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Lorath Sensor Packages

In space, air, land, and sea, the capability to see and analyze what is present is essential to survival, thus the Lorath have developed a series of sensor technologies to include in hand held units, vehicle attached units, and ship-board units.

Common Sensor Equipment

Visual / Optical Sensors

Visual sensors primarily utilize a light-sensitive electronic chip design. Lorath visual sensors are capable of capturing a 10 Terra-pixel image with a .01 second exposure. Commonly found Lorath camera technology is known to be able to capture 1 Terra-pixel images. Along with the digital capturing technology, Lorath optical applications utilize high-precision carbonite lenses which are scratch and shatter resistant and provide clear and accurate focus and magnification.

Radioscopic Sensors

Through the use of radiation emitters and receivers, radioscopic sensors analyze artificial and naturally occurring radiation. This allows for sensors to detect increases in harmful radiation, trace radiation sources, or even to conduct scans of objects utilizing directed radiation. These sensors are also capable of conducting a multi-spectral scan of objects across the entire EM spectrum.

Thermal Scanning

Through close monitoring of the EM spectrum and temperature traces, a thermal image can be created of an object and easily interpreted into an image.

Audio Sonar

A high frequency audio wave emitter is utilized to produce a sound wave pulse which can then be analyzed when it returns to the originating vessel to put together an image of the objects surrounding the vessel. This system is best utilized in atmosphere or under water.

Light Sonar

Operating much like the audio sonar, this system utilizes a rapid light pulse to quickly generate an image of an area and to analyze speeds and locations of surrounding objects.

Uncommon Sensor Equipment

In some cases, there are sensor equipment packages which are unable to be fitted onto common civilian ships, or issued in large numbers as infantry-grade electronic systems. Thus these systems are dubbed as uncommon, and are often found on dedicated military equipment, or on expensive starships and mecha produced by the Lorath.

Hyperspace and Subspace Monitoring

Utilizing a series of low-power pulses into hyperspace and subspace, the Winter is able to monitor the movement of starships and armors in hyperspace and in subspace and plot their courses based on the distortions caused by each vessel's hyperspace fold and subspace drive systems. These sensors also allow for the tapping of hyperspace and subspace transmissions.

Quantum Sensors

Lorath quantum sensors work by utilizing a complex receiver mechanism which monitors gravitational distortions, m-brane stress, and ambient subatomic energy. With the quantum sensor the Winter is capable of monitoring quantum events such as gravity distortions, hyperspace folds, and other such disturbances in the fabric of space. This technology allows for the observer to monitor disturbances which allows for the observer to react to quantum disturbances as soon as they begin to transpire.

Dimensional Sensors

Utilizing the hyperspace and subspace scanning technology on various frequencies, the dimensional sensor is able to pierce the m-brane of the current dimensional plane which the sensor exists in, thus permitting the observer to monitor dimensional events such as aether tapping, transposition cannon discharges, and even being able to see vessels trapped in the various pocket dimensions which the transposition weapon technology has locked so many vessels into.

Empathic Sensors

Through the use of a synthetic telepathic organ, the empathic sensor monitors the ambient alpha and delta waves given off by nearby organic life forms, by monitoring the emotions given off by a subject, the sensor is able to detect feelings of hostility or even the rush of emotions accompanying the moment before a kill. The capability to detect such strong emotions results in the observer being able to be warned of an impending attack or even of an opponent's fear. These sensors also allow for the receiving of telepathic communications.

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