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Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss

Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss is a player character played by IQ.

Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss
Species & Gender: Tsumi female
Date of Birth: Pre-YE1
Organization: Saweyan Church
Occupation: Sovereign
Rank: Sovereign
Current Placement: TFS Saweya's Light

Preferred Plots:

  1. Tsumi plots
  2. Neshaten

Physical Description

β€œMy father sculpted me into the prettiest woman he could imagine. Every incision felt Feldark's fingers trailing across my skin.” The only two things natural still to Mithrandis are her horns and eyecolour. Having gone through severe changes, plastic surgery, hormone treatments and skin replacements, Mithrandis was altered to fulfill the Tsumi ideal female. With wide hips and a curvy breasts, strong legs and muscled arms. Standing tall at a 392 centimeters, Mithrandis is an extremely large woman. Even as far as Tsumi are concerned.

Possessing deep and cold silver eyes under deep navy bangs, Mithrandis' standard expression borders to disdainful. A resting bitch-face, if you will. Though she takes no measure to mask her emotions. Annoyance and irritation, which is present most of the time. But excitement, a thirst for blood in battle. She is read like an open book. And enjoys the honesty. She's not one to hide her feelings, both due to her upbringing and her position of Sovereign. Where she simply can't afford to hide her emotions.

Often clad in constricting leathers, with intricate golden decorations, Mithrandis can be seen wearing a large, white jacket. Fitted with an extremely high collar. Most commonly seen with her large pollaxe by her side.


β€œYou've seen conflict, whelp. I've won countless duels, Karrak and even wars. I am conflict.”

Mithrandis is a woman wizened by age and experience, as well as hardened by battle. Nearing a triple digit age, she's seen numerous conflicts, battles and wars. Having taken an active part in the Binary Blood war as a purge squad commander, playing a commanding role in the Simpleton rebellion and being the Sovereign who approved and motivated the experimental use of biological weaponry during the Liberation wars. Though these are the most notable, Tsumi history is rife with conflicts and battle and Mithrandis began her career as a soldier from a noble house at the age of fourteen. She is a tactical mastermind and more than often acts cold and calculated. Various suitors have proposed and a lot of her advisors state she should get married, though much to their chagrin, she refuses for a plethora of reasons. One being that she can't find herself to care for any individual.

Years of bloodshed, after all, jaded her and numbed any kind of optimism, finding no value in life but to end it. A warrior who only derives excitement from battle, only feeling pain of grievous wounds and the blood of others.

β€œThere is nothing to extort from one that eats their kin. Why would I waste my time on trivial matters such as tormenting the less prosperous?”

However, she is still a leader. Genuinely caring for the Tsumi as a whole. Which is why she's proven to be an exceptional Sovereign. Finding no merit in opressing those that have nothing nor in letting the rich do as they please. She's always loosened her grip around the compounds and took measures to keep the rich on a tighter leash. Though she remains far in ruling and operates with a simple ideology. Nothing is free, everything has a price. Mithrandis is not displeased if a compound requests help, not as much as she is annoyed by a rich Tsumi trying to garner her favour. She will gladly extend her help if their gratitude is expressed in goods.

β€œIn Saweya's light, in the fire of battle, we are all one.”

Mithrandis is also extremely prideful. Taking into account she is the Sovereign, she has lived by honour as soon as she could fight. Being a devout and pious warrior. Often found participating in the most basic of rituals and religious processions with anyone. When toured around compounds, she insists to visit their churches and offers funds, workers and extra materials if they do not represent their religion properly. Even going as far as to partake in ceremonies in the compound of a church if she happens to come at an inopportune time. Joining the Tsumi rabble on their wooden pews, not as a Sovereign, but as a woman of her faith. This is why she has garnered a lot of popularity with the less fortunate Tsumi. Though she is generally liked as a Sovereign, even with the mishaps regarding the HVI strain. Which she deeply regrets herself, atoning for the act in several ways. One being flagelated each day. Though going as far as being almost constantly available for counsels and auditions from her followers. Only leaving the throne room to bathe or pay a visit to the lavatory. She has eaten, prayed and even been whipped during such a hearing. Even taking sleeping on the throne, woken by the guards whenever someone required her attention.

Though she is extremely stubborn and straightforward. Though, she has a large bravado and speaks her mind immediately, which she has come to regret more than often due to her stubborn nature. Making claims and talking big, she has no choice to back her words up. Though, she has succesfully done so, never once going back on her word. Always finding a way to keep her promises and back her large mouth up with actions. Be it by the tribulations of politics or trials by fire.

β€œThey are flies looking for a choice pick. Buzzing to the holy corpse that is a Sovereign. They disgust me.”

Yet, she loathes politics and talk. Even though she is generally well-liked, there's always hungry eyes that desire the throne. More than often is she invited to parties and feasts that are essentially to garner her favour, redirect her attention or even as far as humiliating her. Though her bravado and experience play a very vital part to survive these. Mithrandis is easily able to politely badmouth, threaten or even challenge to duels during such mockeries, making more a game out of it. Viewing it as a nescessary evil she has to deal with.


WIP section. Full story TBA.

Mithrandis' history begins with a strained relationship with her parents. Both raised her harshly, without any kind of affection displayed ever. When she was old enough to walk, she was taught to fight. Though exception, she was always told she could be better. When Mithrandis was old enough to properly fight, she was taught to kill. Enlisting as a battlepriest on her fourteenth, she made a name for herself both due to her eloquence and charisma whilst giving sermons, as well as being a formidable warrior all around. Being promoted to lead and command small squads, then promoted to head of an entire army at the age of nineteen. At the age of twenty two, she was forced under cosmetic surgery, skin replacement. Abused and mistreated from a young age by her father, a grudge developed. She took on more and more assignments to stay away from home for as long as she could. Gaining fame and reputation while fleeing.

She grew in power and gained massive backing, which she used to challenge her father to a Karrak. Though little did her father know, who barely saw combat after Mithrandis' birth, that his soldiers were loyal to her. Facing him down, she remarked he was a disgrace, not only to the church, but to the Tsumi as a whole, before incapacitating him. Making sure he paid for each minute of years of abuse in a slow, painful and extremely bloody death. She left her mother alive. Though forced her to watch, because she never stopped him, only watching idly and telling her to endure it.

After crushing the Simpleton rebellion, Mithrandis gained more fame and made a succesful attempt at the throne. Singling out the previous Sovereign and killing him, she took the throne and since then, has been crowned Sovereign. Being nicknamed 'Iron Sovereign', due to her way of leading.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Mithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: A famed warrior and current Sovereign, Mithrandis is a master of the poleaxe, controlling her opponents and keeping them at a range. Both due to early practice and mastery through experience. Fighting off challengers in duels and Karraks alike. Finding herself beating the opposition even when outnumbered and at a disadvantage. Though even without the slow and methodical weapon, Mithrandis is a force to be reckoned with. Plating added to her bones, toughened synthetic skin and not to mention an immeasurable amount of strength make the Sovereign into a force of nature.
  • Physical: Heavier due to internal plating, augmented muscles and being a soldier for nearly ninety years have left their mark. The Sovereign is extremely tough. Though her stamina isn't all that due to her weight. Yet she has a very quick recovery and swiftly catches her breath again if she even lost it in the first place.
  • Humanities: Leading purely on basis of fear and respect, a Sovereign knows exactly what she can and can't do in terms of leading people. Though, due to her reputation, she needn't demand respect. A room silences as soon as she speaks.
  • Charismatic: Eloquent and poetic, Mithrandis has a way with words. While she, like many and if not all Tsumi, rather shoot first and ask questions later, she still knows how to deal with diplomats, give sermons and religious processions. The Tsumi woman is charismatic by nature and uses it on a daily basis as a ruler.

Social Connections

CHARACTER name is connected to:

  • Marandis Ustarra-ae Anella (Mother)
  • Karnen Ustarra-ae Bariss (Father) (Deceased)
  • Several army commanders, Tsumi zealouts and church officials
  • Countless advisors and compound leaders
  • affin_bariyye-ae_shrat (Believed dead)

Inventory & Finance


  • Tsumi powered platemail, complete with gloves, boots and two-piece helmet.
  • Tsumi unpowered platemail, complete with gloves, boots and two-piece helmet.


  • Ywach's judgement: A large pollaxe, gilded and beset with jewelry. This is a weapon only used in duels or during executions and is rarely seen in actual combat. Designed with a shotgun mechanism inside, two barrels are forged next to the pike. The empty shells are discarded through a small spring and sit behind eachother across the length of the shaft. The trigger is along the shaft, with a small grip to prevent misfires, yet not obstructing hand placement too much.
  • Standard issue shotgun-pollaxe, designed with a shotgun mechanism inside, two barrels are forged next to the pike. The empty shells are discarded through a small spring and sit behind eachother across the length of the shaft. The trigger is along the shaft, with a small grip to prevent misfires, yet not obstructing hand placement too much.


  • Large, white overcoat
  • Assortment of constricting leathers


  • Assorted golden pieces and plates to add to her outfit.

Mithrandis currently has 0 KS.

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Character Data
Character NameMithrandis Ustarra-ae Bariss
Character OwnerIQ
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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