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Mozu-Class Starfighter (1B)

The Mozu-class Starfighter is a fast, unexpectedly luxurious starfighter optimized for performance, endurance, firepower, and agility.

Mozu-Class Starfighter 1B - SAoY
Front Side Rear

About the Mozu-class Starfighter (1B)

Derived from the Mozu-class Starfighter (1A), which is in turn derived from the Shuriken-class Fighter Drone the 1B variant of the Mozu-class Starfighter is the military-grade variant of the 1A, intended for exclusive use by the Star Army of Yamatai and entry into the Next Gen Fighter Program. Tested in late YE 44 on the YSS Azalea II, the craft is slated for full integration into the service in YE 45. Mozu (百舌) means “shrike” in Yamataigo.

Due to a need for a two-seater training variant and and a larger cockpit for Separa'Shan pilots, the Star Army of Yamatai requested an elongated version of the 1B from Yugumo Corporation. This version—christened as the 1C—was delivered to the Second Expeditionary Fleet in YE 45.2, with initial field trials carried out by 52nd Squadron.

Mission Specialization

The Mozu-class Starfighter is ideal for the following mission profiles:

  • Ship Escort
  • Anti-Piracy Operations
  • Deep Strike
  • Interception
  • Aerospace Superiority
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close Air Support


Taking after the Shuriken-class Fighter Drone in terms of profile, the Mozu is an angular, slightly-dagger shaped machine with a prominent cockpit window at the front of the fuselage. However, the Mozu falls into the Yugumo Fleetworks design ethos with its sleek hull and elegant, yet aggressive wing pods. In its SAoY color scheme, the fighter has a mix of Star Army blue and silver, with cyan highlights.

Statistics and Performance

The Mozu-class Starfighter 1B is a fast, high-performance fighter craft optimized for speed, firepower, and agility.

General Statistics for the Yu-V2-1B Mozu-class Starfighter
Year Introduced YE 44
Class/Nomenclature Yu-V2-1B
Designers Yugumo Fleetworks, Osman Heavy Industries, and Mazaki Seina
Manufacturer Yugumo Corporation
Fielded By Star Army of Yamatai
Range 1 Month; Up to 25 Years in Stasis - Limited by Pilot Needs
Maintenance Cycle After Every Combat Engagement or Every Two Months
Lifespan 10 Years
Pricing N/A - Not for Sale


  • Crew: 1 Pilot
  • Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 1 person. Roughly 2 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the craft would be extremely cramped.


The dimensions for the Mozu 1B are as follows:

Dimensions for the Yu-V2-1B Mozu-class Starfighter
Length 7 Meters (23.59 Feet)
Width 7 Meters (23.59 Feet)
Height 2.5 meters (8.43 Feet)

The dimensions for the Mozu 1C are as follows:

Dimensions for the Yu-V2-1C Mozu-class Starfighter
Length 8.22 Meters (26.97 Feet)
Width 7 Meters (23.59 Feet)
Height 2.5 meters (8.43 Feet)

Propulsion and Range

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for a guide to damage ratings to include.

  • Hull: Tier 7 (Light Mecha)
  • Shields: Tier 7 (Light Mecha)


The Mozu-class Starfighter is as comfortable as a single-seat fighter can get. That is to say that while it does not compare to the comfort of a larger vessel, it is luxurious by the standards of its class.


The single-seat cockpit features a Transparent Durandium canopy with adjustable Omnihue opacity, reflectivity, and tint and volumetric window viewscreen overlay. All functionality of the ship is present in full and control layouts can be customized via SQUID and tactile Solid Volumetrics. The comfortable, ergonomic, multi-adjustable acceleration couch features a cupholder, adjustable armrests, massage, ventilation, lumbar support, SQUID interfaces, and Virtual Home Sleep. The emergency lockers are located in the interior, to either side of the seat. Control systems are also compatible with SPINE.

Alternatively, for compatibility with Project THOUGHT, the standard cockpit can be replaced with the Type 32 Pilot Pod. In doing so, this allows the pilot to use the Immersion System. However, full application of the system is restricted only to those with digital brains.

Ship Systems

The following section contains information about the Mozu-class Starfighter's systems.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Mozu utilizes a primarily Yama-Dura hull structure. All windows and viewports utilize Transparent Durandium.

Mozu-class Hull and Frame Assembly
Primary SpaceFrame Forcefield Reinforced Yama-Dura Major Truss
Secondary SpaceFrame Yama-Dura Secondary Truss and Rod Assembly
Outer Plates Sitearium coated Yamataium Plate with Omnihue Matrix
Lining Yarvex Lining

Power Systems

The Mozu uses a shielded Aether Generator as its primary power system. The supercapacitor banks have enough backup power for 48 hours of minimal operation, 18 hours of moderate-load operation, and no less than 3 hours of intense operation under high-speed maneuvers, full-power shield deployment, maximum-power weapons fire, heavy ICFS usage, and similarly demanding activities.

Backup Power

A Tsuyosa Series Matter-Antimatter Reactor with Matter Collection System provides backup and auxiliary power, in the event of primary powerplant failure.

Computers and Electronics

The Mozu-class Starfighter (1B) is equipped with Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES) as the master system, with its included communications, targeting, interface, and sensor systems. KAIMON is still installed, but it plays a secondary role and serves to facilitate the ELECTRA-Passage. It also has the uplink and PANTHEON/SYNC connect module.

In addition to its KAIMON Kagami sensors and CIES sensors, there are also a Mineral Scanner and SachiTech Tech-Scanner available to the pilot.

Electronic Warfare Suite

Mozu-class 1B is equipped with Star Army Electronic Warfare Suite, Type 44, the Star Army of Yamatai variant of the ELECTRA system. The Type 44 EWAR Suite is capable of communicating and coordinating with the onboard ICFS, enabling the functions of the latter to be used to enhance the former and vice versa.

For use during full ICFS stealth (when the Mozu is fully hidden within its bubble plane) the sensors are augmented with a Transmetaphasic Quantum Particle Wave Remote Detection Device (RDD). Carrying out passive observations through linked quantum particles, the RDD can track, detect, and observe mass and energy signatures. The CIES can also extrapolate the shape and position of mass and energy signatures to the pilot while they are inside of the bubble plane, allowing them to observe real space. This system has a maximum range of 200,000 km.


The Mozu-class Starfighter 1B includes the Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite integrated from the factory.


The Mozu-class Starfighter 1B has the Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite by default, enabling a range of sub-aquatic applications.

Optics and Audio

The Mozu-class Starfighter 1B features an optical and auditory sensor suite which has all the functions of the corresponding systems used in the Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter. These systems include a polyphonic quad-crystal Crystalline Audio Sensor Array, optical tracking and 'skin vision' via the Omnihue, conventional optics for secondary functions, and yet more.

Emergency Systems

The Mozu-class Starfighter 1B is equipped with Yugumo Standard Emergency Systems and reactive atmospheric force fields in the event of vacuum exposure. Should the craft's power or communication's systems be inoperable it comes with a built in subspace distress beacon with its own power source, good for 120 hours of continuous operation.

Cockpit Pod

In the event of a catastrophic failure or impending doom, the cockpit doubles as a downsized "Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod which can eject from the main body of the craft. As a tertiary measure in the event that the cockpit pod is too damaged to function, the craft has an ejection seat which is equipped with a Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31. The type of survival kit utilized depends on mission profile and anticipated environment, with space operations generally using the 31E or 31A, while missions in atmosphere make use of the 31A, 31C, or 31D.

When using the Type 32 Pilot Pod over the standard cockpit, the "Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod and its functions are effectively replaced.

Emergency Lockers

There is one each of Yugumo Standard Damage Control Alcoves, Yugumo Standard First Aid Lockers, Yugumo Standard Armory, and Yugumo Standard Survival Lockers in the cockpit. However, given the small size of the craft, the lockers contain only a quarter of the supplies and equipment, enough to sustain a single pilot in the event of a calamity. In essence, the lockers are downscaled from their standard variants. There is also a ration locker, which contains enough emergency ration pills for 1 month and a link to the water tap. Alternatively, the ration locker can be retrofitted into a small induction charging locker with spare capacitors for technological android pilots.

Life Support and Environment Systems

The 1B variant is equipped with Star Army Standard Life Support Systems. The craft also features inertial compensators to protect the pilot from g-forces.


The 1B variant replaces the Mizu II Series - Nami II CDD with the ICFS, maximizing the CDD performance at 18,750c. The ICFS can also be used for sublight propulsion, up to 0.375c. This distortion-based system allows the Mozu to effectively ignore gravity and inertial forces, enabling the craft to stop, accelerate, or change directions at will and in an instant.

In addition to the ICFS, the 1B variant is upgraded with two Multi-stage Turbo Aether Plasma Drives for sublight speed. They are located in the rear of the ship. Sublight performance for the aether plasma drives usually can withstand up to 0.375c. Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) are used primarily for attitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping. However, like many Yamataian aether drive designs, they burn “clean” aether by filtering out harmful antimatter and radiation when necessary. As such, full power to the turbo aether plasma drives can be safely deployed in atmosphere without compromising local ecosystems or atmospheric health. However, this feature can be turned off if aether plasma is needed to better weaponize the aether plasma projection system.

For hyperspace fold, the Mozu uses the Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold Drive.

The Mozu also has the Azure I Series Anti-Gravity System for landing and atmospheric operations.

Shield Systems

The Mozu 1B is equipped with a Combined Field System via its Integrated CFS Array, supplementary shields, and navigational shielding. The primary shields create a conformal or bubble barrier.

Supplementary Shielding

Supplementary shielding is used when the ICFS is unavailable or its operation is undesirable. Running both supplementary defensive systems at the same time does not increase the effective tier of the barrier, rather, they are used against different threats and responses are selected in real time after advanced threat analysis by the computer. As the supplementary shields do not contribute to the ship's defensive profile when the ICFS is active, it is wasteful to have the supplementary shields active while the primary shields are as well.

Electromagnetic shielding

The Electromagnetic shields are particularly good at deflecting the charged particles in many beam weapons. The shield created is a conformal or bubble barrier.

Gravitic shielding

Gravitic shielding are effective against kinetic weaponry and collisions. This shield also serves the special purpose of counteracting graviton beams. The shield created is a conformal or bubble barrier.

Not intended for, or effective at, defense against starship weaponry, navigational shielding protects the ship against navigational hazards, such as fast-moving small masses and slow collisions with large masses. The deflectors allow for safe maneuvering without raising the profile of its sensor signature as much as the defensive shielding.

Landing Struts

The Mozu 1B is equipped with landing struts, they are pneumatically driven and are used to raise or lower the craft, and level it once it is in place.

Signature Reduction and Stealth

The armor layer is impregnated with an Omnihue matrix, allowing effectively unlimited control over the coloration, pattern, text, and insignia of the surface. This serves as thermoptic camouflage and signature reduction, if set properly. The inclusion of the Type 44 Star Army Electronic Warfare Suite increases these capabilities by utilizing Xiulurium to replace the Sitearium coating on the 1A variant, and leveraging the stealth capabilities of the ICFS.

The Mozu 1B enjoys the full functions of the Azure I Series Anti-Gravity System. Accordingly, the craft can use the Azure I's signature reduction systems to nullify its gravitational and mass distortion signature, rendering the starfighter effectively invisible to mass, electrogravitic, and gravitational sensors.

Keg'sta Heat Management Device

The Mozu 1B is one of the first Star Army ships to be equipped with the Keg'sta Heat Management Device. Comprised of a series of pipes, tubes, and heat sinks, the Keg'sta Device uses the infrastructure of the craft's aether generator to siphon heat and other waste products back into the Aether, thereby minimizing the Mozu 1B's heat signature.

Defensive Systems

The Mozu 1B has a number of military-grade defensive systems which augment the platform's survivability. They include the following:

Psionic Signal Controller

Protecting against psionic, telepathic, and and many forms of “magic” attack, the Mozu 1B is equipped with Psionic Signal Controller.

Aether Flare Launcher

To frustrate and defeat infrared, thermal, or Aether targeting measures, the Mozu 1B has a Ke-V9-W3302 Integrated Aether Flare Launcher mounted on its stern.

Chaff Dispenser

To frustrate and defeat most forms of radar and radar-derived targeting measures, the Mozu 1B has a Ke-V9-W3303 Integrated Anti-Radar Chaff Dispenser mounted on its stern.

Weapon Systems

The Mozu 1B has a significant degree of modularity in its weapon systems and payload, which can be adjusted as needed on a mission-to-mission basis or even on the fly should the necessary conditions be fulfilled.

Plasma Projection System

The Mozu 1B is armed with a Aether Plasma Projection array comprising various sizes of emitters. These also serve as secondary engines and maneuvering verniers, increasing the acceleration profile, maximum speed, and maneuverability of the craft. By redirecting power from the aether plasma system that powers the ship's propulsion, it may use excess weapons limitation capacity, up to a maximum of two Tier Equivalent Weapon Groups2) worth of firepower in variably-sized aether plasma cannons and smaller aether plasma guns by using magnetic redirection to weaponize the ship's drive and maneuvering engine nozzle output. These are most often used as point-defense and hard-kill countermeasures against incoming warheads. However, the power drawn in doing so negatively impacts the craft's acceleration and maneuverability, forcing power to be diverted from propulsion to weaponry. The effect is increasingly more pronounced the more free capacity that is used in this manner.

Targeting Module

Integrated directly into the frame where the wing coils of the older CFS would normally be located, the Mozu 1B has two Ke-V8-W3200 Targeting Modules, enabling faster and more efficient targeting acquisition which is resistant to enemy countermeasure deployment.

Weapons Loadout

The Mozu 1B is used exclusively by the Star Army of Yamatai.

OOC Notes

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Art by Alex Hart.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameMozu-Class Starfighter (1B)
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Year ReleasedYE 44
DR v3 maxTier 7
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass B - SMALL CRAFT
First UsedYE 45
limited to synchronize with Star Army of Yamatai Starship Speeds. Capable of 0.4c with override.
Individual weapons limited to a maximum Tier 6
Aether Plasma
One Torpedo per Exterior Hardpoint
5) , 10) , 11)
One Missile per Exterior Hardpoint
6) , 7) , 17)
One Pod per Exterior Hardpoint
8) , 9)
Two Missiles per Exterior Hardpoint
12) , 16)
One Drone per Exterior Hardpoint
One Drone per Two Exterior Hardpoints
14) , 15)
One Tube per Two Exterior Hardpoints
One Unit per Exterior Hardpoint
One Rack per Exterior Hardpoint, 144 per Rack
One Rack per Exterior Hardpoint, 2 per Rack
One Rack per Exterior Hardpoint, 25 per Rack
Up to 2 Tier Equivalent Weapon Groups of Firepower

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