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The Throne

The Throne is a club in Kyoto.

Description in the RP

They could hear the heavy bass of music the closer they got, and more so the line of people slowly building down the wall to the single clear door leading into the establishment. There were all kinds of people, Nekos, Minkans, Yamataians, Geshrins, Nepleslians, Abwehrans, all dressed in particularly edgy fashions. Though, most seemed to appear rather self-important holding a certain poise as they stood outside the rumbling club, while others seemed well-intentioned for a wild night. Both Yukari and Rolf caught the gazes of some of these people, with Rolf getting a especially stark stare from a Neko in shades and dark, professional attire, holding and accepting people at the door. Yukari could possibly delight or gape at the door-girl's strange green hairstyle, in which the pony-tail seemed to explode out of the left of her head.

As Yukari pulled off toward the parking lot, she was amazed by variety of people inside, who seemed to be of all shapes and sizes and colors, like a painting along the sidewalk. She thought the door-Neko's hairstyle was actually tame compared to the rest, but it looked cute on her, in a way that contrasted with her sharp-looking clothes. Yukari felt sorely underdressed, but she set the bike down anyway in the well-lit parking lot, shutting down the engines and taking the key out, slipping it in a pocket.

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