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Star Army Creator Mentor Program

The Star Army Creator Mentor Program was developed in 2021. It was designed to help New Players get into creating setting submissions for the SARPiverse canon.

Hanako and Yui

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors are volunteers that have been vetted by the staff to serve as guides and helpers to New Players that want to get involved in creating for the site.

A Good Mentor is:

  • Informed - Has an understanding of the SARPiverse and knows the Submission Rules and the Reviewing Submissions guide.
  • Positive and Supportive - Has a positive attitude and is supportive of new ideas and creations. They are an active listener and open to give constructive criticism.
  • Unbiased - This person is not out to benefit any specific Faction but is working for the improvement of the SARPiverse as a whole.
  • Experienced - They have submitted articles themselves through the Submissions process and have a working understanding of how the Setting Submissions Forum works.
  • Active - They are an active roleplayer on Star Army and make at least 1 to 2 roleplay posts a week.
  • Willing to Give Priority - Mentors are willing to make new creators a priority in their daily SARP experience.

A list of active Mentors will be kept in the Setting Submissions Forum to inform New Creators who is available. Even experienced players can use this service if they feel they need a guide or help with the process.

Suggestions to New Star Army Creators

Here are some useful and constructive suggestions for new creators.

  1. Take some time to experience roleplay in the SARPiverse by joining already active plots or Open Roleplays. This will help you learn the setting and help your upcoming creations fit the universe.
  2. Review the available Templates and Submission Guides so you can gain an understanding of what will be required.
  3. Present your raw ideas in the Setting Discussion Forum to gain valuable and constructive feedback from players and staff. This will also help you gauge the relevance of your creation to the site.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask your mentor for help. They are there to assist you. If a mentor is unsure of an answer they will use the appropriate channels to get the correct answers for you.
  5. Check out creations that Help the Star Army Community and Wanted Pages.

If you find your mentor is not assisting you, you can request another one.

Mentors - Your Companion through the whole process

Some additional things about mentors in this program.

  1. It is a mentor's duty to stay with the creator they are working with through the entire process; from the proposal of ideas, the actual design process, and through the submissions process.
  2. Mentorship is a great way to make new friends on the site and open new social circles.
  3. New Creators or players who just feel they could benefit from this program can use it for as long as they want.
  4. Once a creator becomes experienced they can become a mentor themselves to continue on the tradition and pay forward the help they received.

Contact The Mentorship Manager

To volunteer to be a mentor, to request a mentor, or to give feedback on this program; please contact Andrew.

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