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Leon Argueta

Leon Argueta is a player character played by Demibear.

Leon Argueta
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: 22日 7月 YE 26
Organization: Yugumo Corporation
Occupation: Science Officer
Rank: Scientist Cadet
Current Placement: ISS Evenstar

Physical Description

Due to the Super-Y chromosome within his genetics, Leon has a muscular and heavyset build. A Nepleslian of Lianjia and Nepleslian Mareesha, he has light tanned skin, naturally hazel eyes, brown hair usually buzzed cut, and a face that is best described as “heroic”.

  • Height: 195cm
  • Weight: 173kg

Distinguishing Features: Without his prosthetic lower arms and legs, Leon is a quadruple amputee. When shirtless, there are visible data ports around his torso, shoulders, and hips.

Leon (at a young age) has more augmentations than most Nepleslians twice his age. Though he has lost most of those to the Nepleslian Reds. Leon currently has the following augmentations:

  • Two basic lower prosthetic arms
  • Two basic lower prosthetic legs
  • Basic Cybernetic Eyes
  • Reinforced Skeletal Structure
  • White Wolf Torso Neural Interface (WWTNI, main interface is between his shoulder blades)


Leon is not the most complicated of individuals to understand: if you complete the mission/task at hand professionally and efficiently he will be happy. If you screw around and cause a failure, he will do everything in his power to make your life miserable.

Leon spent most of his life either around Nepleslian Reds veterans that routinely talked about the war, then was conditioned to become a warrior scientist since the age of 7. He is intellectually curious but rather try to study/invent something than “get in touch with his feelings”. He is brave, but he keeps his fear in check to make sure he is not doing something stupid.

Not to say he is a loner, far from it. He seeks likeminded individuals to form a “family” or community around. In such settings, one will be surprised to see him actually being quite friendly to fellow members. As the Doctor once said: “Look to your right and then look to your left. Each and everyone one of you are brothers and sisters within here. Honor and support each other. You have is each other.”

TL:DR - A soldier in a young adult's body bidding his time and learning.

  • Goals: To achieve peak efficiency of his body once again and establish a new home for the Reds.
  • Likes: Duty, Industrial Metal, philosophy
  • Dislikes: Laziness, those that are not intellectually curious, Nepleslian Military


Born YE 26 on Kennewes, Leon was the product of an encounter between a Nepleslian Man and the rare Nepleslian Reds non-clone female named Maria Argueta on Nepleslia. When she returned from Nepleslia the fighting between the Reds and the Greens were really in full swing, preventing her from notifying her one-time partner of the child. Maria died during the exodus from Kennewes, leaving Leon in the care of her “family” of clone relatives she was adopted into.

When Leon was 7, a recruiter of Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing's Dr. X was sent out to look for suitable candidates for his next round of experimentation to create a replacement for the lost ability to make ID-SOL for the Reds foolhardy ambitions to exact revenge on the Greens (something he loved to exploit to get funding). When the recruiter witnessed the natural strength of the boy when he saved a friend from a sudden collapse of a catwalk, she knew he would be the one.

It didn't take much convincing to let Leon's adopted family to release “control” of the boy when she mentioned that he was going to a boarding school. As the clones were all soldiers turned miners, they had no real ability to educate Leon or even to look out for his well-being. Plus this was THE Dr. X, what could go wrong?

While Leon did get an education, it was more of a “boot camp” style of education. He was taught to fight, to kill, to survive, and to be intelligent. He was taught to be a soldier and a scholar. But it was largely because Dr. X wanted the children to fully understand what was about to happen to them when they turned 17. For the Dr. believed only the educated can truly be at awe and feel his creations and appreciate the gifts they were selected to receive.

One of his assistants responsible for teaching the children managed to convince the doctor of the benefits of the children becoming Kikyō Scouts. Taking advantage of the resources to get a deeper understanding of Yamataian Culture so that they can learn how to exploit ideologies much as he does himself with the Reds. Thus in YE 34, a Star Army of Yamatai veteran named Henry Li was hired to be the adult leader of Fujiko Troop 2945 “White Wolves”. He was replaced by another yearly, something Leon thought was odd. But he was too young to understand the politics of the situation.

Upon their 17th birthdays, Leon and his cohort were heavily augmented. Their torso and upper limbs were reinforced to handle the cybernetics that were going to be replacing their lower limbs (starting with basic versions as they healed). Various other implants were added to various parts of their body like in between their shoulder blades, upper back, under their chest, etc. Some being data ports to interface with their internal implants, but most of the external ports were designed to allow the individual to interface with machinery, similar to Star Army of Yamatai's SPINE for use with power armor and connecting with computers.

But the experimentation never gotten past phase 1.

A revolution of sorts commenced within Nepleslian Red occupied lands in 44.2 due to a dissatisfaction of current leadership and the state the Reds were in. Leon and his cohort were pressed to fight as a live demonstration of their abilities. But Dr. X was not quite willing to support the losing side once again. Leon and another 4 were selected to be the sacrificial lambs due to their lesser devotion to the Dr's ideals, the rest were secretly evacuated along with most of the Doctor's equipment.

The fireteam did their best with their still healing bodies to hold off Sun Horatio and his forces, but their numbers were too much. All but one (killed) were captured. They likely would have been put to trial, but the Reds really didn't have a justice system at the time. So in 44.5 they were stripped of their cybernetics limbs, given the basic prosthetics found, held prisoner while the New Reds sorted themselves, and exiled from Red society to fend for themselves.

Hearing about their exile, the Ryu Keiretsu's Advancer Enterprises division sent a team to retrieve Leon and the other 4. Officially giving them a new start to, the real reason was the CEO of Advancer Enterprises wanted to study to learn the secrets of Dr. X when it came to combat cybernetics as all but Leon were scientifically inclined.

Leon was more interested in combat, chemistry, and engineering. Being a Kiyo Scout technically, he applied (and surprisingly was accepted) into Pathfinder Camp. Passing it despite his rather basic prosthetics, Leon decided the subject for his leadership capstone the discovery of new worlds. Approved, he was hired on to the ISS Shoiri.

Skills Learned

Leon Argueta has the following notable skills:


As a Kikyō Scout, Leon is capable of flora and fauna identification, to include educated guesses about an unknown species's attributes and behaviors. He also has a rather indepth knowledagebase about human anatomy due to his education and experience under Dr. X's tutleage.


Leon has a deep interest in pharmacutals, especially on their ability to enhance or inhibit the abilities of individuals. As a side benefit, he is also well-versed in the manufacture of explosives.


Leon is a fluent speaker of Trade, Yamataigo, and Lianjia Mutari. He also has a passing ability to speech Mareesha Speech. He is a proficent public speaker, but he is not going to wow crowds easily. He is also proficent in the use of radios and the standards of most nations within the Kikyo Sector.


As a Nepleslian Reds, Leon is highly proficent in the use of firearms for the use of combat. Is capable of effectively using pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and machine guns in their intended roles.


Leon was taugh to be a humble, but also manipulative leader if the rewards outweigh the drawbacks. He has a basic understanding of Yamataian civics due to being a Kikyo Scout. Diplomacy is not a strong ability for Leon.


Leon is obsessed with making his body as strong and efficent as it can be without the need for a full prostethic body. His old augmentations demanded a strong body to limit the possibility of ripping himself a part. This has also (as well as being a scout) a basic understanding on how he can push his body to the limit. He can also control his fear and use it as a motivation to push forward. He is also capable of developing physical training programs for others that can be quite intense.

Survival and Military

Leon is well-versed at surviving in multiple environments. He can find water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage; anything and everything wilderness and survival related.

Pathfinder Camp and his time with Dr. X has also made him well-versed in teamwork and small unit tactics.Including wilderness maneuvering, reconnaissance, and patrol. Capture the flag was a common teamwork exercise where the losers has very reduced rations for a week. He has some experience crewing small vessels prior to his time on the ISS Shiori.

Social Connections

Leon is connected to:

  • Mikael Harris (unknown father)
  • Maria Argueta (Presumed Dead)
  • Dr. X (Ravi Mendoza) (surrogate father and mentor)
  • White Wolf Exiles (4 others left by Dr. X)
  • White Wolves (34 other kids that left with Dr. X)

Inventory & Finance

Leon Argueta has Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue.

Leon Argueta currently has 0 KS.

Personal Items

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameLeon Argueta
Character OwnerDemibear
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationISS Evenstar (Yoi-no-Myōjō)
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