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Kohana City

Kohana City is a sprawling 'underground' city built within one of the largest asteroids of the Kohana Cloud. Roughly 10 miles wide, and 7 miles deep this is the largest installation within the cloud and perhaps the only city. The city is divided into three layers, Ueno Kohana, Chuouno Kohana, Shitano Kohana (these are often abbreviated by residents to their first parts: Ueno, Chuou, and Shitano respectively). Each layer is then divided into municipalities, roughly 13 municipalities each (Ueno actually has 12 municipalities, but Chuou has 14), and the municipalities broken down into precincts after that.


In YE 26 NovaCorp purchased mining rights to the Kohana Cloud, the debris from the planet Kohana when its star went Supernova. While NovaCorp was in possession of a Horizon-class Colony Ship, the YSS Horizon, there were concerns about corporate espionage. With that in mind, NovaCorp used one of the larger asteroids that it had been mining to house a new city structure.

After two months the first domes went up and the transferal of non-critical personnel from the colony ship to the newly formed colony began. As the transfer continued more people had to be brought in to support the NovaCorp personnel, as well as offices for them to work in. As those people came, so too did their families, and soon the colony was growing rapidly in size.

As more non-critical personnel were transferred, more civilians came to the colony. Shops were established, businesses created, and schools formed. Soon there came to be struggles between the citizens of the colony and NovaCorp. It was becoming too troublesome for NovaCorp to manage the colony in addition to its own daily operations, likewise the citizens wanted freedom from NovaCorp control. A unanimous decision was reached, the colony would form its own governing council and be in charge of its own affairs. This however meant that NovaCorp would no longer be financially responsible for the colony. Taking this in stride Kohana City and NovaCorp have several contracts that benefit each other mutually. For Kohana City the largest of these contracts is an exclusive agreement to use NovaCorp for any future expansion of the colony inside the asteroid or to any other asteroids. Naturally NovaCorp maintains rights to mine any asteroid, including the one that Kohana City is on.

In YE 34 when acquired by Tamahagane Corporation the company started looking at what they could do to improve the quality of life there.

In YE 38, a Bravemart opened in the Chuou district.


Ueno is slightly different than all of the other layers, instead of being underground its municipals are on the asteroid's surface. Nearly all of the municipals of Ueno use a domed city approach, though some are held within a single dome. During the day the dome's surface is opaque and displays a normal sky simulating life on a planetary environment. At night, the surface becomes translucent allowing the residents to view the starry night sky, as well as other asteroids floating around in the distance. Ueno heavily resembles a planet, having grass, simulated wind and several other things that enhance the simulation of a planetary existence. Most of the spaceports that deal with trade are located in Ueno, as a result most of the hotels, and higher class dining establishments are also located within the domed cities. Kohana University, located in the Central Kohana City (Ueno) municipality, is the most widely known higher education establishment in Kohana City, and perhaps the hardest to get into.


Chuou is the second layer of Kohana City. Inside this exist the subteranian offices of NovaCorp as well as other businesses, schools, as well as middle class housing. Chuou's interior is like a large office building, or for the housing segment, a large hotel. Aside from these areas there are malls that allow people to relax and enjoy themselves. These malls contain not only retail stores but indoor sports as well as gyms and other recreational facilities. The most defining aspect of Chuou however is the emergency bunkers. Ueno and Shitano are close enough to the surface to be in great danger during events such as collision with another asteroid or an attack by hostile powers. Located throughout Chuou are emergency access lifts and shafts that allow quick access to 'survival bunkers' located throughout Chuou. These bunkers are hardened and equipped with self powered life support, beds, and enough rations to feed 50 people for 7 days. Each bunker is designed to hold 50 people, though they are hardly comfortable, and as the city expands more bunkers are created.

There is a Bravemart location in this district.


Shitano is the lowest layer of the city, it is only a mile from the surface of the asteroid. On this layer there exist industrial facilities. The function of these facilities vary, from extracting ore in the remaining part of the asteroid, ore processing, or even creation of general goods for sale in the layers above or for trade. There are several large ports within Shitano where large freighters may land and take on new freight or drop freight off. There are freight elevators that allow said freight to travel between Shitano, Chuou, and Ueno.


In YE 35 the following improvements were made to Kohana City.


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