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SSCC-XL Prefab Modules

The SSCC-XL Prefab Modules are modular systems built out of SSCC-XL and designed to be easily employed in various capacities including being mounted to the Hauler-class Logistics Ship or used for housing. They were initially developed by Kage Yaichiro in YE 40 for sale by the Sunflower Corporation. Costs vary, but payment plans and options exist which allow many people, including any member of the Star Army of Yamatai, to theoretically afford one.

About the SSCC-XL Prefab Modules

Though initially developed to be used on the Hauler-class Logistics Ship, the modules can be used for various purposes. They can be used as stand-alone homes, bunkers, building blocks for apartment buildings, a chassis on which to build large trains, or even as supplemental thrusters or engines for a craft.

They are essentially SSCC-XL with doors on them and often have Plasma Projection System thrusters in the corners. Sometimes there are volumetric panels that serve as 'windows' or a supplemental viewscreen, but this varies by type. As they have plasma thrusters, it is possible to move them to a degree - but this is typically for hovering and placement or as an escape pod function.

History and Background

When Kage Yaichiro founded the Sunflower Corporation in YE 40, he was working on a craft for the explicit purpose of cultivating industry - even that on the small scale - thus to minimize costs he elected to use the SSCC-XL as a modular upgrade path for his then in-development vessel, the Hauler-class Logistics Ship. He found that they would have more uses than merely the ship, as they were suitable for prefab buildings, shelters, and even train components.

Types and Pricing

Several types of SSCC-XL Prefab Modules exist and are commercially sold for various purposes. The original SSCC-XL is not included in this list. A 900 KS (1800 DA) deduction is given for providing two SSCC-XL for conversion (one in serviceable condition and one with up to 10% damage, or 50% damage in the case of the Endcap Module), and a 12% deduction is made for active or veteran members of the Star Army of Yamatai, the Scientific Studies Service (SSS), or the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It is possible to obtain the craft in one lump sum or take an interest-free loan for one to two years in length, with a 9 month year for the Yamataian market and a 12 month year for everywhere else.

Module Type Price After Deduction for 2 SSCC-XL After Military Deduction After Both Deductions
Endcap 1800 KS (3600 DA) 900 KS (1800 DA) 1584 KS (3168 DA) 684 KS (1368 DA)
Passenger 3000 KS (6000 DA) 2100 KS (4200 DA) 2640 KS (5280 DA) 2040 KS (4080 DA)
Living 4500 KS (9000 DA) 3600 KS (7200 DA) 3960 KS (7920 DA) 3060 KS (6120 DA)
Engine 4800 KS (9600 DA) 3900 KS (7800 DA 4224 KS (8448 DA) 3264 KS (6528 DA)

The SSCC-XL Endcap Module is an empty SSCC-XL that has removable endcaps which allow for rapid unloading. They also tend to be used as hallways in prefab buildings or as vertical shafts for ladders, zero-G passageways, or elevators. The SSCC-XL Passenger Module is a module designed to seat thirty passengers (ten rows of three) for transport. The SSCC-XL Living Module is meant to function as a living area capable of supporting up to four people, though it more comfortably cares for two; finally, the SSCC-XL Engine Module has a large thruster in the back to provide added thrust to a ship and supplemental FTL system components. These purposes, however, are not the only ones available and it is recommended to check their respective pages.

Common Systems

While there are differences between the modules, they each (with the exception of the Endcap Module) have common components which are defined here - thus only systems which are different are elaborated upon in the individual module articles.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Constructed out of SSCC-XL made out of 20cm thick Durandium Alloy, specifically one intact one for the outer hull and 90% of another one disassembled and rearranged for internal bulkheads, the modules inherit the durability of the container. Components are attached in a way so as not to compromise this structural durability; windows, for example, are simply screens reading sensors positioned on the other side of the container's hull. Each bulkhead and the interior of the hull itself is lined with a foam which has both shrapnel capturing attributes and expands when exposed to vacuum. These aspects give a measure of protection against penetration and decompression.


The modules typically have two doors, one of them per side. These are meant to either lead outside or to other doors or airlocks such as those on the sides of the Hauler-class Logistics Ship, thus they can function as an airlock junction in these cases.

Computers and Electronics

The integrated computer and communications system is a basic one which ships with the RICE OS unless a different operating system is desired. It is also possible for users to easily install a different system. Assorted sensors are also located across the modules to provide internal and external data, with supplemental sensors doubling as lighting and windows. The computer system, however, is not at all complex and is not capable of controlling an attached craft, however, it can be used to detach from such a craft and control the module's own movement. The location from which this functionality is controlled tends to vary.

Emergency Systems

The modules can detach from an attached ship and act as a life pod. They are also capable of moving at a speed of at least 0.025c, and also independently seal assorted areas in case of depressurization.

Graviton Beam Projectors

One pair of Graviton Beam Projectors each are located in the front and rear of the modules. They function by creating and manipulating gravitational pulses to manipulate the orientation and speed of the modules. This allows modules not only to cling to other larger vessels and provide added thrust in emergency, but they can also use these projectors to propel themselves under gravity. In this way, they can be moved planet-side.

Life Support Systems

The life support systems involve the standard air and water processing and recycling systems as well as artificial gravity, but they tend to be supported by the Power/Matter System.


Limited propulsion is available for the modules without external assistance, limiting them to slower-than-light operation except in the case of the Engine Module. The module's capabilities, however, are typically sufficient for their needs.

Plasma Projection System

Modules have twenty-four plasma verniers, three per corner of the vessel. Combined, these are known as the Plasma Projection System. These components are usually fusion-powered, but it is possible to use filtered plasma from an Aether Generator to power them as well. These can propel the module to a top STL speed of 0.025c.

It should be noted that the plasma verniers are also configured to act as a point defense weapon system and were integrated to save cost and optimize coverage. When a module is used for ground-based purposes, such as on a train or as part of a building like a SSCC-XL Living Complex, the building inherits this point defense capability.

Graviton Beam Projectors

While not the first choice for use as a form of propulsion in space, the Graviton Beam Projectors can assist in turning and moving the vessel by creating and manipulating gravitational force. Graviton Beam Projectors are used as the main form of propulsion and steering when on the ground.

Power/Matter System

This system allows for the re-sequencing of matter into power or vice-versa, via the civilian version of the Fabrication Chamber. While it is possible to use a small backup Aether Generator as a backup source of matter, key sources of material include both the intake at the front of the modules and emergency systems for collecting waste and carbon dioxide. The materials recycled or created by this system are limited to civilian offerings and it is more often used to provide fuel for the vessel or to keep occupants alive.

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Product NameSSCC-XL Prefab Modules
NomenclatureType 40
ManufacturerSunflower Corporation, Yugumo Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 40
Price (KS)1โ€ฏ,800.00 KS

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