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Samurai Sector

Named by Hanako of the YSS Sakura, the samurai sector's namesake honors the Ketsurui Samurai. It includes three star systems (Valentine, Vicky, and Virginia), and four nebulae, the Ran, Chisou, Midori, and Kosuka. It sits between 40 and 60 LY out from Yamatai Star System and from the line to the Galactic South of Yamatai to the line between Yamatai and Ushobrakflug System.

See: Kikyo Sector

The Samurai Sector is one of the small star clusters in local space, a primarily military zone of space under the control of the Yamatai Star Empire. It is situated roughly 240 LY away from the galactic core inside of a large nebular group formed by the Ran, Chisou, Midori and Kosuka nebulae. The overlap of these celestial bodies give distant space a blueish-gray tint, which occasionally becomes green or even pale yellow in the immediate ring around the settled area of the Sector.

Inhabited systems here are quite dense for the size of the cluster and centered around a more defensive area of space where the nebula are slightly thinner than usual and interstellar travel is not as inhibited by the effects of celestial bodies.


Named by Hanako of the YSS Sakura, the samurai sector's namesake honors the Ketsurui Samurai. This sector saw interest primarily as a rallying point and forward staging area for Star Army of Yamatai forces during the First and Second Mishhuvurthyar Wars. A number of mining interests have stakes in the more northern areas of the Sector, and SAINT maintains an important base at Vicky.

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Virgo Defense Sector

The Virgo Defense Sector is the 30 LY diameter ring formed by the Valentine, Vicky and Virginia systems as well as the Virgo Star Fortress. It encompasses the entire 'thin' area of the surrounding celestial bodies and the network of sensors and defense satellites in the region which provide local First Expeditionary Fleet forces with a decisive defensive advantage against aggressive forces.

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