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YSS Mirai

YSS Mirai, NS-X1-252, is a Nozomi-class Scout. She served in the First Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai under Eikan Minato. The YSS Mirai is currently in the First Fleet.


The YSS Mirari entered service in YE 27. It was one of the five original Nozomi-class starships (Nozomi, Onegai, Mirai, Ongaku, and Tomo)1).

During the YSS Nozomi's upgrade to the Ke-D2-6B variant in late YE 27, the YSS Nozomi's crew temporarily used the YSS Mirai2). The Mirai and Nozomi upgraded each other while the crews enjoyed beach time on Kxi'ran 3). During that time, the ship was captained by Ketsurui Yui4). Yui and Hanako provided crew members with training on the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor while they were there5).

After the Nozomi was finished, the ship was under command of Taisa Eikan Minato6). YSS Mirai frequently ferried crew and supplies to and from the YSS Nozomi7)8)9).

The Mirai accepted a mission to rescue a stranded shuttle10) and picked the shuttle up11), rescuing a warrant officer named Braeden Cormac. Mirai also rescued Yukisato Mizuho's escape pod12). That year the Mirai engaged the Mishhuvurthyar along with the rest of Second Squadron13). The Mirai attempted to negotiate an armistice with the rogue Qel'noran Empire/Qel'noran Industrial Sector after their rebellion14) but was successful.

Year CommissionedYE 27

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