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Star Pillows

Lavinia's plushie business fell through in her extended absence, having recently returned from a trip. She reorganized it into “Star Pillows,” a bedding and pillow company. She is currently working to extend the business into a a major supplier of bedding supplies.

Price Listing

Pillows: (Small, medium, large)

(Polyester fiber filled, cotton outside) 25 KS —Feather-filled: 30 KS —Hybrid (of above two. the fibers wrapped in a layer of down feathers): 45 KS

Blankets: (Single, Twin, Queen, King)

Cotton: 20-30 (depending on size) –Down-filled: 35-50 KS (depending on size) –Silk(or Satin)/Down-filled: 45-55 KS (size dependent)

Special pillows: (couch/chair) (Small, Medium)

–Velvet/Cotton-filled: 25-30 KS –Silk covered-feather: 45 KS

Full Bed set: 400-750 KS

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