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2XF Designations Format

Squadron Designation

Within the Second Expeditionary Fleet there are several kinds of Squadrons. In order to avoid confusion during logistics and communications a way of distinguishing the different squadrons quickly and easily was needed. The 2XF uses the following designations to clarify its squadrons.

<fleet>-<type><squadron #> Fleet = Owning Fleet 2X Type = B-Bomber, F-Fighter, G-Gunship, S-Scout, A-Gunboat Squadron # - 01, 02, 23


  • 2X-F21 - 21st Fighter Squadron
  • 2X-G01 - 1st Gunship Squadron
  • 2X-A12 - 12th Gunboat Squadron
  • 2X-S14 - 14th Scout Squadron
  • 2X-B01 - 1st Bomber Squadron

Tail Number

Individual fighter and bomber craft in the 2XF are identified by a tail number. A pilot is typically assigned a specific tail number, and each tail number has a dedicated maintenance chief. Tail numbers are typically used on Squadron Status boards.

<craft type><fleet> <year made>-<#> Craft type = V6 - Hayabusa, V7 - Ginga, V8 - Kawarime

Task Force

Each task force in the 2XF are identified by the following format. <fleet>-TF-<Group><##>


C - Command O - Operations P - Special Ops

Fleet = Owning Fleet 2X

V8X2 32-0036

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