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Harm Royse

Harm Royse is a player character played by Legix.

Harm Royse
Species & Gender: Jiyuuian Male
Year of Birth: BYE 01
Organization: Intelligence and Pacification Group
Occupation: IPG Operators
Rank: Master Sergeant
Current Placement: Aegis Squad

Physical Description

Harm stands at roughly five feet and nine inches tall, his frame carrying the weight of a seasoned soldier with a stocky look. While much of his body appears youthful, with hard-cut muscle lines from lots of weight-lifting and fighting, his face is spotted with wrinkles to signify the first stages of aging. Weathered, pale green eyes contrast with his dark mocha skin. His black hair is kept buzzed short enough to almost be shaved, showing the faded scars where he was given his cranial implants. A rather flat and short nose ensures that he appears almost ugly despite a handsome jaw-line, effectively completing an almost-forgetful face.

No distinguishing marks can be seen on his body, as they were removed when he custom-ordered it and when the IPG went through the process to prepare it for service. He has no scent, as if it simply slips off his body.


Originally a thug, Harm is hardened and not fond of interaction where he doesn't get to be the boss. This doesn't make him non-loyal, rather it makes him skeptical of initial plans. Once he is in battle, however, his Nepleslian and old criminal blood mixes to turn him into a concentrated machine. This persona, essentially, builds Harm's central psyche as a man who would prefer to be on the job and then moving to the next one. Every ally he spots is just another number for many missions, taking a long time to build a caring report with new allies. Suffice to say, he doesn't often take friends and only trusts someone if he has to for the sake of the mission.

Out of the job, Harm isn't fond of joking around and often shows it by working out and grunting at people. Even joking about the Mishhu will often inspire anger in him, having seen more than his share of fellow IPG killed when fighting them long ago. Otherwise, he is a collected agent who prefers to fight for his nation, rest up, and then head right back out to beat down, kill, blow up, or abduct the next target.


Harm Royse was born in BYE 01 in Funky City, Planet Nepleslia as a traditional Nepleslian. Not much is known of his childhood, given that Harm was a street urchin. Fighting and grit came naturally to him, making him a scourge among the gangs. From a young hustler to a brutal enforcer, he learned the trade of violence through the shady deals with the then-split parties of Nepleslia, not caring for whoever and whatever was thrown at him. It made Harm into a hateful man, where he was suspected to gain his name officially rather than a normal and more likely birth-name.

Over all the YE, he was a survivor who profited. It wasn't until YE 28, however, that Harm was first noticed. The then-founding Nepleslian Star Empire was a time and place rife with chaos for someone like him. Harm invested himself deeply in supplying either side with guns stolen from their worst enemies. In YE 29, however, this changed with the original founding of the old IPG. In one of his deals-gone-wrong, Harm lost his left arm and much of his legs, leading him to fleeing the nation in his escape from the lethal assassins. Going to Yamatai hadn't been an option, which meant most of his time was in deep-space, scraping together a living anywhere he and his gang could find work.

In YE 30, the formation of the United Outer Colonies proposed a potentially new life for Harm. He had grown old, his body mostly machine even without his replacements. Offering his experienced group, he enlisted and helped the fledgling nation's various people as a brutal mercenary and peacekeeper. While he never officially joined the peacekeepers, nor swore perfect allegiance, he opted to watch and see the birth of the new nation from afar within his own limits. Safe to say, the encroachment of certain tentacle-aliens led Harm to make a bold decision. Abandoning the UOC, he fought his own proxy war in retreat, using guerrilla tactics to escape the destruction of the stronger aliens. By the time he had been cornered, Harm and his group had fought their way across the stars and ended up back in familiar space of Nepleslia.

By YE 33, Harm was effectively given a choice: face the NMX or face Nepleslia. Turning himself in, he promised himself as an ally of Nepleslia. Many of his men and women under his employ were noted for their skills, rated by the IPG, and deemed worthy. Within a year of rapid training, conditioning, and strict watch, Harm was made into an IPG-aligned killing machine alongside his various other comrades. His cover story granted him access to being named a Jiyuuian, as well as a cover identity forged to ensure he would one day earn a new body. Within the closing months of the NMX war, Harm was carrying out precision strikes at the spearhead of the IPG against the NMX.

It wasn't until YE 37 that Harm was able to relax, deemed so due to him finally earning the right to an UMC Synthetic Bodies rather late. It wasn't ideal, but the new body was grafted to present him in his younger days rather than his rather old self. By YE 38 he had accomplished mastery of his new body, returning to the IPG. Many of his comrades had been assigned to new groups, broken apart to continue their service to Nepleslia… but Harm chose a new path. Essentially an older man, Harm saw this as a chance to prove to his home nation that he was worth the new chance. The ex-criminal chose to be placed as a commando, carrying out jobs to prove himself and rise to a place of value in the organization.

It all came to a head in YE 39, however, as Harm was assigned to Aegis Squad. While it was comprised of new IPG agents on the majority, his role was to show them what a grizzled commando could be to Nepleslia's elite warriors.


YE 39

The Gamma Incident would be one of his acts alone, where the man took out a traitor to Nepleslia.

Inventory & Finance




  • 4x IPG Armband
  • 4x IPG Trenchcoat
  • 4x Black neckties
  • 4x IPG Badge
  • 2x Black SynAraS ballistics vest
  • 5x Civilian outfits

Body/Personal Modifications

Harm Royse is fitted with the IPG Operator Standard Cybernetics Package and has the various benefits it entails. His body is also technically an item, as it is a UMC Synthetic Body.

Personal Finance

Funds Total
6,000 DA

OOC Information

In the case legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameHarm Royse
Character OwnerLegix
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
RankMaster Sergeant

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