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Frontier Skies

Frontier Skies is a roleplaying plot created March 13, 2023 by GM Yuuki.

Status: inactive

Plot Overview

The “Screaming Specters” is a Mozu-Class Starfighter (1B) fighter squadron operating off the YSS Heitan. Fighter pilots are used to living on the edge, and for the soldiers of the 2X-F52 this is a daily fact of life as they operate on the edge of known space. The “52nd Squadron - Screaming Specters”'s Game Master is Yuuki. The primary method of role-play and frequency of posts are yet to be determined.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • The plan is for primarily SP posting, with the possibility of JP for particular scenes
  • Pacing and posting expectations are still to be determined

Characters and Players

This table lists all character who are marked as being part of the Frontier Skies Plot. For just the crew, see the list on the ship page.

Open Positions

Pilots and Weapons Systems Operators for Players
Command and Support for Co-GMs


In YE 44.7, Second Expeditionary Fleet's commander, Mikasa Sorano was ordered by Ketsurui Yui to make a military expedition in the direction of the presumed invasion route used by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 411).

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Characters WantedPilots and Weapons Systems Operators for Players
Command and Support for Co-GMs

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