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YSS Moirai

YSS Moirai, ND-X3-32, was a Kyaa-class Search and Rescue Vessel built at Anisa Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 30 for the Third Expeditionary Fleet. The YSS Moirai was part of the 1st SAR Division. The GM of the YSS Moirai was Zephyrite.

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“Mortum et Vitus, Ameliorem.”


The YSS Moirai was created due to a need in the 3XF for a support vessel. It was created in order to serve in the newly created Search and Rescue squadron. Galar Vanatosk, once a member of the 3XF ship: the YSS Goban, was transferred from his station in the 5XF in order to command this ship.

Read about the Kyaa's technical data here: Kyaa-class Search and Rescue Vessel


The YSS Moirai will strive to search out and rescue all peoples in need, whether they be Yamataian or Nepleslian or any other race in the universe. If they are being held and tortured, then the crew of the Moirai will save them from their oppressors.

YSS Moirai in Roleplay

Available Positions

  • 1 Medic
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 Caretaker (or anyone with phsychology/psychiatry exp.)

Please contact Zephyrite on YIM, IRC, or by PM for positions. Zephyrite's YIM is: zephyrite_light

Crew Roster


Shoi Kohosei Galar Vanatosk

  • Captain
  • Player: Zephyrite, YIM: zephyrite_light


Armored Infantry

Ittô Hei Hibiki Renko Player: Ren, YIM: renko_hibiki

Santô Hei Hibiki Akira Player: Greg, YIM: g4nonphile

Santô Hei Strelgar Jextair VelCroix Player: Nazarii, YIM: ???

Combat Medics

Santô Hei Lyf Kenna Player: Themisto, YIM: Iamnotamorningpperson

Technical Sentries

Ittô Hei Kuroaki Isuzu Player: Alhazred23, YIM: alhazred023

Santô Hei Kumiko Endoh Player: Aendri, YIM: Aendri_shasosshol

Pending Crew



  • Walnut
  • Marmalade
  • Mochi

Room Assignments

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