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Types of Wings for Characters and NPCs

This page details the Wings for use by characters of Elysia, or other characters and NPC of the other factions should they have wings.

About Wings

In the Kikyo sector, Character’s who have wings are allowed them primarily because of the genetic material’s origins, which are Elysians, their Subspecies, and Hybrids, and birds Anthros 1) and Bats. Typical of birds, the wings used by the characters, are primarily feathered, though this might not be true depending on things like mutations, and so on. This page will detail the types of wings there are, from natural, to Synthetic and something mutation created. It is also hoped that it helps those players who wished to create winged characters.

List of Wing Types

  • Elliptical Wings
  • High Speed Wings
  • Long Soaring Wings
  • High-lift/Broad Soaring Wings
  • Caused by Mutation
  • Synthetic Made
  • Damaged Wings


Elliptical Wings

Elliptical wings are probably the smallest of all types of wings but still big enough that they can easily lift a person.  The Wings are capable of high control maneuvering in a tight or confined space. These wings are good for short bursts of high speed, which allows for fast take-offs and landing.  Unlike other wings, these wings are usually constantly moving at a rapid pace.

To prevent stalling during the sharp turns, low-speed flight, and frequent landing and take-off, the wings are slotted between the primary feathers. While they allow high speed, the speed cannot be maintained.

Special Info

Example of real-world birds that have these kinds of wings are

Characters with these Types of Wings

High Speed Wings

The Wings that are designed for high-speed flights have bones that are long relative to their bodies. The wings taper to a point in the wing to allow for high speeds, but with low drag, and low energy consumption during their flights. Unfortunately, these wings are so thin that they must be flapped during short glides and descent. The flaps are fairly rapid, but they are small, shorter than Elliptical Wings. The type is aerodynamically efficient for high-speed flight, but can’t keep a person airborne at low speeds.

Special Info

Example of real-world birds that have these kinds of wings are

Characters with these Types of Wings

Long Soaring Wings

These wings need a wide-open space to allow for the long wings to create a good lift with as little energy-wasting as possible. Much like high-speed wings, they too are adapted for high speeds, but primarily dynamic soaring. Unfortunately, these wings are less maneuverable than the wider slotted wings. Whoever has these wings are capable of gliding easily over large bodies of water, and can exploit sea winds. To take off, running or a high jump is required.

Special Info

Example of real-world birds that have these kinds of wings are

Characters with these Types of Wings

High-lift or Broad Soaring Wings

The wing type for a Broad soaring or high-lift type wings are broad and only relatively long, which allows for takeoff and landing in a fairly confined area. It’s capable of high lift, and low-speed soaring and slow descent. Some expert maneuverability may be required for tactic soaring in the air currents over land.

Special Info

Example of real-world birds that have these kinds of wings are.


Characters with these Types of Wings

Special Wings

These wings may not be normal or Natural.

Caused by Mutation

Mutation can cause some unnatural changes in the body, so true is the same for the wings. A mutation can cause the wings to be made with something different from feathers but just as capable of flight, or it can cause an extra pair of wings to form on the body.  Whether the extra pair gives a bonus to flight remains to be tested. 

Characters with these Types of Wings

Synthetic Made

Synthetic wings are wings that aren’t made of normal materials that organic wings are. They can be made of certain metal alloys, or they can be made of Hard Light (Technology). Technology can also be added that aids in flight. Because they don’t use normal muscle, there is an unlimited flight time, the same goes for whether they are flying at a fast pace depending on the anti-gravity devices and Air currents. The concern of weight can be negated with technology.

Characters with these Types of Wings

Damaged Wings

Damaged wings can occur through a variety of situations. This is made easy due to the fact that the real flesh and blood wings are very fragile, and the bones are brittle.


  • Someone with anger management issues can rip them out.
  • Their wide appearance can make a bigger target
  • Can be cut with a blade.

Through some kind of mutation, wings may develop damage during Elysian development, or through the uplifting process. Some Elysian may be able to request that their wings remain in a paralyzed state, and thus unusable.


For Elysian characters according to the Elysia FM, Arbitrated, Patricians favor the wings from birds of prey like those in the high-lift/ broad soaring category. Historically Plebeians have small scrawny wings incapable of flight. It's pretty flexible for choices of wings, aside from those, and there isn’t too much in terms of restrictions.

Below are some examples of characters who are part of the Elysian race.




Non Elysians but have wings

Insectoid Wings

The wings of insects are adult outgrowths of the insect exoskeleton that enable insects to fly. For Real world Insects, as well as characters with Insectoid wings, their wings are on the second and third thoracic segments (the mesothorax and metathorax), and the two pairs are often referred to as the forewings and hindwings.5)

Here is a wikipage that talks about Insect Wings


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though a few insects lack hindwings, even rudiments. So your Insectoid character doesn’t need these possible

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