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YSS Teisenjou

The YSS Teisenjou (NF-X2-910) is a Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser. It is the named for Teisenjou, location of the Tamahagane Corporation headquarters, and is the flagship of the Second Expeditionary Fleet's 18th_expeditionary_wing. It serves as the central location of the Frontier Skies plot.


In YE 44, Mikasa Sorano was ordered on an expedition to explore and possibly colonize an unknown sector1). After losses in the Kuvexian War, newer developments in military technology were examined for their possible incorporation into the Second Expeditionary Fleet. Yugumo Fleetworks had developed several new ships and small craft between YE 43 and YE 45, and most interesting and promising to her were the Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser, a command ship that functioned as a carrier in the way the Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser was a command ship that functioned as a battleship, and the Mozu-Class Starfighter (1B), a compact strike and intercept fighter.

Organizing an expeditionary wing to serve as a spearhead unit for the fleet,Taishō Sorano requested and outfitted the Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser to be its flagship, and recruited Kurusu Misaki to command the ship and wing.



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Map Locations
Map to UseNashoba Sector
Map Display NameYSS Teisenjou
Map ImportanceMajor RP Hub
Map Marker
Map Tooltip ContentYSS Teisenjou, NF-X5-901, Tanya-class
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorCenter Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 45
Place Categoriesstarship
Year CommissionedYE 44

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