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YSS Kikyō

The YSS Kikyō is a Star Army of Yamatai vessel in the First Expeditionary Fleet and is a Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship. The ship has been a part of the 8th Squadron through many battles. She is captained by Taisa Naka Nai.

YSS Kikyō History

The ship was heavily involved at Mitsuya System in the Task Force Torch where she lost her sister ships in the squadron, of which there were three. The Kikyō's own bridge suffered critical damage and an engineer assumed control of the ship in order to guide her to safety.

Quote from YSS Sakura MISSION 8, PART 1: Mishhuvurthyar Invasion
“Direct hit on Kikyō's bridge! This is Juni Asahiro, commander is not responding, switching to control from engineering!”

She was then then captained in YE 34 by Taiyou Hoshi.

Many months after Taiyou Hoshi's rank up to Chusa in YE 36, she transferred to the YSS Imperator as the XO and left the YSS Kikyō in good hands.

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