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Agrael Abdiel

Agrael Abdiel
Species: Elysian Patrician
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Family (or Creators): Father: Nathaniel Abdiel Mother: Lenael Abdiel Brother: Mosiel Abdiel Son: Nathaniel Abdiel Daughter: Gabriel Abdiel
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 6'5
Weight: 95 lbs.
Bra Size: C
Organization: Independent
Rank: Temporary Crewman
Occupation: Captain
Current Placement: SRSS Yggdrassil

Agrael in Roleplay

Agrael is an Elysian Patrician played by Fay and is currently involved in the Thule Task Force plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'5 Mass: 95 lbs. Bra Size: C, but high B after nursing.

Build and Skin Colour: Agrael has chalk white skin with a very slender build. Her white wings are the normal size for Patricians. She rarely uses them to fly, or even glide for that matter.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Her white eyes are surrounded by an oval face.

Hair Colour and Style: She has white hair usually tied back in a long ponytail that ends near the center of her back.

Distinguishing Features: She doesn't have any scars or birthmarks to speak of.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Agrael is friendly and sometimes even seductive. She knows when to work and when to play… and does her best at both. Her motto is “Cherish yesterday, enjoy today, and dream tomorrow.” Using this motto, she lives a cheerful life with a few care-free moments. Even though she doesn't usually talk down to her subordinates, she still knows her position as both a Patrician and an officer. Thus, her subordinates have to be respectful to her, even if she becomes friends with them.

Likes: Cute, fuzzy things and joyous times. Dislikes: Rushing decisions and distrustful people. Goals: To show that she can be just as good as any Elysian man.



Agrael grew up on the Heavens. She survived a lot of grief before finally finding herself on Elysia with the rest of the her kin. After her twenty-fifth birthday, she joined the Elysian Celestial Navy and served in the Fourth Elysian War. Surprisingly, she came out of it unscathed and continues to serve the ECN until this day. She was surprisingly (at least, to her) chosen to command the Thule Task Force, a newly formed addition to the Elysian fleet.

Service Record

ECS Phalanx

She was made prefectii (captain) of the ESC Rhalanx, the flagship of the Thule Task Force. This is her first command since being promoted to Lokhagi.

Revival Waltz

The Thule has been assigned to gather intelligence about some future Nepleslian colonies to the north of Elysian territory. This is necessary to evaluate what kind of advantage that the Nepleslian government will gain by colonizing these worlds. The mission was cancelled soon afterwards. On an unrelated note, the commander discovered that she was pregnant.

SRSS Yggdrassil

She made an effort to bring her child up in an unbiased world… Unfortunately, Elysia was NOT the right place for that. She had heard about a ship known as the SRSS Yggdrassil. Apparently, it had a multi-racial crew. What a perfect location for her child to grow up in! Shortly after resigning from the Elysian Celestial Navy, she traveled to the wayward, foreign ship.

Soon after her arrival, she gave birth to not one baby, but two! Thus, to better aid in nursing efforts, her dear friend Mel slipped in some growth horomones into the new mother's diet, which added to the maternal horomones already in her system. Thus, her bust grew to a low C-cup, though after feeding both of her newborn babies, they go down to a high B-cup.



As a Patrician, she is already supposed to be charismatic, but she has trained herself to be a fairly good public speaker. She can also give orders easily and efficiently, though she doesn't like to make hasty ones.


Agrael can read, write, speak, and cypher in Seraphim, Yamataian, and Trade. She can also use the standard Elysian communication system to send and receive messages.

Starship Operation

Through her years of service in the Elysian Navy, she gained some experience about the helm and navigation abilities of Elysian ships.

Technical Operation

Agrael is familiar with the standard Elysian computer systems and is completely capable of performing basic applications on the computers, as well as searching for and inputting information.


She has been trained in basic forms of combat and knows her way around a variety of handguns, energy weapons, and hand-to-hand combat styles.


She is experienced in the sexual nature. Before women had many rights, she had to bribe some of her superiors with sexual favors, but she rarely uses this rather embarrassing talent anymore.


Agrael knows about most Elysian laws and is quite interested in the Elysian Senate. She tries to keep up to date with whatever is happening with the government.

OOC Discussion

The captain for the new Elysian plot. THEY SHALL BE REVIVED!!! :D

Character Data
Character NameAgrael Abdiel
Character OwnerFay
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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