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Task Force 0

Task Force 0, Zero, or Inquisition is a standalone special purpose fleet commanded by Shôshô Kimberly Kier. It was created by Star Army Command in YE 39 as “Task Force Inquisition” under anti-sedition and anti-ambush directives. They had the jurisdiction to deploy and fight on systems officially within the control of Yamatai Star Empire space for the express purpose of preventing these surprise attacks or invasions. In YE 44 they were redesignated as Task Force 0 from being Task Force Inquisition.

This article is about the fleet. For plot information, see Task Force Inquisition.


The reason for the formation of Task Force Inquisition is fairly detailed. With the Kuvexian War ongoing, the Star Army of Yamatai decided additional security of the South-East Frontier was necessary.

Especially, several planets in this area are unsettled, ungarrisoned and unobserved. With the effectiveness of the Rixxikor's invasion of Yamatai and their usage of such planets as staging posts, Star Army Command authorised the deployment of the Legion IX to investigate and secure these planets. As transport and space/air element the Orochi Squadron were joined with the Ninth under the banner of Task Force Inquisition.

After the stabilisation of Skadi and Inquisition's withdrawal, they were assigned to Gashmere to assist with the conflict there.


The joint commander of Inquisition and CO of the Legion IX is Shôshô Kimberly Kier. During aerial and special combat scenarios command of the fleet is delegated to the CO of Orochi Squadron.

Orochi Squadron

  • YSS Orochi (NG-S8-15), Irim-class Heavy Gunship {SQD-CMDR}
  • YSS Awaji (NG-S8-16), Irim-class Heavy Gunship
  • YSS Iyo (NG-S8-17), Irim-class Heavy Gunship
  • YSS Iki (NG-S8-18), Irim-class Heavy Gunship
  • YSS Ogi (NG-S8-19), Irim-class Heavy Gunship
  • YSS Sado (NG-S8-20), Irim-class Heavy Gunship
  • YSS Tsukushi (NG-S8-21), Irim-class Heavy Gunship
  • YSS Tsushima (NG-S8-22), Irim-class Heavy Gunship

Orochi Squadron has a complement of:

Ninth Legion


Latest News

  1. Task Force Inquisition created by Star Army Command, combining Orochi Squadron and Legion IX
  2. Ninth Legion leaves Yamatai for deployment with Orochi escort, physically forming the Inquisition
  3. Task Force Inquisition ordered to explore Skadi
  4. Engages enemies and retreats from duties in Skadi for replenishment.
  5. Reassigned to Gashmere to assist with the civil war.


Designation: TF-INQ Mission: Long-Range Reconnaissance/Planetary Assault Command Ship: YSS Shinigami, Sharie-class Battleship

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