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Sonoda Akira

Sonoda Akira is an NPC controlled by Hyralt.

Sonoda Akira
Given Name Akira
Family Name Sonoda
Species & Gender Minkan Male
Organization: Sonoda Capital
Occupation: Investor
Rank: Owner
Current Placement: Kyoto on Yamatai (Planet)

Character Description


Akira is a short, brown-eyed, grey-haired, meticulously shaven Minkan with a habit of wearing traditional Yamataian clothing regardless of the practicality. He smells of cherry blossoms and turmeric.


Akira is extremely stubborn, strict, and treats others harshly when they don't fall in line.

History & Relationships

Father of Sonoda Takashi. Brother-in-law to Kinoshita Fusako.

Made a substantial fortune for himself making sound investments with others' money. In YE 42 he began his own private investment fund called Sonoda Capital. He employs information brokers such as Anthiathia "Thia" Keslie to record private conversations and relay them back to him, which he uses to predict stock price changes among other things.

In YE 43 he invested in The Pitched Battlefield.

OOC Notes

Character Data
Character NameSonoda Akira
Character OwnerHyralt
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationKyoto

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