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YCS Midnight Express

The CYL-C69-2021 Midnight Express is a Hauler-class Logistics Ship with three custom, SSCC-XL Prefab Modules, all upgraded to the Chairman Upfit Package. It is owned by YTP Entertainment and managed by Takeda Fleet as the tour bus for Midnight Infinity. The Midnight Express is registered in the Yamatai Star Empire as CYL-C69-2021.

About the YCS Midnight Express

The CYL-C69-2021 Midnight Express was constructed in late YE 43, with the luxurious Chairman Upfit Package for it and its modules from the factory.

CYL-C69-2021 Midnight Express
Name CYL-C69-2021 Midnight Express
Owner YTP Entertainment
Operator Takeda Fleet, Motoyoshi Kaoru
Port of Registry Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori"
Home Port Jiyuu III
Builder Sunflower Corporation
Class Hauler-class Logistics Ship
Comissioned YE 43
Registry PYX-C5X-0002
Status active
Damage Rating (v3) Tier 8 (Medium Mecha)


Takeda Fleet Emblem Midnight Express Crew wear Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms as of YE 43, part of their Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue, along with the black beret bearing the ship's mission patch on the flash that is shipboard duty issue. All uniforms bear the Takeda Fleet logo on the right shoulder, and the ship's mission patch on the left. Midnight Express crew are armed with their service sidearm at all times when on duty and not in an area civilians are not allowed to carry weapons.


Midnight Infinity needed a way to tour the Kikyo Sector in style. In YE 43, YTP Entertainment used the vast resources of Yugumo Corporation to make it happen. The partnership between Yugumo Fleetworks and Noval Luxury Engineering allowed them to offer the Sunflower Corporation ship and its custom modules with the Chairman Upfit Package from the factory. The rest was history.


The Midnight Express has been modified from the standard Hauler-class Logistics Ship.


A KAIMON-Portal computer system with the SYNC and PANTHEON connection modules has been added to the ship's systems. This allows the ship to have an avatar.

Custom Modules

The specific mission of the Midnight Express required custom modules.

Outboard Modules

The port and starboard modules are based on the SSCC-XL Living Module. In addition to the luxury of the Chairman Upfit Package, the redundancies have been eliminated by shifting systems from one side to the other.

Port Module

With the movement of the bedroom and significant portions of the bathroom to the other side, and that one's kitchen brought to this side, the Port Module is dedicated to supporting life on the road. The bathroom is reduced to make way for a much more impressive, professional-grade, gourmet kitchen, while an expanded dining area offers a breakfast nook in addition to the cafeteria-style table. A small lounge and recreation room features a bar and comfortable seating area with a high-end Volumetric Display, multi-gaming table, and sound system.

Starboard Module

This side is entirely dedicated to bedroom and living space. With the kitchen moved to the other side, and the other side's bedroom and parts of the bathroom moved to this one, the Starboard Module has an enlarged bathroom and small, more private living area. The latter features a minibar and fold-away gym equipment, while the former has a whirlpool hot tub.

Center Module

The Center Module, based on SSCC-XL Endcap Module for carrying cargo, has its inner third converted to a small recording studio.

Cargo Area

The cargo area features organized, built in storage with cabinets, drawers, shelves, and racks. Some are general-purpose holding food, drinks, toiletries, and linens. Others are specialized for recording and performing equipment. There are two Yugumo Standard Anthroform Drone Berth with storage units for any sub-sentient Android crew. A Scalable Graviton Beam Projector for handling cargo is located in the center of the rear wall of the cargo area, and another is in the center of the ceiling.

Recording Studio

With a rehearsal area, isolation booth, and recording, mixing, mastering equipment, there's enough technology to record studio-quality tracks.


The crew for the CYL-C69-2021 Midnight Express is provided by Takeda Fleet as part of their contract to manage the vessel, and consists of a pilot and copilot-navigator. Motoyoshi Kaoru is the captain.


Yonaka Yōko (夜中容子) is the ship's avatar. She usually appears as a hardlight projection, but also has a KAIMON/Ascendant Consort body if she needs to leave the confines of the ship. She is considered to hold the rank of Kachō in the Yugumo Corporation, and her Android body is provided Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue.


Appearing as an average, young adult, female Minkan, Yōko changes the color and style of her hair very often. She favors edgy, aggressive, current trends and fashions for her hairstyles, and her hair is often black or some bright neon color, often multicolored. She also uses her Omnihue to change the color of her eyes to match, and to simulate stylish makeup that is equally as edgy as her hair.


Yōko is motivated and enthusiastic about taking care of Midnight Infinity on their tours. She is very dedicated and businesslike when it comes to being a good road manager, but likes to party hard when the work is done.

OOC Notes

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