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Fall Of Himiko

Fall Of Himiko is a roleplaying plot created July 30, 2019 by GM Rizzo.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

After nearly a month of suspected sabotage, a massive fleet of Kuvexian warships arrive undetected in orbit of Planet Himiko. Their mission; seize control of the planet and eliminate all SAoY presence.

Rules and Pacing

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  • When fighting general antagonists(mooks) roll a d20 to determine results. (optional)
  • Post at least once a week if possible.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Jinja Emi Rizzo Assistant director of SAINT
Candon Howard Suites Rizzo SAINT Team Lead/acting Shôshô
Shichou Rikun Sageshooter SAINT Investigation Team Operative
Oshiro Masumi Rizzo Science Advisor to SAINT Team
Rohan Saphura Madi Harper Star Army Emergency Services
Shinomori Matsuvo Alex Hart Former YSS Eucharis Infantry
Sutoikku Kaede Arbitrated Captain of YSS Dawn Hammer
Araena Sutoikku Arbitrated XO of YSS Dawn Hammer
Arria Smith Arbitrated Starship Weapons Officer
Menelik Berhane Firebrand Vacationing Nepleslian Marine
Thaddeaus Maximus Spaceeye Woke up on Himiko
Alena Volontany Soban Order of the Templar Representative
Mizumitsu Hiroshiko Demibear Sensor Technician on temp assignment

Open Positions


A month of record breaking solar flares affect Planet Himiko causing a spectacular aurora borealis attracting thousands of astrologists, vacationers, and general visitors. During this time, naval vessels of the SAOY begin to suffer electrical problems in the sensory equipment. Many engineers attributed these peculiar breakdowns to ionic feedback from the intense solar flares while many others doubted that such phenomena could cause damage through the combined fields of the powerful Sharie-class Battleships, YSS Dawn Hammer and YSS Ironhart. This sparked the curiosity of Star Army Command who dispatched investigators to look into the matter.

Upon seeing a weakness in the planets ability to detect incoming threats Star Army Intelligence immediately suspected sabotage. Knowing what was at stake, Director Nakaide Shida wanted colleagues he could trust implicitly to carry out their own investigation. To lead the investigation he chose an operative he'd personally overseen, one who'd been on both sides of the game, Candon Suites-Ittô Heisho. Knowing his tendency to stray from the beaten path, Shida assigned his most trusted colleague and direct pupil Jinja Emi-Chujo, the assistant director, to oversee the entire operation. Their mission; kill or capture the saboteurs, should they exist.

Candon would form his investigation team with the best suited personnel for the task including Shichou Rikun-Ittô Hei, who served as both general ears and eyes. With her mother's samurai training and service on YSS Kikyō, Rikun would be on point to apprehend or execute the saboteurs, if only the team had been successful. Bringing on his wife, Science Officer Oshiro Masumi-Ittô Hei, Candon's team quickly ruled out the solar flares involvement in the failures with sensory equipment. Despite their intense impacting on the shields of the naval vessels the solar flares would prove harmless to their detection equipment. The SAINT Operatives and SAOY support staff would continue looking for clues, chasing leads, and coming close many times but never found even a trace of the infiltrators. Only small clues and dead ends.

During this time the infiltrators would study their pursuers, albeit from afar so as to maintain their cover. When the time came one sunny morning, the sensors of both Ironhart and Dawn Hammer violently exploded leaving the defense fleet without long range detection and exposed. Minutes later, Candon would rush to a shuttle heading for YSS Nishitama to meet with the fleet admiral only be involved in the planet's first hover car collision in history. Strongly suspicious on levels nearing paranoia he fled the scene, injured but alive. He instructed Masumi along with the other support staff of his team to quickly and quietly flee the planet and report to Jinja-Chujo. While Candon continued to his meeting with the admiral assassination of his team began. Rikun would be attacked in the shower, surviving by taking advantage of her innate cloaking ability and nudity to evade her would-be killer and eliminate him in turn. Underestimating the scientist two genetically disguised Kuvexian operatives ambushed Masumi in her car while surrounded by panicking civilians. Using her military experience, hours training with Candon, and concealed NSP she would kill both assassins while attracting the attention of three civilians willing to fight for the planet, two Nepleslians, one a former Space Marine Corporal named Menelik Berhane and the other a mercenary named Thaddeaus Maximus, along with a local Separa'Shan named Alena Volontany who apparently has no known relation to Senator Anslen Volontany of the Essia System. Together they would drive toward the local Star Army Rikugun base to regroup.

At this time in space, the defense fleet was attacked by waves of ships from the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia while an attack occurred withing the city ship Nishitama on the local department_of_information headquarters in Radiotown, a building that was responsible for the data management for the local military and surveillance data. A fireteam led by Rohan Saphura-Shoi along with Rikun, Candon, and a soldier recently benched after his last brutal sortie aboard YSS Eucharis named Shinomori Matsuvo-Nitô Heisho would assist in the defense of the DoI HQ but would ultimately fail after encountering a monstrous heavy powered armor built of parts salvaged primarily from an Aggressor Heavy Assault Armor equipped with a small Aether Shock Array and Zesuaium armor slabs. within seconds with only a single shot of the shock array the engagement ended killing the four Rikugun of the defending fireteam and resulting in the injury of all parties involved.

While the space battle raged and the soldiers aboard Nishitama regrouped the motley carpool would be intercepted by more Kuvexian operatives disguised as police and Rikuguun at a checkpoint. After determining that these were not real police and soldiers the team gave chase pursued by three heavily armored but fake police cars…

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