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Karen Merkur

Karen Merkur is a player character played by Kai.

Karen Merkur
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: Born YE 16
Height: 5'4โ€œ
Weight: 109 LBS
Organization: Origin Motor Corporation
Occupation: OMC Head
Rank: CEO
Current Placement: Dawn Station

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'4โ€ (162 cm)
  • Mass: 109 LBS (49.44 kg)
  • Measurements: 33-29-32 (84-73-81 cm)
  • Bust: 33B

Build and Skin Color: Karen is thin and lightly built, and appears to be just shy of fully grown. She has very lightly tanned Caucasian skin color.

Eyes and Facial Features: Karen has blue, Almond shaped eyes, on a smaller, heart-shaped face. Her normal expression seems to be one of mild annoyance.

Ears: Karen has very normal looking ears which are larger on top than on the bottom. She wears small earrings in both ears, either a small ring, or a stud, depending on her mood.

Hair Color and Style: Karen has Long, Mostly straight, light brown hair, which curls slightly near the ends. She most often wears her hair straight, with bangs cut a little above her eyes, but sometimes wears a long ponytail. Her hair comes midway down her back.

Distinguishing Features: Karen is always wearing a pair of red half-frame glasses. The frame that does exist is somewhat thick, but not to the point of being bulky. The frames only cover the tops and halfway down the sides of the lenses.

Karen is also Deaf, though this may not be immediately apparent.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Karen's personality is, to say the least, a bit volatile. She spends much of her time seeming to be silently annoyed at the world, though she is just as capable of lightening up and having fun as any other individual, especially when she;s doing her favorite things. However, Karen's temper is fairly short, and she can become angry almost literally at the drop of a hat (It has happened before). Karen is quite a spontaneous person, and will change her mind quickly, especially if she's bored.

  • Likes: The outdoors, working with her hands, Martial arts, Music with Bass (as she can feel the vibrations)
  • Dislikes: Fish, The idea of modifying her body, Nepleslian Men.
  • Goals: Karen would like to become self-sufficient, Buy a starship, and travel the universe.



Sister: Sierra Merkur


Karen Merkur was born on Nepleslia, and, like her older sister, was sheltered much of her life, though, due to her inability to hear, this was taken to a greater extreme than her sister. Her family's disdain for cybernetics was imprinted on her, and she was taught a sense of pride in who she was, despite her flaws. While She agreed with her family's views, she always disliked their over-protection of her. Luckily, she found that her older sister was sympathetic, and they worked together to do what they could to make Karen's life more entertaining. Sierra Designed Karen's glasses, which include a speech-to-text translator, an HUD that displays the text as well as other notices, and a Volumetirc display to display Karen's thoughts as text for others to see. This gave Karen a boost of confidence and was her first step to independence.

Unfortunately, this life was short lived, as Sierra soon went to College, and then onto a career, leaving her little sister at home. Determined to become self-sufficient, Karen strove to achieve in school, though she found more solace in technical skills than in booksmarts. Rather than finishing high school or going to college, Karen enrolled herself in technical school to become a mechanic. It was here that she had her first run-ins with the more vulgar side of Nepleslian society, and grew a distinct distaste for males of Nepleslian descent. She also picked up numerous martial arts skills, which helped her gain respect and make it through technical school unharmed (Though as much could not be said of those who crossed her).

Origin Industries Career

Upon her graduation from Technical school she was invited by her sister to join the same company- and did. Unlike her sister, however, Karen joined the branch known as Origin Motor Corporation, and started pretty much from the bottom, as a simple technician at one of the many garages located with in Dawn Station's Sector 9. Like her sister, however, Karen's skills and adaptability saw her rise through the ranks rather swiftly, moving from a shop technician, to a lead, to managing all the garages on Dawn station, and eventually landing her a management job in the corporate world of OMC. again, her abilities saw her taking on more responsibilities and getting more promotions with her drive and focus on getting the job done right, the first time. she eventually landed a position directly under OMC's CEO, Ray Gladstone, who easily looked past the girl's disability, as it had never stopped her, and took her on as a protege. While she never had Ray's Penchant for design, she had a good head for product development and leadership, which helped OMC prosper and continue to push out new designs over the years.

In YE 45, Karen was surprised to find that Ray had announced his intentions to retire, and that he had named the Brunette as his preferred successor. Though it took the now established Karen a while to come to terms with the announcement, she finally embraced it, and stepped forth to become the new CEO of Origin Motor Corporation.

Skill Areas


Karen is well versed in The technical and mechanical systems found in most vehicle types, and can diagnose and repair most systems found in cars, airplanes, shuttles, and even some spacecraft. She is versed in fabrication of mechanical parts, and can make a suitable replacement part if a premade one cannot be found.


Karen knows how to communicate through various means, including computers, writing, and text messaging via communicators. She cannot speak, but her glasses display text to allow her to communicate with others, and her glasses can translate all known languages back and forth to and from Nepleslian text.

Martial Arts

Karen doesn't exactly know any one specific martial art, but rather a mixture of several. She can throw quite a strong punch for her size, and is especially versed in tossing larger foes over her shoulder, and using her opponent's mass against them.


Karen knows how to cook for herself, though she only knows simple meals. She also knows how to shop and procure ingredients for meals, though she is by no means an expert chef.


Karen Merkur has the following items:


  • 5x white T-Shirt with OI Logo
  • 5x panties with OI logo (white, black, green, blue, and gold)
  • 5x bra with OI logo (white, black, green, blue, and gold)
  • 5 pairs of black Socks



  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe or Yukata, white or black, with OI logo.


  • 2x Custom Communication/Translation glasses


Karen Merkur is currently a Employee in the Origin Industries.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Karen is Deaf- She cannot hear. She doesn't let that stop her or even slow her down, however. Because she's deaf, she uses more gestures and body language than most people. I was somewhat inspired to make this character through my experiences of the Deaf community via my brother, who is Deaf also.

Character Data
Character NameKaren Merkur
Character OwnerKai
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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