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Blackcoat 'Shroud' Suit

The Blackcoat Shroud Suit was uniform for those of the β€œblackcoats” who guarded Taisho Katsuko Motoyoshi and designed by Yuriko Kakutama. Yuriko noted that the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's intelligence branch did not have a dedicated stealth suit, so she took it upon herself to design, and submit one to the Head of Security and Intelligence of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, Shosho Misato Tange.

These suits are in fact full blown bodysuits. While still black paneled (and colored) like their typical uniforms, it has a slight sheen to it. This is partly due to the Synthetic Arachnid Silk used in its construction, noted for its strength not to mention granting greater protection, and durability. The Synthetic Arachnid Silk is woven into a light and thin cloth, and mesh that is skin tight in the typical Star Army of Yamatai design. Within the suit is β€œpower weave” layer which is interwoven into the cloth, and mesh layers. This gives it a fully functional electronics system built right into the BCSS, allowing for additional systems, electronics, or useful gadgets to be installed later on or to be built into later models of the suit.

Sown into the suit are a series of small, medium powered sensor bafflers. These are placed strategically inside the suit, on the stomach, shoulders, back, and the arms and legs. each baffler placed helps to form a contoured field about the person that absorbs, and redirects the scans of basic scanning devices and sensors making the wearer invisible to basic scans, and scanning equipment. Anything more powerful however and the sensor bafflers will not work, and the wearer will show up on their screens as they will not be able to cope with the increased power, and variety of the sensors.

A thermoptic camo layer is also included granting greater stealth capabilities, and is in fact interwoven into the surface of the suit and is connected to the power weave layer of the the BCSS. While a little power hungry, it aids in hiding, and allowing the blackcoat wearing it to blend in, or simply disappear from view. Both the bafflers, and thermoptic camouflage are activated, and controlled via the operator simply forming a telepathic interface with the neural link installed into the power weave layer, and activating, or de-activating and adjusting as they see fit. Above the thermoptic camouflage layer is one final addition.

A thin beam dispersive coating was applied in the final stages for added protection against energy based weaponry. The coating is only good for one or two well placed hits (in the same spot or area) or a couple all over before it fails entirely and has to be replaced. The coating absorbs most small arms energy weapons fire to a certain point, but does not stop it entirely as heat damage can bleed through, as does minor energy damage.

With the sensor bafflers and thermoptic camo, the suit boasts a lot of stealth potential. However, like most great (and powered) things, the BCSS needs energy to power its systems. Two small rechargeable batteries are attached to the lower back, right above the waist to insure belts are no hinderance. These batteries can be recharged wirelessly while on Yamataian vessels, via the nodal system granting a infinite amount of time for the suit's systems to be active, provided they are in good working order, and that the ship is providing power. When not aboard, or if the ship is not providing power the batteries can operate the suit for up to seven hours of continuous useage.

The suit is very streamlined, and formfitting; also it is kept relatively light. As an added bonus the primary colors of the standard Star Army of Yamatai uniform remain, with their black panels (for the blackcoats.) this suit however with its capabilities is restricted in usage to only the Blackcoats, those specifically tasked with protecting Taisho Katsuko.

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