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IPG Operator Standard Cybernetics Package

Initially designed in YE 29 during the opening of the IPG, and re-examined and modified in YE 30, this package of cybernetics is implanted in Intelligence and Pacification Group Operators upon successful completion of their training, or to a state where their instructor sees fit. It is primarily designed for use in Nepleslians, Geshrin, and ID-SOL soldiers, and any hybrids between them. The Package would likely not be effective when used in a Nekovalkyrja or Yamataian, due to the different construction and workings of their mind, although this has not been tested.

This package was removed from use in YE 34, following the restructuring of the IPG by by Grand Admiral Dominic Valken. In YE 35, either the entirety or parts of the package were again opened for voluntary use.

Section 1: Cranial Implants

1.A - NaX-CI/C/PE-01a High-efficiency Connections Suite

This construct connects three sections of the brain in the cerebral cortex with a rapid-action electrical impulse system. Its purpose is to provide more speed in reactions in the Cerebral Cortex than biological neurons are capable of producing. The first connection is between the Sensory areas of the brain. The HECS links the section on both brain lobes together, before transmitting the data from both to the Coordination Unit. Signals from the CU are then directly routed to the primary motor cortex.

1.B - NaX-CI/C/M-01a "Burner" Unit

The Burner unit is a small chip containing a large amount of Sodium packed around a very small explosive charge. It is implanted in the center of the brain, and is designed to detonate upon receiving the proper signal from the brain. The explosive detonates, sending the casing of the chip, along with with the highly reactive sodium, throughout the cranium, almost always resulting in total destruction of all material within the cranium, both through reaction between the fluids in the brain with the sodium, the explosive force of the device, and the hot shrapnel. The Burner can also be activated by a proper signal from the IPG.DroogNET with authorization from the IPG CentCom. Due to the very sensitive nature of the device, it is highly insulated against electric shocks.

1.C - NaX-CI/C/D-01a Scalar Defense System

Several small anti-gravity field emitters are implanted into the bone of the skull, and generate a small field intended to help protect the brain and other implanted electronics from harm generated by scalar devices. The emitters are about one inch wide, and one seventh of an inch thick, and constructed from a hard composite plastic.

1.D - NaX-CI/C/PE-02a Coordination Unit

The Coordination Unit replaces the frontal lobe of the brain responsible for associating the body with its surroundings, as well as understanding of language and its use, with a small computational unit of about the same size. This allows the Operator to more quickly and accurately gauge distances, plan and execute movement.

1.E - NaX-CI/C/PE-03a Memory Unit

The Memory Unit replaces the brain's two Hippocampi with two small computer databases, linked into the cerebral cortex's sensory areas. The two units are capable of storing massive amounts of data, far and beyond what a regular human is capable of. The two units are also linked to the ocular implants included in the package, and capable of storing picture files taken from them.

1.F - NaX-CI/C/D-01a Cranial Defense

The skull of the operator is given a light coating of durandium alloy, giving it the strength to avoid being penetrated by many forms of damage, although the impact of a bullet or a particularly hard fall could be extremely jarring to the craniums contents, and in a fair number of cases could be fatal if the force is great enough or there are multiple impacts.

  • SUBLIMEinal Sez: This should not be taken by players with this implant as free reign to have someone hit you in the forehead with a .50 caliber sniper bullet or a Zweihander round and walk away giggling. If you get popped in the head, even with just a pistol round, your character should be highly disoriented and hurt, like if you got cracked in the head with a pipe. It's still a piece of metal smacking into you at several thousand feet per second. Big and fast bullets would probably kill you solely by spattering your brain all over the inside of the skull.

1.G - NaX-CI/C/M-01a Mental Intercept

The Mental Intercept is a powerful and useful piece of technology available to the Operators. The device is capable of inhibiting the transmission or reception of telepathic communications within a 200 meter radius, although this is an active process and can only be sustained for about 10 minutes before needing to be shut down for one hour to recharge itself. The device also allows interception and reading of telepathic transmissions made within ten meters, but is incapable of tracing them to their recipient.

Section 2 - Occular Implants

2.A - NaX-CI/O/C-01a Base Receptor Unit (O)

The base of the Operator's eye implant is connected into the skull and brain via a durandium-weave cable.

2.B - NaX-CI/O/PE-01a Multi-spectrum Pickup Unit

A rather common cybernetic enhancement among Nepleslians is enhanced occular capabilies. This implant simply allows for switching between infrared, ultraviolet, and telescopic view.

2.C - NaX-CI/O/PE-02a Optical Recording Unit

A simple high-definition camera capable of recording video or still-shots at the mental command of the Operator.

Section 3 - Aural Implants

3.A - NaX-CI/A/C-01a Base Receptor Unit (A)

The base of Operator's aural implants are connected into the skull and brain via a durandium-weave cable.

3.B - NaX-CI/A/PE-01a Audio Pickup Unit

Another simple enhancement, this unit works to enhance the Operator's hearing substantially.

3.C - NaX-CI/A/CU-01a Transmission/ Receiver Radio

This is a long-range encrypted radio transmitter and receiver, allowing the Operator to communicate with both mission control and other field elements without external equipment. The radio can be operated by sub-vocalizations and mental commands.

3.D - NaX-CI/A/M-01a Audio Recorder

This device simply records sound from the aural implants into the Memory unit in the Operator's cranium.

Section 4 - Body Implants and Treatments

4.A - Titanium Bone Reinforcements

Using an artificial isotope of Titanium, IPG Operators are given a reasonably reinforced bone structure. The isotope works in much the same way as Strontium-90, a radioactive substance infamous for replacing calcium in bone structures, although the titanium lacks the radioactive and toxic side effects of Strontium-90. This treatment is administered via a two-day course of liquids containing the titanium isotope, and must be repeated preferably once a year to maintain peak effectiveness. This treatment will allow the Operator's bones to absorb substantially more punishment before breaking than non-treated bones, generally up to 50% more pressure.

4.B - NaX-CI/B/D-01a Revival Device

This device, located in the Operator's chest, delivers a defibrillator-style electrical shock to the heart. It can be remote-controlled by the Operator's handlers, can be set on automatic mode (delivers a shock when the heart stops), or be set to respond to mental commands from the Operator himself. The unit also is wired into the Operator's lungs and windpipe. In the event the Operator stops breathing for a dangerously long time, the device will attempt to pull air into the windpipe and into the lungs, in an internal facsimile of rescue breathing. Sensors installed near the nose and mouth will stop the device from doing this if the Operator is submerged in liquid or harmful gas.

4.C - NaX-CI/B/C-01a System Power Unit

The core of all the implants present on the Operator. This system provides power to all the cybernetics listed here. The unit is comprised of several components. The first is the distribution subsystem, a network of small wires that links the generator to the various implants. The second is the Operator's capacitor banks, which are capable of holding a very sizable charge, enough to run the components without external power for at least a two weeks. The third is the battery port, capable of accepting most energy weapon batteries and larger power cells. For comparison, an NSP battery pack is capable of powering the Operator for a week. The bay is located in the small of the Operator's back, hidden under a small piece of artificial skin lined with kevlar fiber.

4.D - Weapons

The Operator is implanted with several weapons under this cybernetics course.

  • The first is a simple plastic composite stiletto blade built into the wrist of the Operator's dominate hand. It can be ejected as a projectile, a hand weapon, or kept attached to the wrist. If ejected, the blade can reloaded into the wrist chamber rather easily, simply by pushing it back in.
  • A 5.5 inch double-sided plastic composite blade with a partially serrated edge is located in the calf of the Operator's choice in a very small “pop-out” compartment.

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