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FTL Guide

This guide is intended to provide a detailed reference regarding the various faster-than-light (FTL) methods of getting around in the setting. It is the definitive reference for Faster-Than-Light or FTL travel. It explores each method, explains the mechanics of each form of FTL travel, and provides concepts for each method that can be utilized by Game Masters in their respective plots.

Note: FTL devices other than teleportation modules cannot be used inside a sun's Hill Sphere.


Our setting is set in space, and as we all know space is really big. The main map is approximately 240 light-years by 240 light-years in size, which is an area over 1,410,870,129,899,618 miles across, or 1.410 quintillion miles.

FTL Technologies

These are the currently approved forms of faster-than-light travel for use in the setting. Each form has its own benefits and limitations.

Star Army has more than enough FTL methods already so we are no longer accepting additional ones.

Obsolete Concepts

The following FTL concepts were part of the earlier canon but are no longer in use.

  1. FTL combat is no longer allowed. All combat takes place at sub-light velocities. See: Starship Combat Guide
  2. Interdiction was removed on January 1st, 2011.

Other References

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