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First Expeditionary Fleet Rank Pins

These are the rank insignias used by the First Expeditionary Fleet since YE 41.

For general information on ranks of the Star Army of Yamatai, see Star Army Ranks.


Rank Name Description
O9 Taisho Fleet Admiral
O8 Chujo Admiral
O7 Shôshô Vice Admiral
O6 Taisa Captain
O5 Chusa Commander
O4 Shosa Lieutenant
O3 Taii Lieutenant
O2 Chui Sub-Lieutenant
O1 Shoi Acting Sub-Lieutenant
O0 Shoi Kohosei Cadet

Warrant Officers

Rank Name Description
W3 Ittô Juni Warrant Officer First Class
W2 Nitô Juni Warrant Officer Second Class
W1 Santô Juni Warrant Officer Third Class


Pin Patch Name Description
E7 Jôtô Heisho Chief Petty Officer
E6 Ittô Heisho First Class Petty Officer
E5 Nitô Heisho Second Class Petty Officer
E4 Jôtô Hei Superior Soldier
E3 Ittô Hei Soldier First Class
E2 Nitô Hei Soldier Second Class
E1 (no patch) Santô Hei Soldier Third Class*

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