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When players are making their characters, a frequent question is “where could my character have been born?” There's a huge number of places in the Star Army setting but many of them were not settled, discovered, or inhabited until relatively recently.

To help answer this question we've started adding notes to each place in the setting about when they were opened to people living there. This data is arranged below in order by year so you can look at the years and figure out what the earliest possible birth date there is.

As always, if you're not sure about something, just ask and we're happy to help you. There's a Questions forum specifically for these types of questions and also help channels on the Discord server.

Faction Filters

Click the faction name in the tag cloud to filter the list of places by faction. There's some limitations to this as the pages only list the current faction and some places have changed hands. Keep that in mind.

List of Places

If there's a place that should be on this list and isn't, update that page's struct data.

Opened/Settled (YE)PageFactionDescription
Pre-History - Before YE 01Central Fleet DepotYamatai Star EmpireStar Army Logistics hub in Central Uesureya
Pre-History - Before YE 01Central UesureyaYamatai Star EmpireHuge manufacturing and storage city
Pre-History - Before YE 01DarsoIndependent
Pre-History - Before YE 01Essia SystemYamatai Star Empire
Pre-History - Before YE 01Funky CityDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaMegacity capital of Nepleslia
Pre-History - Before YE 01Gemeni Memorial
Pre-History - Before YE 01GeshrinopolisYamatai Star EmpireCapital of Geshrintall; destroyed in YE 24
Pre-History - Before YE 01Ketsurui no IoriYamatai Star EmpireHome of the Ketsurui Clan.
Pre-History - Before YE 01Midori No UmiYamatai Star Empire
Pre-History - Before YE 01NataliaYamatai Star EmpireThe City of Portals in Yamatai's North
Pre-History - Before YE 01Planet NeplesliaDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Pre-History - Before YE 01Planet OsmanIndependent
Pre-History - Before YE 01Roger Wilco CityDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Pre-History - Before YE 01ShingōYamatai Star EmpireShingō is a small village in the foothills of the Ice Queen Mountains.
Pre-History - Before YE 01ShuristaYamatai Star EmpireMobile megastructure, actual location varies
Pre-History - Before YE 01TernifacYamatai Star Empire
Pre-History - Before YE 01Tri'crova PalaceKingdom of NeshatenCenter piece of the Neshaten Government and where the Royal Family lives
Pre-History - Before YE 01Uesureyan FieldsYamatai Star EmpireYamatai's largest starport
Pre-History - Before YE 01Valaad (An Rhy)IndependentWar-scarred desert planet
Pre-History - Before YE 01White Harbor StationYamatai Star EmpireHuge civilian industrial and commercial hub
Pre-History - Before YE 01Yamatai (Planet)Yamatai Star EmpireHome of the Yamatai Star Empire and center of the Kikyo Sector
Pre-History - Before YE 01Yamatai Star SystemYamatai Star EmpireCapital system and core of the Yamatai Star Empire
Pre-History - Before YE 01YumiukiYamatai Star EmpireThe jungle city with beautiful beaches
YE 20Educational Facility 1Yamatai Star EmpireBasic training camp
YE 21Fort Victory Reserve CenterYamatai Star EmpireBasic training camp & reserve center
YE 22NatariaYamatai Star EmpireThe Nekovalkyrja Homeworld
YE 22Nataria Fleet DepotYamatai Star EmpireMassive military supply depot for the Star Army
YE 23Anisa SystemYamatai Star EmpireCore Yamataian system with terraformed forest & farm world
YE 23YicuqibuYamatai Star EmpireMinor Yamataian industrial star system
YE 23Yicuqibu IYamatai Star Empirea huge terrestrial planet orbiting the dim red star of Yicuqibu. It belongs to Yamatai Star Empire and functions as a mining site and a dump
YE 25KyotoYamatai Star EmpireMegacity capital of Yamatai and the Yamatai Star Empire.
YE 26Kohana CityIndependent
YE 27Skadi
YE 28Akina SystemYamatai Star EmpireHome of the Norians of Tsenlan and a System in the Yamatai Star Empire.
YE 28AyanoYamatai Star EmpireAyano is the last system in the area of space known as the the Lonely Expanse. The capital planet is the Ayano. It is a tropical water planet.
YE 28Hanako's WorldInterstellar Kingdom Of KuvexiaIsland chains and tropical forests make this world a tourism hub
YE 28MiuYamatai Star EmpireA strategic and central trading hub between major locations and governments. The middle of Shimizu Clan territory.
YE 28RufuslandYamatai Star EmpireResource rich system around a red dwarf star. The close proximity of the planets to the star make the inner planets very geologically active, but very rich in mineral and chemical wealth.
YE 28UkmirtYamatai Star Empire
YE 28Ushobrakflug SystemYamatai Star Empire Ushobrakflug is a system of just a single colonized planet, Onigashima, and is the home-system of the Dai Oni species of yamatai. The Ushobrakflug system is a major exporter of agricultural, foodstuff, and textile products. It is the home-base for yamatais' Legion-V
YE 29Aries Star FortressYamatai Star Empire
YE 29FujikoYamatai Star EmpireA resource rich system, it became the Nepleslian Red homeworld after their loss of Kennewes in late YE 29. Fujiko is an industrial world with massive factories located in the cold temperate tundras and mountainous terrain.
YE 29Gemini Star FortressYamatai Star EmpireThe Headquarters for the First Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai.
YE 29Jiyuu IIIYamatai Star EmpireJiyuu III is the third planet in the Jiyuu System. It is part of the Yamatai Star Empire. It is also the capital planet of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.
YE 29Kotoku SystemYamatai Star EmpireThe Kotoku System is home to 30,000 Yugumo Corporation Employees.
YE 29Motoyoshi Colonial SectorYamatai Star EmpireFormerly known as the Yugumo Cluster. The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector refers to both the region of space in the galactic-Eastern frontier of the Kikyo Sector and the Imperialist State of the Yamatai Star Empire under the governance of the Motoyoshi Clan that became recognized in YE 43.
YE 29TokyoYamatai Star EmpireThe Capital of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, Second Largest City in the Yamatai Star Empire
YE 30AhrbegYamatai Star EmpireFormer home system of the Sangriat
YE 30AkikoFormer Yamataian colony in the Bard Cluster
YE 30Chie Research BaseYamatai Star Empire
YE 30Jiyuu JoYamatai Star EmpireJiyuu-jō is a castle owned by the Motoyoshi Clan.
YE 30Ketsurui AcademyYamatai Star Empire
YE 30Pagoda BeachYamatai Star EmpireA nice beach in the 60th District of Tokyo
YE 30TsuYamatai Star EmpireThe Tsu Agricultural Zone
YE 30Yamada RefugeYamatai Star EmpireA jungle refuge owned by the Yamada Cadet Branch of the Motoyoshi Clan
YE 30YSS MazuYamatai Star Empire
YE 31AkeIndependent
YE 31AkeYamatai Star EmpireOrigin Industries hub system
YE 31Fort HanakoYamatai Star Empire
YE 31Hanako Military MuseumYamatai Star Empire
YE 31Saiki ClusterYamatai Star EmpireA star cluster hundreds of light years from Yamatai.
YE 32Chikara StarbaseYamatai Star Empire
YE 32Fort ShotouYamatai Star Empire
YE 32Libra Star FortressYamatai Star Empire
YE 32Onigashima (Planet)Yamatai Star EmpireCaptured from the Mishu in the early 30s Onigashima was teraformed into the idyllic home of the Dai Oni species of Yamatai. It is a breadbasket world that provides to the empire such exports as foodstuffs, clothing, alcohol, and culture.
YE 32Ronica (Planet)Yamatai Star Empire
YE 33Agaridan SpaceportYamatai Star Empire
YE 33Akarui Star FortressYamatai Star Empire
YE 3442 Starmount DriveYamatai Star Empire
YE 34Elysian Naval ArsenalYamatai Star Empire
YE 34Himiko's GiftDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
YE 34System R-1 "Freebeer"Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
YE 34System R-8 "Red Sky"Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
YE 35Reikan ParkYamatai Star EmpireYamatai's embassy park and international relations conference center
YE 35Star Army MuseumYamatai Star EmpireThe Star Army of Yamatai's museum of military history
YE 35SvodogDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
YE 36ECS PanoptelesElysian Celestial Empire
YE 36Fort JalYamatai Star Empire
YE 36New RoisiaPoku Saeruo Degonjo
YE 38Fort AsuraYamatai Star Empire
YE 38The Furious SoundYamatai Star EmpireA live music venue that is very popular with those who are visibly non-human, infamous for cheap drinks and letting anyone with a pulse perform.
YE 40Detritus StationIndependentDetritus is a small rundown [[:independent]] space station located in the [[system:hx-17]] star system. It is operated by Kegguar Krathoigot, a [[species:kuvexian|]] retired salvage runner.
YE 41Mining Guild SettlementNew Dusk ConclaveA Settlement for the workers, and Overseers of the Mines controlled by the mining Guild.
YE 41SanctumNew Dusk ConclaveThe capital system of the New Dusk Conclave.
YE 41Sirris VINew Dusk ConclaveThe capital planet of the New Dusk Conclave
YE 41Station OmacronStation Omacron, the home of the Mining Guild in Draco Eridanus
YE 41YSS Battle Of NatariaYamatai Star Empire
YE 41YSS Battle Of YamataiYamatai Star Empire
YE 42Ainu OrchardsYamatai Star Empire
YE 42Big Green StarbaseDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
YE 42Draco Eridanus SystemNew Dusk ConclaveThe Main system of the Mining Guild.
YE 42Fort TokyoYamatai Star EmpireA Base for the First Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai
YE 42ISS Haru No HanabiYamatai Star EmpireA privately owned Hime-class yacht.
YE 42ISS ShioriYamatai Star Empire[[characters:yamatai:motoyoshi_eidan]]'s personal starship.
YE 42Nemesis BastionYamatai Star EmpireA Secret Underground Base for the First Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai.
YE 42SX-01 “Vale”New Dusk Conclave
YE 42SX-02 “Nephis”New Dusk Conclave
YE 43Aquarius Star FortressYamatai Star EmpireA Zodiac-Class Star Fortress for the First Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai. Positioned in the Koukotsu System.
YE 43Asagumo-joYamatai Star EmpireA skyscraper castle residence for the Motoyoshi Clan.
YE 43Dynasty
YE 43Fort HikariYamatai Star Empire
YE 43Jios SystemIndependent
YE 43Pilgrim StationIndependent
YE 43Port JiyuuYamatai Star EmpireA massive civilian space station in the Jiyuu System.
YE 43Ryu Keiretsu Port Jiyuu OperationsA regional headquarters for [[corp:ryu_keiretsu]] in [[location:port_jiyuu]].
YE 43Sood ZadraIndependentSeedy neutral civilian spaceport originally established by Kuvexians
YE 43The Pitched BattlefieldYamatai Star EmpireThe Pitched Battlefield is a combination nightclub and aerial football pitch in Port Jiyuu's Blue Sector. It is usually referred to simply as "The Pitch." It specializes in cheap "malt beverage" (legally distinct from beer) and "consumable materials" (legally distinct from food).
YE 43Toyotomi Training InstituteYamatai Star EmpireA training institute with a mission to re-train those in slavery to function in a free society. Largely geared towards Helashio individuals.
YE 43YCS Bastion of WinterYamatai Star Empire
YE 43YCS Midnight ExpressYamatai Star EmpireMidnight Infinity's Galactic Tour Bus
YE 43YSS ResurgenceYamatai Star EmpireFuji-class expeditionary gunship in the Star Army of Yamatai, IRN NG-S1-575
YE 44Capricorn ModuleYamatai Star EmpireZodiac Star Fortress Capricorn is a Star Army star fortress serving duty as a planetary fortress on a Senti megastructure.
YE 44DX-01 “Newhaven”New Dusk ConclaveA frontier system of the New Dusk Conclave, settled in YE44 under the rule of Duke Emile Liselotte.
YE 44Fujiko UniversityLocated on Fujiko IV of the Fujiko System, Fujiko University is a public research university responsible with training the next generations of Nepleslian Reds and anyone else that wishes to study there.
YE 44ISS Evenstar (Yoi-no-Myōjō)Yamatai Star EmpireTanya-Class Motoyoshi Clan Flagship
YE 44ISS ExpatriateIndependentA Mule Ultralight Freighted piloted by two former NMX Nekovalkyrja
YE 44Kakushi NekobaYamatai Star Empire
YE 44Ketsurui-no-ArashiYamatai Star EmpireTanya-Class Ketsurui Clan Flagship
YE 44Port DongfengYamatai Star EmpireRyu Keiretsu Regional Base of Operations
YE 44SaleloriaYamatai Star EmpireThe home of the Caeyara Ysi in Kyoto's Riverside District.
YE 44SamurrYamatai Star Empire
YE 44Shenhong CityPlanned city located within the Fujiko System. Home of the Fujiko Development Corporation and Ryu Keiretsu.
YE 44Station DecacronNew Dusk ConclaveStation Decacron the Mobile home of the Mining Guild Contingent
YE 45Becurn SystemIndependentThe Becurn System is an Independent Star System in Grid 0216 of the Kosuke Sector. It was discovered by the ISS Shiori in YE 45.
YE 45Fort HeckDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaMilitary base and home to the 309th.
YE 45Imperial Blossom DomeYamatai Star EmpireThe Imperial Blossom Dome is the Regional and Local Government Building for the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.
YE 45Kaiko ParkYamatai Star EmpireKuvexian war memorial and nature park
YE 45Kumo no Kagayaki StationYamatai Star EmpireKumo no Kagayaki Station (It is also known as “Cloudport”) is a Tengumo-Class Space Station built by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
YE 45Njord SystemIndependentThe Njord System is occupied by the Iron Company as of YE 44. It is located in grid 2702 of the Kikyo Sector.
YE 45Sharie SystemYamatai Star EmpireThe Sharie System. Temporary HUB of the Colonization Initiative in the Kosuke Sector.
YE 45Ship-faced NutcrackerIndependentThe Ship-faced Nutcracker is an Iron Company custom starship that was built and occupied by Tacho in YE 45. This is a one-of-a-kind player ship. It is connected to the Iron Company.
YE 45YSS TeisenjouYamatai Star EmpireThe YSS Teisenjou, NF-X5-910, Flagship of the 18th Expeditionary Wing

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