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Tempri-sama blanket

Often called the most comfortable blankets in the entire universe the one side is woven from super-silk, a slick smooth soft thread created by specially gene engineered silkworms, which live only on mulberry trees, only on a handful of planets. The other side is made of a similar material but is fuzzy, and fluffy. Both sides are often patterned. The blankets are equipped with decontamination-procedure-safe circuitry and devices that lets one dial the exact temperature that one wants to be when under the blanket. It has six regions, which can be dialed separately.


There are three “Levels” The first level is the Tempri-Sama Knock Off. Produced by the company, and nano-made it's too “perfect” and lacks the natural rate of errors giving character to the latter two levels. They purposefully fail to include a natural rate of errors. It costs 100 KS.

The next level is the Tempri-Sama. It's manufactured from real, non nanoproduced silk, and has a natural rate of error to prove it, giving it character, texture, feeling, and weight. It comes with a small certificate of authenticity It costs a hefty 1,250 KS

There is a hand-woven version too, with a typed note courtesy of CEO that's been signed, and a shiny rare-metal sheathed certificate, It costs 2,500 KS


The even more prestigious line the “Hyper-tempri-sama” is custom made to the owner's specifications, and shaped to their body for maximum comfort. The hyper-tempri-sama also lets you dial temperature for very small areas, including individual fingers and toes. These often include valuable materials, and have built in advanced, near AI level, computers to see specifically to your comfort. They have special internal mechanisms that let them change their texture to your specifications as well. These are quality, with all sorts of bells and whistles thrown in.


the Hyper-tempri-sama comes with a hand-written note courtesy of the CEO of the company, and a fancy grown crystal certificate of authenticity. It's hand woven. It costs a king's ransom of 27,500 KS

A somewhat cheaper knock off Hyper-Tempri-sama also is avalible with no note or certificate. Similar to the knock off Tempri-Sama they purposefully fail to include a natural rate of errors. Because of the level of custumisation, It costs a cool 1,500 KS

There's an even more expensive version of the Hyper Tempri sama that's only spoken of in hushed terms. Called the Goldwater Exclusive It is made by one person, wildly agreed to be the best weaver in Yamatai, Mattais Goldwater (NPC). His time is not cheap. The quality is amazing though, as is the play of texture and weight that make his blankets works of art. The customization options other wise given are mostly missing, you just send in your measurements, and you get poetry given physical form back. It costs enough to give anyone some pause at 512,000 KS.

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