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Oasae Ayomeri

Oasae Ayomeri is an NPC controlled by GM Andrew. He is the Executive Chef at the Tsenlanese Cultural Center.

Oasae Ayomeri
 Tsenlan Logo
Date of Birth: 350 BYE
Species Norian
Gender Male
Height 172 cm
Weight 70kg
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Sub-Faction  Tsenlan Logo Tsenlan
Organization Lo'ken Institute
Occupation Chef
Rank Executive Chef
Current Placement Tsenlanese Cultural Center of Kyoto, Yamatai (Planet)

Character Description

Oasae Ayomeri is a handsome middle-aged Norian who was born on Lorenz in 350 BYE. He is 172cm tall and weighs 70kg. He has prematurely graying black hair and dark blue-gray eyes. He is usually seen wearing a chef's coat, chef's hat, and kitchen-ready attire. In his off hours he generally wears a Maejaes Vyrdi and tends to be out exploring the rest of the food scene in Kyoto.

Height: 172cm
Mass: 70kg
Build and Skin Color: Athletic, Pale White
Eye Color: Dark Blue-Gray
Hair Color: Graying-Black

History and Relationship Notes

Like most young men in his time, in 332 BYE he enlisted in the Norian Galactic Empire's Star Navy. During his initial service rotation, he found himself in the galleys of various ships and decided to remain in service as a chef. Through the years of passing dynasties, he remained in the military until YE 44. In YE 44, the Arrival of the Norians in the Yamatai Star Empire opened up new opportunities.

The retired MERN veteran chef accepted a new position as Executive Chef at the new Tsenlanese Cultural Center in Kyoto. He took with him his centuries of mastery and excellence to take on a new challenge, to introduce the people of the Yamatai Star Empire to Norian Food and Drink. The biggest challenge of which would result in a lack of ingredients from their home universe, which sent the chef into creative mode; it forced him to explore a new evolution of fusion cuisine, using ingredients and spices from the Kikyo Sector to create Norian inspired flavors.

Chef Ayomeri is a passionate and creative man, but he is known for his temper and strict disposition in the kitchen.


OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameOasae Ayomeri
Character OwnerAndrew
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Current LocationKyoto
Approval Threadโ€ฆ
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
Political PartyIndepdendent

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