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Few foods are as universally cherished and historically significant as bread. It is a timeless staple food. From the ancient hearths of bygone civilizations to the ultra-modern kitchens of the Star Army's fleet, bread remains an enduring symbol of sustenance, community, and culinary innovation.

Price: 1 KS for a loaf of basic white or wheat bread.


Bread's tale is as old as civilization itself. Early societies on planets mixed simple ingredients like water, grain, and later yeast, to produce flatbreads that accompanied their daily meals. With the evolution of baking techniques and ingredients, bread began to take on countless forms, each with its distinct cultural significance.

In the expanse of the universe explored by the Star Army, bread has not only persisted but evolved, intertwining itself with new cultures and technologies. It serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of the galaxies and the shared heritage of sentient beings.


Bread, in its most fundamental form, is a product of baking a mixture made typically from ground grains, water, and often leavening agents. The Star Army universe, with its abundance of planets, introduces a plethora of grains and ingredients, leading to an astonishing variety of bread.

While classic forms like whole grain, rye, and sourdough are known throughout the cosmos, newer variants incorporate alien grains, producing flavors, textures, and nutritional profiles previously unimagined.


Within the Star Army context, bread serves several purposes:

  • Nutritional Source: As a rich source of carbohydrates and other nutrients, depending on the ingredients, bread is a staple in Star Army rations.
  • Cultural Significance: Bread recipes can tell tales of a planet's history, traditions, and values. It often plays a ceremonial role in various cultures within the Star Army universe.
  • Universal Comfort Food: Across galaxies and species, the warm, comforting aroma of freshly baked bread is universally recognized, evoking feelings of home and togetherness.
  • An important component of Pizza

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2023/08/20 19:41.

Bread, within the Star Army Roleplaying setting on the wiki, offers an interesting avenue for players to delve into the socio-cultural aspects of their characters and the worlds they inhabit. It serves as a touchstone, linking ancient practices with futuristic possibilities. Players can weave tales around the act of bread-making, the shared experience of breaking bread, or the innovative recipes discovered on newfound planets.

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