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Pathfinder Camp

The Pathfinder Camp is an advanced educational course for the Kikyō Scouts. Designed to create the future leaders of the Yamatai Star Empire, the camp also functions as a prep course for Giretsu School.


In YE 43 Mizumitsu Benji was approached by the Kikyo Scouts on how better the organization can contribute to the Rikugun. Wishing to bolster the quality of his Star Army Giretsu Qualification, Taisho Mizumitsu helped devise a program to better prepare those that had already dedicated so much of their time to the Empire to be scouts. While he personally does not care much for the Empress worship aspect of the Scouts worrying (producing zealots), he could not argue the good the Scouts did for all Yamataians.

Entry Test and Phases

Modeled after the Giretsu School, students at Pathfinder Camp are taught basic small unit tactics, advanced survival, and leadership skills. Candidates are gathered at Fort Victory Reserve Center where they are tested on all the skills they learned as a Scout. Those that fail are given refresher training before moving on to the 4 phases of Pathfinder Camp.

Swamp/Crawl Phase

In the Crawl Phase of Pathfinder Camp takes place within Camp Shingi (Fidelity), a Star Army Rikugun Combat Outpost (like all camps), located within the southern swamps of the Yumi Province. Here the Pathfinder candidates undergo a week of stringent physical training and familiarity of surviving within the swamp. While designed to strengthen the physical ability of the candidates, it is more designed to quickly design a since of discipline and team unity. As instructors frequently say when an infraction is committed, “a team is only as strong as its weakest link”.

When the day is over, candidates are taught about Yamataian History, moments that made the empire (bad and good), and Rikugun history. These are conducted in an open discussion format to allow candidates freely talk about how they feel about the subjects. A sudden physical training session has been known to happen if the discussion devolves into a hostile debate.

At the end of the week, candidates are tested on the survival techniques they learned from the week. This same event continues for the end of the following three phases as well. Should a candidate fail the exam, they are removed from the program and allowed to return for the next session in 6 months. A candidate is also removed if they are unable to adapt to the stress. Washing out does not have a negative connotation within the Scouts. Just that they were invited proves a lot about them.

Desert/Walk Phase

At the end of Crawl Phase and the candidates prove they can think above themselves, they are flown to Camp Meiyo (Honor) located in the northern region of the Jhuniata Desert. Physical training continues, though group punishment is reduced to allow the students to focus more on actual training. If students completely lose their bearing, they can expect a return to crawl status in the desert.

During this phase, students are taught advanced marksmanship techniques with service rifles and familiarity with advanced survival techniques within desert environments. The nightly sessions shift over into issues affecting the average citizen of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Mountain/Run Phase

Once Desert phase is completed, the candidates return to the Yumi Province and ascend to Camp Giri (Duty) within the northern mountains of the province. In additional to basic mountaineer familiarization, students are also taught the basics of small unit tactics. As they are organized into fire teams, candidates begin rotating taking the role of squad and fire team leaders.

During nightly sessions, the candidates are taught possible solutions to the issues of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Jungle/Lead Phase

For the final phase of Pathfinder Camp, the candidates march from Camp Giri to Camp Ketsugi (Resolve) in the northern jungles of the province. Here they are familiarized with the survival techniques for jungle environments. The last 2 days are a Field Training Exercise of demostrating their ability to lead and work as a team. Before the FTX, candidates are given the opportunity to begin planning out what their leadership project.

At the end of the FTX, the candidates have a 25km march to Victory Point, a location within the dense jungle with a Rikugun Monument of the Battle of Yamatai overlooking a waterfall. There the candidates are presented with their arrowhead and certificates.

Leadership Capstone Project

Once the physical training is completed, the new Pathfinders are set loose to the Empire to complete their Leadership Capstone Project (LCP). A proposal for the project (for example starting a health clinic on one of the more frontier worlds) is first reviewed by the Pathfinder's Troop Leader and then sent to the Grand Council for final approval.

The Pathfinder is expected to accomplish the project with minimal support from their Troop Leader. After 4 months, the Pathfinder is to present the result or progress of the project to the Grand Council. Provided the project did not make things worse, Pathfinder status is cemented and additional support to the project can be requested.

Pathfinder Functions

For Pathfinders planning on joining the Star Army of Yamatai, the Rikugun holds monthly functions (2nd weekend of the month) while they are conducting their LCPs as an extension of Pathfinder Camp. Pathfinders (and those enlisting to be infantry or rangers) undergo intensive physical and mental training to maintain (or develop) their physical state.

The functions are typically conducted by old Giretsu School graduates stationed on the world the function is taking place. Though occasionally, Star Army Intelligence and former Giretsu School instructors are invited for an extra special session.

Pathfinders just wishing to maintain their physical fitness are also welcome to participate.


The end goal for the Pathfinder Camp is to produce Scouts capable of fully embracing the Giretsu way of life: a high degree of professionalism and achieving freedom from their fears. Even if they do not join the Star Army of Yamatai, a Pathfinder has all the tools they need to contribute greatly to society.


Kikyo Scout Pathfinders are given marksmanship training with standard Star Army of Yamatai weaponry.


Kikyo Scout Pathfinders are given basic small unit tactics training to enhance their ability to lead for a mission. They are capable of planning, and executing small unit type missions (recon/patrolling) as long as they have a clear objective. They are also skilled in training others.


Kikyo Scout Pathfinders have a basic understanding on how they might be able to push their bodies to the limit. They also begin to understand their fears and how they might be able to live with them. With their leadership skills, they are capable of developing physical training programs for others.

Survival and Military

Kikyo Scout Pathfinders are well-versed in surviving in multiple environments. They are also well-versed in teamwork and small unit tactics.

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