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21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds

The 21st Squadron, 2X-F21, nickname “Fighting Diamonds” is a Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter squadron of the Second Expeditionary Fleet that became active in YE 32. They are part of the complement assigned to the YSS Heitan. They are commanded by Tamahagane Akemi-Santô Juni.

21st Fighter Squadron21st Fighter Squadron


The “Fighting Diamonds” is a multi-role fighter squadron operating off the YSS Heitan. Fighter pilots are used to living on the edge, and for the soldiers of the 2X-F21 this is a daily fact of life as they operate on the edge of known space. The “21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds”'s Game Master is Nashoba. The primary method of role-play is by the Single-post forum at the link below. Each player is expected to post at least once every three days.

21st Squadron RP began on January 16, 2010. The plot came to a close on October 23, 2014.

Latest news

Location: Daichi System, Daichi

  • Mission 8.0 - Whispers in the dark The “Fighting Diamonds” has been enjoying a period of quiet and routine. Well rested the squadron receives a call to report to the flight deck.



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