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Pyros Thrull Westwood

Pyros Thrull Westwood is played by Bilgecrank

Pyros Thrull Westwood
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 72
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 6'9“ / 206 cm.
Weight: 236 lb. / 107 kg.
Organization Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Rank Sky Marshall
Occupation Premier
Current Placement Nepleslia Prime

Pyros' Voice and Theme

Pyros in Roleplay



Wife: Sherly Beth Westwood(Maiden Name: McSweeny)(DEAD) Race: Nepleslian Age: (If still alive) 70 Summary: Loving wife of Pyros, she has been married to the man since the age of 25. Died as a result of the Elysian plague.

Son: Blaze Veruk Westwood(DEAD) Race: Geshrin(born Nepleslian) Age: (If still alive) 42 Summary: The son of the Westwoods, grew with a love for space. When on duty in the Grand Star Army at 18, he met a Geshrin named Iceni Meluki. The horny spacer got the Geshrin pregnant, and felt the a bite of responsibility to take fatherhood of the child. Though when Pyros found out, he told the boy to either “abort it or take it to the road.” He took it to the road and never heard from his father again. Six years later, Pyros received word of his son's death, killed in the destruction of his boy's cargo ship.

Daughter: Sophie Anne Westwood Race: Nepleslian Age: 40 Summary: A rather aggressive woman, a real loner in any case. An executive of AwesomeCorp, likes to keep her feet on the ground.


Those that follow Pyros.

Bodyguard: Lieutenant Herald Ursa Race: Heavily-Modified Geshrin Cyborg Age: 32 Summary: A cyborg with ghostly white hair, and glowing red irises. He doesn't need to move his mouth to speak, and is mentally linked with Tellern.

Bodyguard: Lieutenant Joshua Tellern Race: Heavily-Modified Geshrin Cyborg Age: 34 Summary: A cyborg with shadowy black hair, and glowing blue irisises. He doesn't need to move his mouth to speak, and is mentally linked with Ursa.

Butler-Boss-Fight-Extraordinaire: Sherman Evergreen Race: ID-SOL Age: 43 Summary:

The gates opened at that, and out came an immaculately, tall and muscle-bound, yet well-dressed butler, with cropped hair and a well-maintained, curly mustache. It was easy to tell that this man was all for his job, as he quickly approached the couple. The green-suited butler strode over the paved entrance way with a suited grace before stopping in front of the three.

Maid-Boss-Fight-Extraordinaire: Gwendolyn Evergreen Race: Nepleslian Age: 38 Summary:

Standing by the chair at the head of the table was particular made of intimidating beauty, she was curvy, with wide hips. She was as tall as the Head Butler, sharing his rather decent height, and appeared a little thick. Though, a look at her arms and legs would reveal that it was all toned, athletic muscle.

Physical Appearance

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 71
  • Height: 5'9” / 175.26 cm.
  • Mass: 198 lb. / 89.81 kg.

General View

  • Build: Wide shouldered, broad chested, thick waist, strong build. Limbs are a standard length for his size.
  • Skin Color: Flesh colored skin, rough with age(Except where cyberized)
  • Facial Features: Roughly square face(Angles inward towards the chin), tall nose, wide mouth, wide jutting chin, scar cutting horizontally across both eyes.
  • Eye color: Eyes have been placed with covered cybernetics, pupils are red color, pupils also possess a dull red glow
  • Hair color and Style: A rather thick head of unkempt white hair, wispily hangs down, reaches bottom of ears. Goatee that stretches two inches below the chin, formed into a spike, angled straight down.
  • Distinguishing Features:

Cybernetic Eyes: Covered eyes, pupils red in color, a small red LED adds a red glare to the pupils. Eyes have zoom functions and a small digital clock display in upper-right hand corner of his vision.

Cybernetic Hand(Left): Covered in Syntheto-Skin, no function.

Cybernetic Leg(Left, Knee-to-Foot): Covered in Syntheto-Skin, no function.

Cybernetic Arm(Right, Shoulder-to-Fingertip): Covered in Syntheto-Skin, and has high endurance parts for enhanced strength, also possesses a locking function.

(NOTE: Cyberized parts copy his skin color, however, do not match the roughness or texture of his uncyberized body.)

Mental Characteristics


Born with a competitive behavior, Pyros is seen as an aggressive opponent. He hates losing and will try as hard as he can to win. Pyros has a deep sense of respect and loyalty, believing that it is the only thing that holds any group together. Stalwart with the mindset that there's a solution to even the most impossible problems, he doesn't give up in a situation, unless the solution is a slaughter. He can be, however, a little egotistic. He has a decaying sense of racism to Yamatai, in his earlier years, before his son's death, Pryos was strongly against Yamatai. Though, when his son died, his views of Yamatai softened, as if he almost didn't care for the very subject

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

  • Likes: Resolve, Respect, discipline, a well-rounded leader and soldier, courage, new technology, taking the fight directly to the enemy, various types of weaponry, meeting with his family and old comrades, a good meal, action.
  • Dislikes: A disasterous operation, poor leadership, being stuck behind a desk, cowards, rations.
  • Goals: To lead the ground forces of Nepleslia to their greatest victory.



Birth, and a New Family

Born on the marshy plains of the habitat world, Kennewes, Pyros was in the deepest of gang violence when he was growing up. His home was the small, dingy town of Othorope, a place of burnt out buildings and where happiness is bought. This sad town was were Pyros's parents were killed by a unluckily thrown grenade. Orphaned at the age of three, he grew up in a sorry excuse for a chapel that doubled as an orphanage, funded by no one and kept together by a stern old man by the name of Imaskari Provel.

Imaskari Provel

Imaskari was more commonly know as Saint Imas(for its relatively easy pronunciation), he was the self-ordained priest of the Church of the Burning Hand. The chapel that Pyros lived was for the church's patron god, Infernius(Imaskari believed that Infernius was the god of the Nepleslian people). Infernius' order was that of power, strength, idealism, inspiration, and the defense the weak. Under Imaskari's lessons, Pyros learned of Infernius, along with other children who were orphaned by the intense violence surrounding them.

Pyros grew up fighting, and grew a love for it, Imaskari actually encouraged that arguements be settled by a quick brawl, as it promoted power and strength. This roughened the boy as he often pummeled his brothers and sisters of the church. Most children did it in example of their priestly father, Imaskari. Even Pyros admired him, as they often watched as how he despensed of would-be arsonists and gang members. Nothing seemed to catch the faithful man off guard, Pyros thought he never slept.

The Desciples of Saint Imas

People of Othorope seemed to look kindly on the 'Disciples of Saint Imas'. Most of the children under the eyes of Imaskari had reached their later teen years, Pyros himself was almost nineteen. Around this time, Imaskari let his children loose on the city, taking their values hard-taught, and their skills hard-learned to the gang members of Othorope. At first, most gang members took this 'bible party' as a joke. However, they found that the group's tenacity and religous fervor was a force to be dealt with.

Love and Ladders

The condition of Othorope seemed to improve drastically as gang activity slowed down in the city. With peace on the horizon, life seemed to slow down to the now twenty-four Pyros. He had time to focus on less violent things, into more productive things, like trying to fix the city, and especially the Chapel. During these reconstruction efforts of the Chapel, Pyros was atop a high ladder, attempting to fix the roof section of the Disciples dormitory. Another Desciple, by the name of Sherly McSweeny, brushed by the ladder and caused it to topple. The large man found himself falling downward, and onto his head. Upon awakening, he found Sherly on her knees next to him, attempting to stabilize him. The words he spoke to her sparked their interest and eventual love of each other.

“…Is this what an angel of Infernius looks like?”

One Saint Out, Two Children In

Two years later, Imaskari had wed the first couple under the Church of the Burning Hand, Pyros and Sherly. From there, the newlyweds would live their lives in the happy town of Othorope. Then, at the age of thirty, Pyros was leading a steady life as a defender of justice, yet his largest trial had come to him, the death of Imaskari. Being almost as old as the age of 70, Imaskari's body had given out on him, years of strain and fighting(and an utterly 'unholy' amount of liquor) had caught up to the old priest. Imaskari was like a father to the children he had taken under his wing, his death striking a severe blow to them. Pyros, however, felt it was true to the teachings to stay the course, and to not mourn the dead for long. They buried 'Saint Imas' at the center of the town, where a rough statue erected of him stands.

That same year was a year of rejoicing for Pyros, as his first son was born, Blaze Veruk Westwood. A healthy, 9 pound baby, who Pyros saw the future of Nepleslia in. Two years later, they had another healthy baby, Sophie Anne Westwood, 7 pounds.

The Loss of a Home

Immediately following the founding of the new Empire, Pyros believed that stability would finally come to all of Kennewes, not just Othorope. Opposing to his hopes, disorder came to Othorope as disruptable gang holdings were escalating into fighting and war across Kennewes. The times of old had come back to the city, as gangs seemed to destroy and burn they town that the Church of the Burning hand had worked so hard to save.

A gritty two years of fighting left the town desolate and half-destroyed. The Desciples, all but 6, were dead and the rest were losing their hope to stabilize the town. Pyros would soon see that the town was already lost, their work crushed, people he had knew and bonded with since the age of three were dead, and the small fire that was the Church of the Burning Hand was slowly going out. Pyros took his family, and dispersed the 'Disciples of Saint Imas'. To this day, Othorope stands no more as a ghostly fighting ground for Nepleslian gangs. The one thing that is truly left standing, undeminished by the fighting, was the statue of Saint Imaskari Provel.


A New Home, a New Job

Nepleslia's metropolis of Funky City was an oddly active place for the refugees of Othorope, Pyros had never left to far from his hometown, and had never seen a city of such magnitude. He would soon see the differences, and curse his existence. He hated the over exaggerated lifestyle, the reactions made to him for his beliefs, and the lack of familiarity. He found the Empire to blame for his position, the position of his family, and his destroyed home of Othorope.

Oddly, the forty-one year old man found himself jobless for the first time in his life. He had no home and no way sustaining the honest income needed through a normal job. So he turned, ironically, to the Grand Star Army. Already, the Empire found itself against a threat, the Elysians. For years, Pyros would find himself fighting the Winged race, over and over, even with his age.

The Boy, Now the Legend

At the age of eighteen, Blaze Westwood was a stubborn, yet energetic boy, a reflection of his father. However, the boy picked up on the lifestyle in Funky City quickly. At the earliest, Blaze signed up to fight the Elysians as a pilot. It didn't take long for the boy to meet a women, Iceni Meluki, and the horny pilot got her pregnant soon enough. Blaze was taught to be responsible for his actions, so he took the matter to his father and told him he'd keep child, though would quit his term as soon as he could to do so.

Pyros was furious that not only was his son couldn't keep it in his pants, the boy was throwing his life to the wind as a result. He told his son that to either “Abort it or hit the road.” Deeply hurt by his father's unsupportive nature of the matter, Blaze left and never saw his father again. Six years later, he received word that his son was leading a trade vessel when it was attacked by Pirates. Blaze had sacrificed himself to save the crew and his son. Pyros' heart was shattered in not only pride of his son's honorable action, but in pain of his son's death.

A New Banner and the Sum of His Life

Through the years, Pyros would continue to serve valiantly in the Grand Star Army, even though he was becoming old(er). A surge of infighting would soon spring up in what would be the battle for control on Neplelsia, gangs taking the fight to each other in familiar action to Pyros. The man felt a need to return home and ensure the right power took hold of the planet, and so he sought to help lead the fighting under the green banner.

In YE 28, the Empire of Nepleslia declared it's independence from the Yamatai, and Pyros took his side with Nepleslia. From there he coordinated and commanded soldiers from all over Nepleslia from there on to take on their final threat, the Reds. Through most of his life, Pyros has spent it fighting, and continues this day, fighting.

The End of Long Career

After the end of a long life of fighting, and a hurried discharge due to his rambunctious military antics and radical assault tactics, Pyros entered into retirement at the age of 68 on YE 30. Despite that, though, he still remains to be a bitterly healthy man who refuses to sit down for more than the amount of time required to use the restroom.


A New Start

At 68, Pyros still showed no signs of slowing down, his old Nepleslian body kicking with vibrant life as he himself personally booted any young whippersnappers off his lawn with his own boot. The man invested himself into politics after his discharge, and was elected political manager of a sub-section of Funky City. For two years he managed the division, organizing the public utilities, ensuring public safety, and properly establishing good relations with neighboring sectors. He proved himself in the governmental aspect well, earning high praise for his effective, if not brash decisions. Though, in YE 32, Pyros quickly found himself out of a job when the Mishhu sprung their attack on Funky City. Even so, the man took to the streets with his gun, and his trusty butler, Sherman, and shot most anything that looked remotely dangerous. That, and looters.

To The Tallest Mountain

Robert Davis was an inspirational figure, and one of the most beloved faces of the Nepleslian people. His resignation from the position of Premier was a blow that was taken hard, but respected by the idealistic men and women of that nation. Now, the people needed a new leader, a new Premier and Sky Marshall. This was when Pyros' actions caught the attention of the Nepleslian populace and he was approached with the offer as to take place in the elections as the next Premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

He had several inspirational aspects and politically viable skills to assist him. The campaigns ran off his loyal service to the Imperium back when it was just the Green Faction, and his abilities as a military leader. His opponents railed him for his brash, unhinged nature in battle, and especially on his discharge after the Kennewes Offensive. Despite that, though, Pyros gained the popular vote on most Nepleslian planets, and was elected as the next Premier in YE 33.

Service Record


  • Santô Hei
  • Ittô Hei
  • Nitô Heisho
  • Ittô Heisho
  • Santô Juni
  • Ittô Juni
  • Shoi Kohosei
  • Shoi


  • Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Master General
  • Premier

Medical Record

  • Eyes slashed out during the First Elysian War.
  • Hand chopped off during the First Elysian War.
  • Arm blown off during the Third Elysian War.
  • Leg blown off during the Fourth Elysian War.



Time in the military and life itself taught Pyros how to use different hand signals, radios, and common civilian communication equipment. Imaskari taught him to read and write, and speak clearly and fluently in Nepleslian and Yamataian languages.


Pyros' entire life has been kicking the stew out of things. Wether it be with a powered armor, or a fork. He has had long extensive use of melee weapons, such as swords, knives, bats, lead pipes, chair legs, bar stools, and tire tools(And the occasional beer mug.) He also has had use of ranged weapon such as: handguns, rifles, machine guns, sub-machine guns, energy weapons, heavy weaponry, hand grenades, slingshots, and sniper rifles. Along with this comes Power Armor training along with its equipment.


Life is difficult, especially when it gets a kick out of trying to kill you. That's why Pyros learned how to keep his head down when appropriate nad to survive when the situation gave him little. He can forage for food and water, can make a shelter, fish, hunt, and can blend himself in with the environment.


Pyros has lead groups of people into combat most of his life. He understands the importance of strategy and intelligence in a firefight, and understands how to use these things to advantage. Pyros also understand how charisma is important in a position such as his, so he can be well spoken and makes an excellent diplomat


Despite being 41 years older than the empire itself, Pyros is in surprisingly good shape for his age. He tends to have an early morning job to keep his heart going, and exercises once a week to keep his body upright


Age has given Pyros much in the way of history, law, and weapon-reference.


Imaskari taught Pyros many tales, and years of living have given him many more stories to share.



  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 1 Officer jacket, green.
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair boots, black (or khaki)
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green (pants)
  • 1 White strap, fits around any arm, has a red cross on it

Small Wooden Box, with Grand Star Army Insignia on it, red velvet interior

  • Santô Hei
  • Ittô Hei
  • Nitô Heisho
  • Ittô Heisho
  • Santô Juni
  • Ittô Juni
  • Shoi Kohosei

Small Wooden Box, with Star Army of Nepleslia symbol on it, white velvet interior.

  • Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Master General

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 1 Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 DataJockey, Veteran Design


  • Current: 4876 DS
  • Income: None
  • Expenses: 1124 DS
Character Data
Character NamePyros Thrull Westwood
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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