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Shō Katsumoto

Shō Katsumoto is a serious, no-nonsense infantry of the Black Knights plotship. Shō's character is played by Moon Man.

Shō Katsumoto
Shō Katsumoto
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 5'8“ (177.70 cm)
Weight: 175 lb (79.30 kg)
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank Joto Hei
Occupation Infantry
Current Placement Black Knights

Shō's Voice and Theme

Current Events

Shō Katsumoto is currently serving as a something-or-other aboard the YSS Byakuren, captained by Princess Ketsurui Kotori.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8” (177.70 cm)
  • Weight: 175 lb (79.30 kg)
  • Build and Skin color: Sho has a lean build belying a very fit, muscular structure beneath his slightly darker tan-colored skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Somewhat slender face with a thin nose. Sho has a set of 'Sanpaku-gan eyes'; noticably smaller iris and a sharp eye shape and brow. His eyes are of a bright hazlenut color.
  • Hair color and Style: Sho's hair is jet black, fine but strong, and extends the length of an inch or so past the ears. Sho often keeps his hair and bangs combed back and held there with a product of some kind.
  • Distinguishing Features: Because of his irises being somewhat smaller than normal, combined with his sharp, stern proportion of his eyes, Sho's gaze often comes off as intimidating. The man's attitude does not help this impression on others.

Family and Friends

  • Father: Katsumoto Ijiro (Yamataian)

A known doctor, working in Yamatai. Although he had high hopes for Sho, Ijiro was sorely disappointed with his son's progress, leading to a tense father-son relationship up until Sho's departure.

  • Mother: Katsumoto Hinasa (Yamataian)

A physical therapist at a Yamataian clinic. While more understanding than her husband, Hinasa never understood her son and thus, their relationship was strained, at best.

  • Younger Sister: Katsumoto Mayuko(Yamataian, Age 7)

Has never met Sho; she was born after he left for the SAoY. Only knows what she is told of him.

Peers And Superiors

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Sho is, for the most part, a very straight-arrow and no-nonsense individual. He prefers to be professional, terse and to the point rather than wasting time beating around the bush, even at the expense of the comfortability of those around him. The man also holds little emotional attachment to the prospect of death. He understands what it is to lose one's life, however Sho simply has no negative or positive preference to the act of killing or associated death; it is what it is, and it all ends the same way, regardless.

Although to some Sho might appear to be a cold or emotionless individual, Sho does not see it this way; he prefers to keep his feelings to himself rather than wear them on his sleeve while on-duty. When not working, Sho is more sociable, but maintains his abrasive personality.

Despite his tendency to speak what is on his mind no matter the situation or severity, Sho does not actively seek to cause distress to his peers, nor is he particularly sadistic or mean-spirited. He has 'come to terms' with his personality quirks, and although he does somewhat yearn for acceptance, he does not actively seek the approval of his peers. Sho also does not seek to separate himself from others, as his attitude would imply; he enjoys socializing with his peers and superiors, despite his coarse, intimidating behavior in the presence of others and his general unwillingness to visually express his enjoyment.

Sho is not too fond of himself or his habits. He does not often speak of or display these notions.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

  • General Likes: Professionalism, exceptionally innovative or high-tech equipment, listening to others talk, mineral water, the lives of more 'normal' individuals, efficient behavior, orchestral wind instruments and associated music (sound only)
  • General Dislikes: Deliberate ambiguity or misleading, messy foods, sand and other abrasive materials, unprofessional attitudes in the workplace, his general outlook of himself, loud and disruptive noises and individuals
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Goals: Sho pursues his career in the military mostly out of a feeling of acceptance and familiarity; combat and killing came naturally to him, while other things seemed to only lead to personal dissatisfaction and failure. He has no goals beyond this, a fact that he himself has worried about on more than one occasion.



Born aboard a Yamataian colony ship, young Sho Katsumoto was taught at an early age to excel at everything he did. His parents, one a respected doctor and the other a physical therapist, held high expectations for their firstborn son, showering him with affection and facilitating his eduction the best they could. As such, Sho Katsumoto led a somewhat privileged life, common to most young Yamataian children.

Growing up, Sho found that most areas of education he was presented with earned him little more than 'average' scores, whereas his parents excelled at all areas of their studies. Special tutors were hired and let go, cram schools were attended and disregarded, supplemental education was given and forgotten; all the while, teenage Sho's educational scores continued to ride the razor's edge between passable and failing, much to his families dismay. This was not out of spite, or an act of youthful rebellion. Sho was not originally angry or unhappy with his parents or his life; the young Katsumoto simply found it difficult to become interested in his education, to the point of being annoyed at both himself and being constantly held up to his parents standards.

There were a few things that Sho found interesting, however. One was his hobby of watching and observation complex machines and mechanisms; an interest that his tutors and supervisors did not feel was in his best interest to pursue. Sho's other area of fascination was much more alarming. During his 9th grade trip to a museum, Sho found himself separated from his group and was approached by a group of ruffians from a neighboring school. Forced into a fight with the three boys, young Sho was woefully unprepared, having never fought once in his life before then. Although he was beaten quite handily, Sho had been able to knock one of the three boys unconscious before he himself was soundly trumped and left to lick his wounds. Whereas other children of his age and circumstances might have cried or cursed their fate, Sho Katsumoto simply laid on the floor staring at the ceiling until his class group found him, the commotion alerting nearby patrons. Sho did not hate the boys who attacked him, he didn't curse them or hold them in contempt, nor did he lament his pains; he simply stood up and followed his teacher's instructions.

The fight was, without a doubt, one of the most influential points in Sho's life. He was fascinated by what had happened to him; the whole fight intrigued him in a way that he couldn't explain. It hurt when they struck him in his stomach, and he felt regret for his failure to move out of the way. When he threw his hastily-balled fist into the cheek of one of the boys, he felt strange satisfaction; not in the fact that he hurt his opponent, but rather that he accomplished what he set out to do, and he felt good about the result. He felt a strange satisfaction with his work, even if it wasn't enough to save his skin from a good beating. Over the course of his senior years of school, Sho increasingly began actively seeking groups of known thugs, engaging in and sometimes even instigating fights to further fuel his grim fascination. He never started a fight out of anger, or left with any malice. He didn't often win these tussles, but they were never enough to put a damper on his new found hobby, and he learned more about his odd interest with each scuffle.

His parents were not fond of his new found interests, associating his failing grades and tendency to get into fights with the quickly-growing notion that their son had become a delinquent. Although he was never officially expelled from his school, as all of his fights were explained to be merely his own bad luck, Sho's student life effectively ended far before his lackluster graduation near the bottom of his class.

Properly disjointed from his family, Sho Katsumoto left home shortly after his graduation. Fighting others was all that he really knew how to do; he naturally developed pride in one of the only things he felt he did right. Sho enrolled in the Yamataia's military after leaving his home, thinking that perhaps his growing fascination and interest in combat could be put to better use working for his nation's security.


Fighting and Physical

Unfeeling Killer

Sho excels in physical warfare; it's about the only thing that he does exceptionally well. When in combat Sho is calm, collected and brutally efficient, preferring results over flourish. The man has a quick, analytical mind when it comes to fighting, and his personal ability to generally remove all emotion from fighting and the act of killing aids him with the slight edge needed to excel in such areas, removing hesitation and other associated feelings. It is because of his ability to disassociate his emotions from the act of harming that Sho pushes himself to excel at combat and related ventures. Sho does not particularly enjoy the act of killing or combat in general; he simply feels that it is perhaps one of the only things he can do well, and carries a strange, unexplainable pride in his abilities.

Sho Katsumoto is well versed in many common weapons found in several nations, ranging from pistols to powered armor. Sho has an affection for the latest innovations and more technologically advanced weapons, however, preferring the new models of not only weapons, but anything and everything, over the old versions. This preference is based to his fixation of “efficiency”; newer, more up to date equipment often means the removal of flaws and the addition of more beneficial attributes. Although he is perfectly capable of wielding a weapon of older design, Sho dislikes doing so.


Yamatai-Fluent, Yamatai-Preffered

Sho Katsumoto is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures, able to make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Sho is fluent in both Yamataian, Nepleslian and other outlying languages; the farther the nation is from the Yamataian core worlds, the less proficient he is at their dialects.

Survival and Military

Capable Survivalist

Through military training, Sho is capable of surviving harsh conditions and is well-versed and experienced at finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage, etc. in both urban and most known planetary types.

Technology Operations

Technologically Interested

Through Star Army of Yamatai training, Sho is exceptionally well-versed in the operation and use of common technology used aboard starship, as well as power armor and associated weapons. This includes but is not limited to the use of common computer interfaces, the nodal system and basic starship systems.

It should be noted that Sho is very interested in technology in general, stemming from his fascination with innovation and the 'building of a better mouse trap'. Although one would be hard-pressed to refer to it as a “hobby”, Sho Katsumoto enjoys absorbing interesting information about the progress of the universe, and not just that of Yamatai.

Maintenance and Repair

Hobby Turned Profession

Sho Katsumoto is in the process of learning how to properly repair and maintain most common starship components found in Yamataian naval vessels. His training as such has only just started, however Sho shows great interest in the work, stemming from his fascination with high-end technology. As such, Sho is somewhat versed in the use of tools to fix non-complex issues with starship vessels, although he is still far from what could be considered a Yamataian Red-Shirt.

For now, Sho's skill in Maintenance and Repair makes him little more than a good assistant to a head technician.


Character Data
Character NameShō Katsumoto
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankJôtô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentBlack Knights

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