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Origin Standard Escape Pods

Origin Industries, following the example of many military shipyards, decided to make an escape pod for use in its ships. The pod is an 11' diameter, and 20' long construct, with four engine pods along the side, and a window in the front. Entrance and exit is through a hatch in the back. The pod also has a large amount of communications equipment, to aid in rescue.

Performance and stats

STL Speed: .15c Capacity: Up to five people comfortably, 10 if desperate. Range: .5 LY Price: 2,000 KS/unit


Deflectors:The escape pod uses a light deflector system to protect against objects such as debris and small meteors. DR 2

Thrusters: These small thrusters only carry enough fuel to go .5LY in a straight line. if any maneuvering is needed the range is lessened. they can get up to .15c eventually, but it will take several hours at least.

Communications:The pod carries standard FTL, radio, and laser communications, to aid in rescue. Power for them is stored in a small capacitor, so over-use will result in a total loss of communications.

Life Support: The pod uses a simple oxygen scrubbing system to keep air fresh for up to two weeks with five people, or one week with ten. The pod also has basic rations for 5 people for one week.

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