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Luminous Neon Star

Luminous Neon Star is a player character played by Miyako.

Luminous Neon Star
Species & Gender: Modified Helashio Non-Binary
Date of Birth: 21日 3月 YE 23
Clan: None Currently
Faction: Yamatai Star Empire
Organization: Yugumo Corporation Kikyō Scouts
Occupation: Engine Officer
Rank: Engine Cadet
Current Placement: ISS Evenstar
  • TBD|Link to Orders Thread

Physical Description

The Helashio is fairly easy to distinguish from other races in the Kikyo sector, despite his modifications. The absolutely fluffy white ears on either side of their head with black (or sometimes a faintly glowy pink) peeking out from the middle is not as much giveaway as the fluffy tail that sneaks out behind him, alternating horizontal stripes of color. It is difficult to imagine which of the two colors they replace black or white with pink for are the natural ones, but there is always either black or white present when pink enters the mix.

Neon's face and figure is exceedingly feminine, though small they are very curvy from the waist down. The figure they cut is smooth and soft. Their skin is a lovely pale color which matches with their most distinguishing features. Thick, voluminous pink hair runs from the top of their head to a few centimeters above where their tail sprouts out from behind them (to keep it out of the way of it).

Their eyes have been modified, a warm pink gaze enhanced by the bioluminescence inside of them, and there is the fact their pupils are able to change shape, usually they appear as stars, or hearts. Only in lower-light is it clear that their hair can do the same. Inside their mouth their tongue is also a rich pink color and it lights up the inside of his mouth, complete with white teeth and sharper canines.

They appear youthful and totally feminine from any angle.

Distinguishing Features: Bioluminescent eyes and hair. Short, youthful, their tongue glows. Unable to visibly age.



Lumi spent a long time under the thumb of the Lorath, and is still adapting to a life of freedom as a Citizen of Yamatai. Given their appearance and feelings, they respond to the pronouns: he/him, she/her, and they/them. They also respond to being called any of their names (Lumi/nious, Neon, and Star), and it's not clear if they were born with them, chose them, or changed them when they were freed.

They believe that they have a good judge of character, and are quick to form opinions of others. This means their need to please others extends to their tendency to want to look after others. Either by force of habit or by personality, they are extremely affectionate. They are both polyamorous and promiscuous. Neon is still a very lonely person, and has issues really trusting others, to the point that they want to earn enough for their own ship and their own ventures someday.

Most of the fears and misgivings the Helashio has, by necessity of survival, are still difficult to express and often buried under their positive attitude.



  • Real Slavery
  • Lorath
  • Mint
  • Creeps
  • Waiting


  • Long-Term: Move out from under the shadow of their former life
  • Learn as much about running a ship alone as possible
  • Be loved
  • Short-Term: Don't be alone
  • Get friends. Maybe a partner(s)



Lumi was born in the Spring of YE 22. They have no memory of their parents, only the first Lorath that owned them. Passed from person to person or house to house as a commodity for their looks, Star tried everything to remain as desired as possible to ensure survival. Thankfully away from the homeworld (being trafficked) in YE 39, they used some skills they learned to barter their way on a ship going to Yamatai space. Once there, they petitioned to become a Citizen immediately.

During the process to become a Citizen of Yamatai, their case manager told them about the Kikyō Scouts, and Neon joined shortly after being sworn in as an Imperial Citizen.

In YE 41, Neon was working and studying as an able-bodied member of a crew employed by the Yugumo Corporation. This included training in Star Army and general spacing skills rather than being a ship mascot that sometimes fixed things.

They narrowly evaded death several times and saw action against Kuvexian scouting forces during the conflict.

As the idea of a new line of bodies for citizens of Yamatai (specifically the military first) became more concrete in YE 44, the Shimizu Zaibatsu established a research team on Ayano as the planet was settled. Their goal was to see how many advanced changes they could make to a life form (with consent) to as a test bed for possible features in a future Star Army of Yamatai service capable body.

The Yugumo Corporation was approached and paid to find volunteers for the program. Luminous was picked, and spent most of the year on-world at the research complex both undergoing the changes and being monitored. His brain was augmented to give him an incredible boost in intellect, and his physical form was heavily modified and improved in some key ways. The complexity changes was intensified by the cosmetic adjustments considered vital to the future new species project. The changes to his brain were made to better simulate what their later species might behave like with different variables and modifications.

YE 45

All pertinent data was collected, earning the young Helashio a permanent stipend until such time as their body is replaced from the Shimizu Zaibatsu. They signed up for service as an officer with their former employer, and were assigned to the ISS Shiori after Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) saw his dossier. This filled a hole in the crew of the vessel and was also viewed as a get to keep Lumi where they could be monitored.

Skills Learned

Lumi is proficient in the following skill areas:

Star Army Basic Training

Lumi is trained in all Star Army Common Skills through former members working for the Yugumo Corporation.

Occupational Skills

Art and Vocations

Neon is extremely gifted with makeup, hair, and body art as a necessity of his previous life.


Neon started to learn how to fix things as a ploy to keep from losing favor with his owners. This included fixing many small devices used on others and himself. To get away from Lorath-controlled space in the lead up to YE 39, when most of the species departed the known universe, they got out of space by offering to crew on a corporate vessel. Eventually, this led to formal training and bigger responsibility. They can run and repair a modern space faring vessel as well as old clunkers.


As a long-time companion and consort, Neon has several ways to entertain others. This includes what they are best at: being a consort for most tastes. It also includes but is not limited to: singing, dancing, and performing. They feel they are a bit rusty in some areas, and practice weekly with one or more, including dancing and singing in their fitness routine.


Lumi is agile and capable of what were essentially tricks when they were a slave that now assist in more demanding physical activity such as martial arts, parkour, and using their tail for extra mobility.


Sometime used to get information from rivals and guests, because people easily forget slaves once they are done with them, Lumi is proficient in seduction and infiltration including breaking into traditional and electronically locked areas to extract items and/or data. They are also good with sleight-of-hand and taking things without being noticed.

Social Connections

Inventory & Finance

Lumi has the Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue currently issued. They also have all of the Kikyo Scouts standard issue items.

In addition, Lumi has the following:

Uniforms and Equipment

Uniform Accessories

Weapons and Tools

Neon's KAIMON Ascendant Companion
KAIMON/Ascendant Companion
Image of Most Used Projection
Attachments The listed added attachments.
Access KAIMON Network, Lumi's KAIMON Ascendant Companion
KAIMON/Ascendant Companion
Image Goes here
Attachments Fully Loaded

Personal Effects




Lumi receives pay for the rank of Taisho. She also receives pay from the Shimizu Zaibatsu for her role in their research.

NBY Account
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
103,775 KS Previous Balance
110,775 KS +7,000 KS Shimizu Zaibatsu Stipend
113,725 KS +2,950 KS Yugumo Merchant Spacy Pay
113,725 KS Total

Lumi has 2,000 KS on hand.

OOC Information

This article was created on 2023/01/09 12:00 using chiefly Yuuki’s amazing work on Motoyoshi Tachiko.

In the case Miyako becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameLuminous Neon Star
Character OwnerMiyako
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationISS Evenstar (Yoi-no-Myōjō)
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