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Ke-V8-W4200 - Moeru Suisei (Blazing Comets)

Blazing Comets are countermeasure devices built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards. The Moeru Suisei are small missiles, instead of a warhead they have programmable emitters. The Blazing Comets have an integrated aether generator. The generator is connected to variable emitters that will overwhelm enemy targeting systems. They are programmable and interface with other units.


The Blazing Comets were developed in YE 42 as part of the Ke-V8 "Super Kawarime" Fighter project.

Details About Blazing Comets

Nomenclature: Ke-V8-W4200

The Blazing Comets are deployed in groups. Depending on the mission. They can be used to hide an incoming missile strike by blinding the enemy tactical systems. Or they can be used to create a false presence, such as creating a EM (Ghost) image by programming the units to match a particular ship designs EM signature. They can also be used to hide a group of ships to allow them to get past the enemy or close enough to attack without warning.

This is the Blazing Comet in standby mode.

Moersu Suisei Inactive

This is the Blazing Comet in active mode.

Moersu Suisei Active

Damage Rating (Version 3)

  • Tier 3 Heavy Anti-Personnel


  • Length: 60.96 centimeters (24 inches)
  • Height: 17.78 centimeters (7 inches)
  • Width: 17.78 centimeters (7 inches)


  • Maximum velocity: Moersu Suisei have a max velocity of .4c. However at those speeds their operating time is greatly reduced.
  • Cruising: .2 - 3c


The Moersu Suisei is capable of being programmed for the following.

  • Active Jamming - blind the enemy sensor systems
  • EM emission - radio, radar, ship system background
  • Gravity
  • Aether emission - used to create the presence of an aether ship, can also be used to jam most systems by creating a wall of aether emissions at max power.

The Optimum Usage

Being programmable the Blazing Comets work best when in large numbers. By programming them in groups. They can create a phantom ship signatures to make the enemy think there are more ships present, or ships present in an area they did not know were.

OOC Notes

Nashoba created this article on 2020/01/28 19:10. Artwork created by Nashoba using DOGA. Approval Thread

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