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Fashion in Yamatai

Fashion in the Yamatai Star Empire varies widely by culture, as Yamatai includes a great number of species and cultures. In this article we're showcasing examples from the current trends in mainstream Yamatai culture, which can see seen on planet Yamatai and is typically a mix of modern and Japanese-anime-inspired fashions.

Current popular fashions include bodysuits, leggings, ponchos, pleated skirts, short kimonos, fancy boots, thigh-high stockings, and sailor hats. It's also extremely common for people to carry folding hand fans in the summer.

Note: Yamataians generally don't wear blue jeans, they're considered low-class, Nepleslian, and unfashionable.

A current trend is pairing kimono-style tops and accessories with skirts. This is fashionable among Nekovalkyrja.

Sailor-style outfits are also in fashion:

Traditional Fashion

The kimono is considered traditional fashion in Yamatai and is worn on formal occasions and by many government officials.

Imperial Premier Yuumi Empress Himiko

Other Fashion Examples

Here are some other examples of Yamataian characters in civilian clothing:

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