fallen heroes as well, most notably fallen members of the Old Second Fleet, which was commanded by then Admiral Chiharu. The ceremonial ceremonies held at sunset end here with a general worship to Chiharu and a thanks to her.

Tombs of Fallen Soldiers

Located deep beneath the surface, these tombs bear over a thousands deaths. although most of them are soldiers from the Star Army of Yamatai after which the tombs are named and even those who served Chiharu herself, there are more distinctive people buried there as well, ranging from civilians to spiritualists themselves. Chiharu herself is also buried here, and her tomb is set apart from the rest on a small platform, so it is easily distinguished.

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