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Akakios Solon

Akakios is a PC played by Zakalwe and stationed in the Thule plot.

Akirios Solon
Species: Elysian (Patrician)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Family: Andreas Solon (Father) Xanthe Solon (Mother) Kakael Solon (Sister)
Height: 7'4
Weight: 130
Measurement: 19.24/52/36.4
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy
Rank: Semeai
Occupation: Doctor/Scientist
Current Placement: ECS Phalanx

Physical Description

Build and Skin Color: Akakios is a heavily built Elysian, transcending the normal muscular structure which Patricians are blessed with - he truly fulfils the 'Grecian Ideal' - see Greek Statues. His skin colour is that of a light olive - a rich mediterranean tone. Facial Features and Eye Color: Akakios' face is attractive, even for a Patrician, blessed with the strong angular features but combined with a kindness around the eyes which soften his entire face. His eyes, which are a dark blue, have a propensity to sparkle. Hair color and Style: Akakios has particularly rich and smooth blond hair which he allows to fall down amongst his shoulders in ringlets. If he is going into battle he is prone to braid it - in warrior style. Distinguishing Features: Akakios is a member of a minority within Elysia and as such is familiar with some of the rarer customs - including the use of a temporary tattoo pain which he uses to trace flowing thin lines over his body (similar to Mehndi).

Psychological Characteristics


While it is overly simplistic to suggest that someone’s personality is simply that of the cause they follow, a large amount of Akakios’ personality can be best understood by way of the pseudo-denomination of Elysian faith that he and his family are members of. This school of thought interprets the will of God - through scripture and revelation – to be far more ‘benevolent’ than that of the majority of elysian though over the last thirty years. This not only leads to them being more spiritual and to some extent mystical than most, but believing in a different angle on the position of Patricians and Elysians in general. To a ‘benevolent’ the Elysians were made in order to serve the universe, to bring the great good to all sentient people and to bring them under the great Elysian Celestial Empire where true happiness will be reached. As such Akakios is exceptionally kind – while acknowledging his own superiority he treats Plebeians with compassion and extends his aid to any non-Elysian he can. Indeed Akakios is prone to being somewhat sad when around non-Elysians as he recognises their unfortunate state of inferiority and how it was not there’s to choose. This benevolence is not to say that Akakios is a pacifist – driven as the ‘benevolents’ are they can often make the most passionate of soldiers – and he recognises that it is not only his duty to serve the divinely ordained government and military but to spread its balming influence – he will kill and die for this ideal. However he considers a better service, in general, to keep others alive and to work in bio-science – in which lies some stray thoughts of God. In conversation Akakios can be somewhat ethereal, as if there is more than the physical plane which must be observed – and a small smile constantly plays across his lips.

Likes: God (a lot), Elysia, Women, Men, Prayer, Service, Genetics. Dislikes: Apostates, Ignorance. Goals: To bring God to the universe.


Akakios’ life was fairly normal as far as the famously idiosyncratic Patrician families go – raised by his parents in two estates – one in Empyrean and another in a countryside estate. While not part of the central group of Patricians socially given his families ‘benevolent’ stance, his family was comfortably wealthy and Akakios had a private education with a fellow Patrician scholar, before studying under a Medical and Genetics adept in one of the great colleges, and going on to one of the Patrician Academies. Following this education he entered the Patrician fast-track training system of the Elysian Celestial Navy and after three years was considered to be ready to serve upon a starship – which he now is.


Leadership: As a Patrician he was trained in the art of rhetoric from an early age and thus finds public speaking, command and diplomacy to be second nature – his military training was not specialist by any means but he is a competent leader and can, when the mood strikes him, be competent enough to recognize ambush points, and use common sense to lead men (and women).

Fighting: Akakios is particularly skilled at unarmed combat, having trained intensely in Pankration for most of his life, however his military training included learning how to use all basic Elysian infantry and ranged weapons, the non-eccentric ranged weapons and the Anthedon power armour.

Mathematics: As a scientist he has an advanced knowledge of mathematics including statistics, dimensional theory, quantum physics, Discrete mathematics and applied mathematics as well as many other areas of discipline.

Medical and Sciences: Trained in the art of medicine Akakios is a particularly skilled doctor capable of operating with or without advanced equipment in most Elysian medical techniques including both surgery and medicine, and in particular the manipulation of genetic codes.

Biology: His area of expertise is that of biology and in particular he embraces genetics and xenobiology, taking particular pleasure in tweaking the genetics of organisms and studying other to understand and appreciate their unique strengths and abilities.

Memory: Akakios is gifted with a memory which is particularly good at learning new things, at times it verges on the eidetic, and while until now he has focused in on specializing in the areas of biomechanics and medicine he is capable of picking up new ideas and information particularly fast – and unusually for an Elysian is not beyond the use of an ST device to download some ‘memories’ into his mind.

Engineering: Biomechanical engineering is a specialist area of Akakios’, based around his love of designing and improving organisms in order to create optimal results – in order to fully understand the genetic code is to understand some elements of the mind of God. His ability in engineering combines with his knowledge of biology and medicine to give him this ability.

Character Data
Character NameAkakios Solon
Character OwnerZakalwe
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Approval Thread…

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