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Children's Day

Children's Day is a day for celebration in Yamatai of children, as the day suggests.

๐ŸŽ More About Children's Day ๐ŸŽ

Children's Day1) lands on 2ๆœˆ 4ๆ—ฅ every year 2) and is a day to honor children and respect them in the fullest. Their personalities and happiness are celebrated and ensured every day in Yamatai, but on this day they are given specific reverence. There are special noiseless fireworks that are used at night on Children's Day. The paper or fabric carp are often raised on poles, strung up from buildings, or displayed in any form and gifts are often given. The day is overwhelmingly festive and fun for many!!3)

On this day Empress Himiko I will go out from dawn until dusk visiting children's hospitals and parks to meet with the children throughout Yamatai (Planet).


This holiday is the day in which children are presented as the forefront of everyone's attention for the day. They are allowed to make plenty of their own decisions. On this day museums, zoos, animal parks, amusement parks, and other attractions are open to the public for children to be brought to and enjoyed by.


On this day gifts such as custom tailored dolls are given to children across the entire Empire. A favorite toy is a rideable fish doll or a smaller one that dolls can ride. In orphan towns such as Tsubomi, the paper carp is handed out to children at school or orphanages as they often do not get proper dolls or gifts. The swimming carp represents ascending through the river of life.


Mochi is given out to children free of charge by vendors to children! Usually they are filled with something savory or sweet, including Red bean paste and Matcha. There are assorted cooked Fish within many of the handheld cakes such as Dorayaki. They are also within Taiyaki, which are carp-shaped and pancake-like and fillable with an assortment of foods or pastes.

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This holiday is Based on Children's Day (Japan)
OOC: This is the 5th of May
Neko above three months of age are not generally celeberated.

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