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Ke-V9-V3300 Life Support System

The Ke-V9-V3300 Life Support System was developed for use on the Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter and became available in YE 33.


General Information

Class: Ke-V9-V3300 Type: Life Support System Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards. Murasaki Emiko Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Production: Mass Production


Gravity Control

The Ke-V9-V3300 incorporates standard Ketsurui Fleet Yards artificial gravity hardware. This technology serves two purposes: the first is to provide standard 1G gravity for occupant comfort. Secondly, it provides inertial compensation to reduce the effects of extreme acceleration on ship occupants.


The Ke-V9-V3300 atmosphere processing subsystem uses a variety of scrubber devices for air purification. The system has an emergency air reserve sufficient for twelve hours should primary and auxiliary power souces fail.

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