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Shiori Jacket

The Shiori Jacket is a jacket awarded to the crew of the the ISS Shiori in YE 45.

The Shiori Jacket is custom fabricated on demand before being given to its intended recipient and is not otherwise available for sale. Production costs are about 2500KS.


In YE 45, the young crew of the ISS Shiori discovered the YC-56K system, and its inhabited third planet1). As an award for for the crew, Takagawa Hitomi, their teacher and scout troop leader, presented them with the jackets. Based primarily on the old Peacekeeper Jacket with modern upgrades from the Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms, they were made to be not only comfortable and stylish, but also useful to their owners beyond warmth and fashion.


The following individuals have been awarded the Shiori Jacket:

  1. Motoyoshi Kuroko (#00 “Princess”)
  2. Motoyoshi Eidan (#01 “Prince”)
  3. Yuki Inihara (#13 “Snow”)
  4. Luminous Neon Star (#69 “Glow”)
  5. Leon Argueta (#72 “Chief”)
  6. Tomoko Sunabu (#98 “Blue”)
  7. Marika (#99 “Nurse”)


A blouson in the 'baseball-style' flight jacket category, the Shiori Jacket is, as the name implies, similar to a sukajan or a varsity letter jacket in design. It is in the Shiori colors of black and gold with purple accents, and covered in patches. The body of the jacket is black and made of artificial leather, while the sleeves are gold and made of Bulletproof Wool that's been given a boiled wool treatment. The moisture-wicking elastic trim at the wrists, collar, and hem is purple, with a thick gold stripe bordered by thin black stripes. The jacket has a zip closure, with a flap over it that closes with antique-brassy buttons: four on the upper part of the jacket and two on the hem. There is a zippered vent under either arm that opens to reveal a mesh vent for cooling when weather protection is still needed. Likewise a stowable, weather-treated hood of cellulose fiber lined with Kinugoshi-ko (in gold) that packs away into a hidden pocket below and behind the nape of the neck. The jacket is lined but not insulated, though provisions for an insulated layer are included, with zip-in, button-in, or hook and loop attachment points. The inner lining is moisture-wicking, antimicrobial microfiber in the same gold as the sleeves and stripes.


The outer shell is weather-treated and given an armor-grade energy-dispersing ablative coating. Beneath the outer layer are sandwiched layers of Dataweave, aramid fiber weave, carbon fiber weave, and Kinugoshi-ko, then a thin layer of ballistic-grade Non-Newtonian fluid. There is subtle reinforcement in the shoulders, over the pectorals and sternum, along the rear of the ribs, along the collarbones and outsides of the forearms, and at the elbows, with hidden, secure pockets in the lining for inserting foam pads and high-impact Steenplast plates below the outer surface.


Two large-capacity handwarmer pockets in the front feature reinforcing welts of purple artificial leather. Inside the jacket and its lining, there are multiple pockets, hidden and otherwise, besides those for the supplemental armor plates. Front-opening horizontal slash pockets are low profile, a pair at the front along the hem, and another pair higher and farther back along the ribs. There's a button-closed welted pocket inside the left breast, with another hidden slash pocket inside it, and patch pocket on the inside of the right breast with another patch pocket inside like a divider, and another, larger patch pocket on each side below them midway down the front. The recipients name, and the name of the ship are embroidered on a Kinugoshi-ko tag sewn onto this pocket. At the small of the back, above the hem, is a short, wide pocket closes with a hook and loop flap.

Integrated Electronics Systems

Though it lacks the Omnihue, the jacket retains the other electronics features of the Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms:

  • Integrated Aperture Chipset.
  • Micro-Capacitors - charge wirelessly when within 1,000m of a KAIMON system.
    • Offers two days of power when outside of the range.
  • Dataweave Volumetric projection interaction - Tactile-response volumetric interaction from integrated communications and sensor components.
  • Tactile Interface Solid Volumetrics create virtual datapad. (Includes; word processing and other useful applications)
  • Dataweave Integrated Quantum Entanglement Communications compatible with KAIMON communications suite. (5LY maximum range)
  • Dataweave Integrated scanner system similar to KAIMON sensor systems. (Limit 1000m)
    • Enhanced Visual Scanners (Line of Sight, Up to 400X)
    • Electromagnetic Scanners
    • Biomonitor (Monitors and reports vital signs of the wearer)
    • Atmospheric Scanners


The Shiori Jacket is authorized as part of the daily uniform aboard the ISS Shiori. It can be worn with the exercise uniform instead of the cold weather top, as a replacement for the Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms jackets, or with the Kikyō Scout Uniform in lieu of the jacket, as well as freely with casual civilian clothing.

The item requires somewhat careful cleaning to remain in optimal condition, but the laundry facilities on a Misha-class Explorer like the ISS Shiori are sufficient. Standard dry-cleaning will suffice.


Patches are held securely in place with Molecure Tape backing. Over the left breast is the Shiori's letter (), with the hummingbird mascot and the ship's Civilian Imperial Registry Number (IRN), PYX-C5-0001, directly beneath. Above it is the Yugumo Corporation logo, and below it by the pocket is the Kikyō Scouts Troop patch. On left sleeve is the Kikyō Scouts Troop's number, 1712, and the Kikyō Scouts logo patch. Below it is the Takeda Fleet logo.

On the right side, over the breast is the recipient's callsign in gold script, above their Yugumo Merchant Spacy departmental patch. Above the callsign is a unique patch representing the recipient's personality and history. Down by the pocket is the recipient's jersey number. On the left sleeve, the YSE Flag is a the top of the shoulder, with the Ship's Patch below it, and their jersey number below that.

On the back of the jacket a large version of the Ship's Patch is prominently fixed in the center of the upper back. The Recipient's jersey number is in the center of the patch. Above it is gold script with the recipient's full name and callsign, and below that is the Kikyō Scouts Troop number and name in the same script and color.

Additonal patches may be awarded to an individual and worn, such as for the ship's captain or a Pathfinder-ranked Scout.

Insulated Liners

The near-ubiquitous form factor of the Shiori Jacket allowed it to be designed to accept many popular brands and styles of zip-in, button-in, or hook and loop-attached liners. Typical liners are quilted or fleece, though ballistic material ones aren't difficult to find. However, the interior pockets are covered when a liner is in use, unless it has compatible openings to account for a particular pocket.

OOC Notes

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Below is the code for the jacket in an inventory:

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