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Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat

Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat is a player character played by IQ.

Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat
Species & Gender: Tsumi Female
Date of Birth: Pre-YE1
Organization: Sewerdogs / Section 6
Occupation: Compound Leader
Rank: Sewer Princess / Compound leader
Current Placement: Sirris VI

Preferred Plots:

  1. Tsumi
  2. Section 6

Physical Description

Affin has a messy, rugged outlook. Her hair has a rather spikey demeanor, being a warm, jet black. Showing grey strands due to her age. Affin has a sharp chin, skinny cheeks and a tidbit sharper cheekbones with a narrow face. Deep crimson, almond-shaped eyes. With a tinge of makeup that elongates the sliths of her eyes. Two symmetrical, jagged scars pull up from her left jawline up to her left cheekbone.

Like many other sculpted Tsumi, she has had a full skin replacement, which has a very pale hue of causcasian. Part of this skin replacement was a large passage from the Tsumi dogma. Written from the small of her back, upwards to her left shoulder and down again to the start of her chest. Surrounded by thorned roses and clouds grafted in her skin. The petals of these roses reflect light strongly and shift colours due to the lighting present.

Her figure is large, curvy, though less so than others that suffered the same plight. For Tsumi standards, Affin has rather small breasts. Yet wide hips. Though still lean with muscle, which is a fair statement to describe her entire body. The Tsumi is visibly muscled, and has several scars littering across her body. Scars she gladly has to stain the artwork she was supposed to be.

Often seen wearing a black tanktop and padded pants, Affin is one of the few Tsumi who prefer cloth over leather. And often seen is the greatsword on her back.


Affin is one of the Tsumi where 'forged in fire' couldn't be more true. Birthed in a warzone, taken from her parents and sold into slavery. She has an incredible mental fortitude and is considered a far more than capable warrior by both the main fleet and the sewerdogs. Though, she's a no-nonsense character. Direct, straight to the point. Though sarcastic when met with anyone she dislikes. Yet, breaking Tsumi tradition, she's not wary or hostile towards so called 'otherskins' immediately. And elects to test the waters before calling judgement.

As a slave, she went through a drastic metamorphosis. Kindness was something that developed during her days as a normal servant. A gentle soul for her fellow victims. Selflessness grew when she stood up to her master to protect a weaker serf. Rebellious nature fueled as she was sold into the arena. Bloodthirst and ferocity forged in countless pitfights and tournaments. Bitterness and delusions crept in kill after kill. Ultimately, she ended up at the side of the Iron Sovereign. Being the one to hold the whip for Mithrandis' penance. Where she learned to endure, survive in a hostile environment and lead.

Affin fled from Mithrandis' clutches and managed to dissappear into the sewers, along with several faithful. The sewerdogs had always been a legend for the Tsumi, though none realized Affin was their leader.


WIP section. Full story TBA.

Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat was born in slavery and like many of her kin, estranged from her parents as soon as she could walk. Becoming a common serf as soon as she could carry a platter. Though she hated her life. Loathed being on the whim of masters. The young Tsumi began to network, treat wounds, take on chores. Standing up repeatedly to the unwarranted abusive to herself and for others. She proved herself a leader when she lead the incursion in killing her master. Being the leader of this incursion, Mithrandis had the other slaves killed. And left Affin as the sole survivor, tossing her into the pits. Where the Tsumi woman fought nail and tooth to survive. Repeatedly defying and openly challenging the Sovereign after each fight. Though her rebellious nature became more an act she kept up in hopes to ever surface.

The arena took the utmost of mental fortitude. Killing those of the same plight time and time again. She entered the fights with empty eyes, shattered ideals. By now, it was survival. Hope had long set sail.

When down in the deepest of madness and self-loathing. Mithrandis purchased Affin after a final fight. To keep the damage to her reputation limited. Mithrandis had remarked that Affin was trash not worth her time. Which made her unable to challenge Affin in turn. So she bought Affin and kept her as a servant. Keeping her on an extremely close leash. Even allowing her to be the one that holds the whip during her penance.

Ultimately, Affin managed to flee. Finding refuge in the sewers after faking her own death.

Skills Learned

Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat has the following notable skills:

  • Rogue: Affin is overflowing with street smarts. Having lived a slave's life, having lived in countless compounds and leading her own, the Tsumi is surprisingly smart. With a proficient sleight of hand and a knack for seduction, Affin embraces her rogue-like nature and uses it to lead.
  • Fighting: A notorious warrior, Affin wields a longsword which she uses to slash and crush her enemies, as well as a clawed gauntlet for encounters in a proximity too close for her longsword. Though her time in the pit has lead her to resort on more dirty fighting tactics. Which she doesn't at all mind using. After all, the victor is the one that is the one still breathing.
  • Physical: A Tsumi is a force to be reckoned with, though Affin moreso. While she isn't abundantly strong, Affin is extremely durable. Both in stamina and shrugging off pain. She is an absolute beast in terms of pain treshold, or a lack thereof. Fighting on even with broken bones, even with stripped flesh and a shattered femur.
  • Humanities: As a natural leader, Affin knows what makes people tick. With her straight to the point attitude, her honest, no-nonsense approach. Yet her surprisingly understanding sentimentality, she is very easy to like. And someone who, with just her feet planted firmly on the ground, people rally behind.

Social Connections

Inventory & Finance


  • Metal plated pants
  • Gladiator lamelled armplates and clawed gauntlet


  • Stetark's grasp - A longsword forged with Tsumi ideology in mind. Stetark's grasp has an extremely keen blade, that serrates near the golden handgaurd. Beset with gold and jewelry, this longsword is extremely heavy, both due to the enlarged pommel and wider hilt. Which accomodates small fuel tanks that fuel the sword's pyrotechnics. Along the blade and at the top of the handguard are small vents that billow out the fuel. Allowing for added flames to each strike, at will. The trigger is a round switch with added safety.
  • Claw gauntlet - A metal plated gauntlet with razorsharp pikes attached to each digit and studded knuckles, providing slashing and extra blunt damage.


  • Several sets of loose tanktops in varying colours
  • Various variations of metal-plated pants as mentioned under armour. Though these pieces of metal can easily be taken out to reduce the weight and wear casual clothing.


  • A silver flask engraved with a large skull, filled with Tsumi liqour, constantly hooked to her belt.

Affin Bariyye-ae Shrat currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

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Character NameAffin Bariyye-ae Shrat
Character OwnerIQ
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