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OI-Z1A Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

The Origin Z1 Anti-Ship Cruise Missile is a semi-guided, high speed weapon meant for use in fleet combat and, in the case of the sensor missile, long range recon. The missiles are stored in a ship's onboard magazines. The missiles have a diameter of two feet, and are 5 meters long. The missiles were renamed to the Z1A in YE 32.

Warhead DR(S) Description
Fusion 3 Standard missile, mounting a thermonuclear fusion warhead.
Cluster 1 per submunition Releases a cluster of four inertially guided warheads, each mounting a small tactical nuclear device, meant to split up just inside a ship's point defense umbrella and make a quick suicide run to the target. Each warhead is mounted to a small antimatter rocket, accelerating the warheads at 50 km/s(squared). The cluster warheads have a maximum range of 5 kilometers
Antimatter 4 Has magnet contained antimatter. The containment field is disabled on impact, causing a matter/antimatter reaction
Sensor None The warhead has been replaced with long range Optical, RADAR, LADAR, and gravimetric sensors, with a maximum range of 100 kilometers

The torpedoes use a small Continuum Distortion Drive that propels the torpedo at 10 times the speed of light (1c in a Level 3 Anti-FTL Field) to make a short FTL hop. Before and after the FTL hop, however, the missile activates a Anti-matter rocket, accelerating at a rate of 250 km/s^2. The missiles can only make a single FTL hop, and can accelerate constantly for only thirty minutes. After all internal propellant has been used up, the missiles can only continue along one constant heading, nor can it accelerate or deaccelerate.

OI-Z1b Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (Refit)

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Product Categoriesweapons: missiles
Product NameAnti-ship cruise missile
ManufacturerOrigin Industries

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