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Chiharu no Iori

Chiharu Star Fortress, NK-X2-002, is an Iori-Class Star Fortress, and was transferred to the Second Expeditionary Fleet at the end of YE 31. Chiharu Star Fortress is named after Ketsurui Chiharu to honor the fallen Taisho.


Chiharu no Iori is currently positioned in the Veronica Cluster. Its motto is Persistence in Adversity.



2XF Logo

Chiharu is the first Star Fortress assigned to the Second Expeditionary Fleet. It is one of the original Iori-Class Star Fortresses. During its service it has belonged to three different fleets as of this time.

Station Emblem

The emblem is relatively understated, the center of it consists of an image of an Iori-Class Star Fortress with the station motto across it.


Chiharu is shaped like all Iori-Class Star Fortress. Basically a large flat disk more than thirteen kilometers across and three kilometers high. The most prominent feature of the station are the sixteen large enclosed bays that circle the outer edge of the station.

On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Tokyo Brewing Company. It is a BrewPub location and its current menu is the Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub Menu (YE 43). The location opened in YE 43.

Kikyo Pie Company

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Kikyo Pie Company. They offer delivery anywhere on base,



After the death of Ketsurui Chiharu in YE 25, Chiharu's memory became integrated with the spiritual beliefs of Yamatai. People have claimed to have felt her presence or to have seen her spirit guide them through battle or even to have seen her ghost.

The temple on board the Chiharu no Iori was created so that the faithful could commune and worship. It is a duplicate of the one on Yamatai (Planet). It is located in a large chamber that is six decks high and 300 meters in diameter. The floor is covered in plush grass, the ceiling is a volumetric display that provides a representation of the sky above the temple on Yamatai (Planet).

The temple itself is a typical Shinto Shrine. Along the Sandō a path of large white stepping stones lead towards a set of white marble benches set along a curve in the garden of bellflowers and short well trimmed Yamataian Yews. There is a large weeping willow tree set further back from the benches down a much less worn path with a thick straw rope and white zigzag shaped pieces of paper attached to it.

A holographic image of Chiharu on the bridge of her namesake ship where she was killed appears in the Haiden. While the Honden houses a golden statue of Chiharu bathed in light.

The priestesses and priests at the temple wear the traditional Ketsurui red.


The Chiharu also received these upgrades in YE 32:

Emergency Services


Security Upgrades





Position Name Rank Species
Commander Magnus, Gerard Taisa Yamataian (M)
Chief of Security Katai Eri Chui NH-17 Nekovalkyrja
Harbormaster Sutton, Amanda Taii Yamataian (F)
Shipyard Chief Gregg, Jason Chui Yamataian (M)


  • Crew: 23,000
  • The station can support up to 475,000 NH-29 at any given time.


This section provides information regarding equipment and materials stored aboard the Chiharu no Iori.


Chiharu has the following ships assigned to it:

Aerospace Vehicle Complement

Quantity Nomenclature Details
2,000 Ke-T4-1a Ke-T4 "Fox" Combat Aeroshuttle
2,000 Ke-T8-1a Ke-T8 "Kuma" Multi-role Shuttle
500 Ke-T7-1 Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle

Ground Vehicles


Power Armor

Quantity Nomenclature Details
50,000 Ke-M2-2a Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor

Defense Fleet

The following ships are assigned to the Defense of Chiharu.

Name IRN Class Commander Status/Remarks
YSS Dagger NS-X2-240 Nozomi-class Scout Isa Arata - Taii Active
YSS Avenger NS-X2-241 Nozomi-class Scout Domen Aya - Taii Active
YSS Crusader NS-X2-242 Nozomi-class Scout Jin Mai - Taii Active
YSS Walker NS-X2-243 Nozomi-class Scout Mizuno Tatsuya - Taii Active
YSS Pathmaker NS-X2-244 Nozomi-class Scout Shimoda Toshi - Taii Active
YSS Wayfinder NS-X2-245 Nozomi-class Scout Tengan Yuu - Taii Active
YSS Shower NS-X2-258 Midori-Class Scout Ship - Awaiting Crew
YSS Lightning NS-X2-259 Midori-Class Scout Ship - Awaiting Crew
YSS Thunder NS-X2-260 Midori-Class Scout Ship - Awaiting Crew
YSS Omen NS-X2-261 Midori-Class Scout Ship - Awaiting Crew
YSS Portend NS-X2-262 Midori-Class Scout Ship - Awaiting Crew
YSS Oracle NS-X2-263 Midori-Class Scout Ship - Awaiting Crew
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TypeStar Fortress
DescriptionFleet Base
OrganizationSecond Expeditionary Fleet
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