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YSS Yui, the first Yui-class Scout was the first plot ship to be run in the Star Army Role-Play. It was commanded by Ketsurui Yui, and later by Ketsurui Chiharu.

YSS Yui top view


The YSS Yui entered service in YE 22 as the GSS Yui. It was the first ship of its class.

In YE 29, during a routine inspection of the SRSS Yggdrasill's cargo after passing through SMX controlled space, an odd phenomenon was discovered in the shuttle bay of the Yui. It is uncertain what exactly it was but there have been no further reports of anything similar occurring.

In YE 35, the ship was transferred to the Star Army Museum on Nataria.

Previous Crew Members

Acara; Ariah Jal; Arume; Mitsuya Aya; Daijinshi Ritsurin; Hikari; Innen Kuru; Ishida Jon; Kage Nanashi; Kago Lyn; Kai Ashigari; Kei Blue; Kessaku Anri; Kessaku Irim; Ketsurui Chiharu; Hanako; Ketsurui Yui; Kikyo; Kitsune; Kurume Akari; Kurume Inari; Mina Keyo; Sgzyr; Taiensho Lavinia; Tasuki Uso; Tobias Geminasu; Trouble Crimson; Tomoyo; Shikoko 1) and Rikku among others.


During the “Spirit of the YSS Yui” plot (by rank):

Taisa Metsurui Chiai

Occupation: Captain

Description: Dark blue eyes, long black hair, tanned skin.

Uniform White panel, pants variation.

Shoi Shiori Ariake

Occupation: Power Armour Pilot Communications Officer

Description: Neko; 5'3“; shoulder length Orange, red and yellow streaked hair; bright blue eyes, light skin.

Uniform Grey panel, dress variation.

Nitô Hei Shiden Carmilla

Occupation: Security Technician

Description: Neko, Purple hair, medium skin.

Uniform Red panel, dress variation.

Santô Hei Momoiro Peony

Occupation: Security Medic

Description: Light pink hair, pale skin.

Uniform Green panel, pleated skirt variation.

Santô Hei Kurume Yuu

Occupation: Power Armour Pilot

Description: Neko; 5'2”; Dark blue eyes, short black hair, tanned skin.

Uniform: midnight blue panels, regular bodysuit variation.


The rest of the Yui's crew is made of ship created sprites to fill the missing essential crew positions. The power armour used aboard are Mindy M2 (1F variant) and LAMIA.

Yes, these are weak descriptions, I'll cook up better ones later. ~Kim

one of the security sentries aboard the ship in Mission 1

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