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Task Force Inquisition

Inquisition was a roleplaying plot created by merging the plots of GM ethereal and GM PaladinRPG formally on November 25, 2017. It closed on November 10, 2018. The plot was based on the combined arms operations of Orochi Squadron and Legion IX. It had been running in some form since December 29, 2015, prior to the merger. We pride ourselves on providing a grab bag of shipside, space, air and planetary combat as well as specialising several of the potential roles to fit players of differing experience. Scroll down and take a look at How to Play!

The Task Force is currently being deployed to Skadi, a world abandoned to the wolves inside Yamatai space. Due to recent troubles with the Kuvexian War, the Star Army of Yamatai dispatched Ninth Legion and Orochi to retake the various non-Yamatai controlled planets within Yamataian borders so that they may not be used as possible staging areas for ambush forces, such as what happened with the Rixxikor & the Graxlat. This is the first planet in a series of several designated to be secured by the Task Force.

This article is about the plot. For fleet information, see Task Force 0. Status: Inquisition is accepting new players at this time.

Plot Overview

Ninth Legion follows the conquest of the Ninth Legion - a Star Army Rikugun Legion and their naval escort Orochi Squadron- across the South-East Frontier of Yamatai space, conquering and liberating worlds from NMX, pirates, rebels and secessionists.

We currently are deploying to retake Skadi, after elements of Eighth Fleet struggled to recapture the planetary surface of Jun from the NMX raiders with only their space-based forces to bring to bear. With the recent discovery by Star Army Intelligence of where the Yuletide ambush of YE 37 originated from, Taisho Shizuka Endo promptly requested the re-activation and deployment of the Ninth Legion to do what they couldn't. Orochi Squadron was reassigned as fleet escort and airspace superiority provider.

How to Play

There are two main divides in the Task Force, that being the space phases and the planetary phases. In the space phases, combat will orient around the use of various power armors, ships and fighters/bombers. In the planetary phases, combat will orient around the use of power armors, tanks, vehicles, landing craft and fighers/bombers.

You can create characters that fit into any the above options as well as opt into only one type of phase if you wish. If you wish to play in a starfighter or bomber, you will focus on destroying the enemy ships that are not targeted for boarding in space phases. In planetary phases you will do everything from bombing runs to close air support. These two roles are expected to participate in both types of phase.

The biggest choice you will make is whether your character is fresh-faced or a veteran. If you opt for a totally wide-eyed character, you can join the Orochi Squadron subsection of the power armor characters. In this capacity, you are totally green and have never seen combat, which is interesting to RP and also good for newer players who may not know the lore of Star Army as much as others. Alternatively, if you desire a veteran character, you can choose to become one of the Legion IX. These soldiers have been in combat for many years and are seasoned against all sorts of foes.

Orochi Squadron will use the Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor, becoming one of the swarm of soldiers beating back enemy PA from attacking the fleet and retaliating. Legion IX have the option of also using the M6-2A "Daisy II" Power Armor, acting as marines and boarding the enemy as well as having access to Mindies.

About the Task Force

Task Force Inquisition is commanded by Shôshô Kimberly Kier. It is a standalone special purpose fleet created by Star Army Command in YE 39 under anti-sedition and anti-ambush directives. They have the jurisdiction to deploy and fight on systems officially within the control of Yamatai Star Empire space, unlike most other bodies of the Star Army of Yamatai. For more information see Task Force 0.

For the history/directive/expectations of Ninth Legion, click here. For the history/directive/expectations of Orochi Squadron, click here.

Rules and Pacing

  1. All members of the plot are expected to post as often as the plot permits…
  2. …and at least once every 3-4 days.
  3. Do not wait on another player to post for more than four days.
  4. If you will be absent or cannot post as often as required, post notice in the OOC thread. Common courtesy goes a long way!
  5. Players who have not posted in more than four days may have their characters' actions posted or chosen by the GM to keep the plot moving.
  6. Players who have not posted in more than ten days, without any notice to the GM, may be removed from the RP. Your character may fade into the background, be sent home, or become target practice for the enemies. Don't worry about perma-death due to inactivity though, though that is not to say you will get out of a fight without taking some nice hits for dramatic effect, though.
  7. Characters should follow the standard regulations and laws or expect IC punishment. If rules are not followed due to lack of knowledge OOCly - or players are OOCly ignoring or flouting rules their characters would ICly know to follow - OOC coaching, assistance or punishment may be required instead of IC consequences.
  8. We will generally work along these guidelines and readiness conditions.


There are currently 15 players in Task Force Inquisition.

Command Staff

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes
Shôshô Kimberly Kier Force Admiral ethereal NPC Legion IX Commander YSS Shinigami
Taisa Hachimitsu Mikoto Star Army Starship Captain paladinrpg NPC Sub-Commander CO YSS Orochi
Taii Hashimoto Umeshu Star Army First Officer paladinrpg XO YSS Orochi
Shoi kito_noboyuki Star Army Technician Burgmond45 Chief Engineer YSS Shinigami
Journeywoman Jo Midori Samurai/Infantry Sageshooter YSS Shinigami


Taii Fukugumi Ume Star Army Pilot NPC Commander of Air Group1) Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi
Jôtô Hei Raku Kishi Star Army Pilot Grey Library Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi
Ittô Hei Miyoshi (“Cookies”) Star Army Pilot NPC Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi
Nitô Hei Arcturus Sargas Star Army Pilot Arbitrated Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi
Nitô Hei Armin Sargas Star Army Pilot Arbitrated Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi
Santô Hei Akane Sisko Star Army Pilot Soban Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi
Santô Hei Aoi Sisko Star Army Pilot Soban Heartbreak SQN YSS Orochi



Former Crew/Inactive Players


Pre-Mission 1: Tentacled Tidings

While the sleepy Jun mining system is preparing for their YE 37 end of year holiday celebrations, a several-ship strong fleet of NMX "Pillager" Light Cruiser sneaks in using the Great Southern Nebula as cover and also their volumetric projection systems posing as light freighters to pick up ores at the planet. By the time the small SAOY frontier starport garrison realizes their true nature, they are quickly overwhelmed and the settlement falls into chaos as the Mishhuvurthyar invaders hurriedly begin seizing as many colonists as they can can grab and load them into their prisoner cells and vehicles. And smash a few Yuletide trees along the way just to be extra evil!

But, all hope is not lost. Upon hearing of the distress call before all the Emerys Satellites in orbit were destroyed, Taisho Shizuka Endo of 8th fleet quickly mobilizes a portion of Valentine's system defense garrison to fold over to Jun and respond immediately to the crisis. These 8 Irim-class Heavy Gunships, the Orochi Squadron, led by the YSS Orochi and the battle-tested Taisa Hachimitsu Mikoto, are tasked with interdicting the NMX's raiding fleet before it can escape the Jun system and back to southern space with its ill gotten gains of people and treasure. Will they be able to make it in time, or will the Mishhu really have stolen Xmas?

After a hard fought and costly battle in space that saw hundreds of Neko soldiers killed, the brave infantry of Orochi were able to successfully board and commandeer the NMX cruisers, liberating the prisoners from their Mishhu jailors, as well as a handful of vekimen warriors. Though his Nightmare-type XO Perchta was slain in battle on the bridge of the XSS Krampus, commander Belsnickel was able to escape capture and flee to the Tivurthinth-class patrol ship which engaged its fold drive as soon as reinforcements from the 8th fleet's support element arrived in system. While the hospital ships tended to the mass casualties and wounded efficiently, the ground assault against the remaining NMX infantry would unfortunately continue on for some time into the new year before Jun was once again safe for the colonists to return.

Pre-Mission 1: Rearmament

Following these events, the Taisho ordered Orochi Squadron to return to Fort Shizuka on Valentine for repairs and modernization, as Star Army Intelligence began its silent search for the source of the raiders. The failure of the ground offensive to quickly capture objectives using spacey infantry alone prompted a call to eventually join with the Legion IX Rikugun as a combined-arms group, eventually leading to the formation of Task Force Inquisition.

Mission 1: Don't Fear the Reaper


GM/OOC Information

  • Page created by ethereal.
  • Task Force Inquisition is current GM'd by ethereal, Co-GM'd by SirSkully.
  • Ethereal is an sub-FM has been around since 2015 and plays 30 characters! Yes, 30!
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